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  1. Rascal expressed many thoughts and feelings that I share, too, and in such a lovely way! I would add that you might consider writing down the pros and cons of staying with TWI and weigh them carefully. See what it all adds up to or comes down to. I remember around the time I began thinking of leaving, I looked around the WOW auditorium (this was in about 1985) and thought "Who in here really cares about MY wellbeing? If my wellbeing means I need to leave this group, who in here would support me in that decision?" Well, I found out real fast the answers to those questions when I did leave. But, today I often think of - even feel like - Job who after losing soooo much, gained everything back sevenfold later in life because he stuck to his truth. I'm reminded of this quote: To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." Good night and good luck!
  2. Enjoy your day, Socks. I actually probably know you from long ago at HQ.
  3. What a wonderful exploration here in this thread. I particularly like " This is the unnamable ONEness and NON-seperate God as described in all ancient wisdom. The God who is equally outside and inside, the one AND the many...." Has anyone read Buddhism Without Beliefs - A Contemporary Guide to Awakening, by Stephen Batchelor?
  4. Dear Ophelia, please know my heart goes out to you, too. Although I'm a new poster (but an old greaser at heart) I send you hugs, which are most inadequate but are intended to comfort you. Peace to you.
  5. Just wanted to add that I've found books by Karen Armstrong to have wonderful insights on all these issues, in particular, "The Battle for God - The History of Fundamentalism", and her memoir, "The Spiral Staircase (My Climb out of Darkness)". She was in a convent for 7 years and left to become a world-renown religious history writer. She helped me appreciate compassion being the hallmark of spirituality, not knowledge of the Bible or any other sacred text. To quote Armstrong, "...fundamentalist movements distort the [religious] tradition they are trying to defend by emphasizing the belligerent elements in their tradition and overlooking the insistent and crucial demand for compassion." (The Spiral Staircase, pg. 295). I wish you well, newlife. Look for compassion in any group you encounter. Shake off that fear like an old coat and enjoy your life!
  6. I find writing to be very helpful in sorting things out. Sometime in the future, I may take you up on your offer, Eagle!
  7. Does anyone know how to reach David Anderson?
  8. Details about the end of Peter's relationship with the ministry can be found on pg. 104 and 105 of Karl's book. The account is too long and involved to quote here, but essentially Peter was accused of operating outside the Way Tree structure, there were many written communications with Howard (who was made International Coordinator without Peter being told), Howard was nasty, Peter was very reasonable but in the end I think the core issue was HQ was not getting $ from Australia, etc. I very recently bought my copy of Karl's book so I know he's still offering it.
  9. FYI - In Karl Kahler's book, The Cult That Snapped, A Journey Into The Way International, on page 56 (the first of many references concerning Rev. Wade) there is an account of his getting involved in 1965 and a record of Karl's phone interview with him.
  10. penworks

    2nd Corps

    I invite any 2nd corps member or anyone who knows how I can reach any 2nd corps, to contact me at cooees-91643@mypacks.net. Thanks.
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