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    That was a crazy time. I remember in late ‘69, the US held its first draft lottery, which gave young men a random number corresponding to their birthdays. I got a really high number from the lottery and so was never drafted. I think I have something like survivor’s guilt... whenever I meet and get to talking with a Viet Nam vet – at some point I get teary eyed and choked up. The last time that happened to me was a few years ago – on vacation in Westcliffe, Colorado. I paid the check for him and his family at this little bar & grill…To all you vets and current military, thank you for your service!
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    Waxit Do you have any plans to address: Romans 14: 5-6; Galatians 4: 9-10, Colossians 2:16? I didn’t quote the three versus because they have been brought to your attention numerous times by several other posters.


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