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  1. Sastian, take all the time you need. Here at the GSC, people are allowed to heal, and grow at their own pace. If you want to "tell," your story, that's fine. If you don't, that is also fine.
  2. Engine, I am not sure if this will help in your search, but I do want to mention Chris G's POaP. I believe it came out in 1986, or 1987. To me, it was a lot of Hog Wash, but you might find it of some value. In it, Chris whines about how hard it was for him to get The Word established in the UK.
  3. Sky, how much do these classes cost? I am not going to take any of Rico's classes, but I would like to know how much money his "students" have to pay for their classes.
  4. DWNH, unbelievable that VPW would do that to anyone! What a jerk!!
  5. Penworks, this is wonderful!! Thanks for posting this.
  6. Engine, I thought JCOP was a great book; it was so well-written. What a mind-blowing read. I knew VPW didn't write it, the moment I started reading it. His books were garbage, and painful to read. The one "Ministry" book I wish I had kept was JCOP, but somehow I lost in in my travels.
  7. Rocky, once was more than enough for me!! No way am I going to waste my time reading that CACA a second time.
  8. Sky, in other words, RM wants to be another VPW; he wants unlimited money, and power. I believe W was a sick POS, who ruined countless lives, and families. I fear RM might attempt to duplicate "his father in the word," by scamming the weak, and vunerable. I want nothing to do with him, or his followers. Ten years in TWI taught me, not to get involved with other cults.
  9. WW, let us hope this is true. All of us will need to answer to God at some point; however I want God to be happy with what He gave me. I don't want to tick Him off by using The Word to make money for myself.
  10. Sky, you are so witty!! And how much will you be charging us good people from the GSC??!!
  11. Sky, I have a serious question. What is the real reason these classes are being run?? It seems to me, that RM is trying to make money off of TWI garbage. I took a lot of classes from TWI, and they bored me silly. I don't know RM, so I don't have any opinions of him. However, knowing he is a Way Corps Grad, and is selling classes, makes me very leary of taking any of them. Perhaps the classes are interesting, and informative. However, TWI always had classes they wanted to sell to people. I for one, am not going to get caught up in the Class CACA again; once bitten, twice shy.
  12. WW, yes!!! So true!! I know this happened to me. When I first started attending Twig, it was fascinating; very few rules. Years later, it sucked due to all the rules.
  13. Sky, I feel for these people. We know what happened to many of the people in TWI; I hope it doesn't happen again. When will people learn that cults are evil, and usually only benefit the few on top?
  14. Sky, would Rico have enough followers, to rent it out? It seems to me, he is losing people left, and right. I don't keep up with his organization, but how stable is it? I suspect that a year, or two from today, his people will leave, and start their own organization.
  15. WW, interesting post. I didn't know this; thanks for the information.
  16. Sky, I remember when you documented your experiences with TWI. It was fascinating to read, and study. I was so upset with the way, you and your family were treated, by TWI, I wanted to smack the entire BOD!! You, and your family worked your butts off for years, and then TWI treated you like CACA. It was inhumane, and quite frankly disgusting!! Someday Sky, the people who treated you like S--t, will get what they deserve. I would not treat an animal the way you, and your family were treated.
  17. Rocky, bingo!! I think they are so caught up in their Way Hog Wash dogma, they will not be able to change. Nor do they want to.
  18. Taylor, I remember NH!! Their music was great!! I saw them at The Rock one year; their dancing was as good as their music!! Great group!!
  19. WW, to you it might be an old story, but for those of us who are sexual abuse survivors, it is an ongoing story. I will never get over what was done to me as a child; many of us won't. I feel for anyone who has to deal with sexual abuse; it isn't something that most of us will ever resolve in our lifetimes.
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    Rocky, thanks for the music.
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