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  1. I'm inclined to agree. I'm convinced the actual Word of God is too expansive to be contained in what we now call the bible. But it contains all we need to live a Godly life - 2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: While I'm sure there are other things involved in these "all things", we have enough of His Word to enable this.
  2. Alright everyone, I have an update on the progress of the R&R group. After becoming aware of them in May of 2017, and following their progress from a disorganized group to a somewhat organized group, I have reached the conclusion that what several of you have said is correct along these points: There is not a single individual controlling the group, it is a handful of people controlling the group. And they are tightly knit. There is basically a handful of regulars that do the teachings, with the occasional cameo appearance of someone fairly close but not in the true inner circle. They are following the teachings of VPW almost entirely, with some modifications here and there, and they all praise VPW almost without exception. There hasn't been any interest expressed as to what we are interested in hearing more about, or topics of interest at all. While many of the teachings are well done, few have any real relevance to me, and some of them aren't good at all, wandering around a topic like the teacher has no real direction. My situation is unique, and they are just blowing their own horns, showing what they know about a particular topic because that's what they feel like teaching. I had stated clearly before that I was keeping them at arm's length, and now I see they have nothing to offer me. Going forward I will have nothing to add because I am no longer following them at all.
  3. It sure looks like an advertisement to me. Observe this line: That's obviously NOT a search for the one person that had a question about Stowe.
  4. Taxidev


    You can do what WordWolf suggested for the entire post, or you can just highlight the section you want and you'll get a little popup that says Quote selection. Click that and you'll get something like what I just quoted from you.
  5. Out in the field for the past 10 years or so that I know of, those in positions wanted us to "be likeminded on the Word", which meant regurgitate what TWI propounded. So, it seems nothing has changed.
  6. Thank you. I will look into this.
  7. I recently learned that if you don't login to Google+, and you use DuckDuckGo for search, even in Chrome, DuckDuckGo will block the Google analytics that are on the main page of almost every web site in existence, which is what they use to track us. That's very cool.
  8. I'm so glad I wasn't directly exposed to this lunacy. It was enough to deal with the corps on the field backing up everything VP said and taught. I'm pretty sure it says in the bible not to make to yourself idols - it was plain that VP and Craig both became idols for many. And that's why they so willingly, and emphatically, defended both of them - well, until Craig screwed up, then they dropped him like a hot coal.
  9. Obviously, VP did plagiarize. I only had his foundational class, and there was no mention, that I recall, of his sources of information, indicating this was all his own work. I know, it wasn't. But, when I look at JCOPSeed, the bibliography has a plethora of references listed. It leads me to wonder, why? Why that book, and not others, including classes. One of my favorite secular speakers, who is now deceased, is Jim Rohn. His presentation of business and life principles is magnificent, and he's constantly telling us where he learned things - his mentor, the bible, other people, other books. And once in a while he lets us know that he pieced something together based on things he learned from others, and was able to go a bit further on it himself. This method of lecturing NEVER demeaned his prominence as a speaker, not for me or any of the thousands that went to see him live. If anything, I have a greater respect for him because of his honesty, and I'm sure those thousands would agree with me. Plagiarism is so completely unnecessary, it points only to a deficiency, either in confidence or ability, or both. Such a shame, because I learned more from TWI in one year than in my entire lifetime before that from all others combined. And the pieces that were in error - so what. Who's perfect? We should all have been able to contribute our findings to more perfect understanding, instead of the corps defending what VP taught.
  10. I didn't realize this is where it came from. So VPW didn't know we are living in the new testament times?
  11. I wasn't implying that. I was qualifying my use of Chrome.
  12. Believe it or not, you're safer the other way around now. I use Chrome only for watching videos because it does that better than Firefox. However, I no longer use Google search. Instead I use DuckDuckGo - it doesn't track anything.
  13. I never lived with way corps, never wanted to. I saw early on that they would have been stifling, and I wasn't interested in a restricted lifestyle living by others' rules.
  14. Weren't you referring to TWI? I thought you were, and that's what my response was about.
  15. The isolationism changed to exclusivity. Either you're part of the club, or you're not. And if you're not, then you aren't welcome at anything they do.
  16. I would really like to see that article. My friend and I have had discussions about how no one in the body is above anyone else in the body, and the only head is Jesus Christ. It would be great to see your biblical references and thoughts.
  17. Thank you, penworks. I saw this from the Way Beyond fb page. Ralph had already shared a lot of that with me here, but this gave me a few more details. There's some interaction in the Part 1 post that you might be interested in seeing, if you can.
  18. You gave some excellent examples of them: "What of the person who doesn’t have an assigned or chosen church role, yet s/he is the one who gets the neighbourhood cleaned up, gets the kids’ playground fixed, is a source of tea and sympathy when there’s a local disaster (flood, storm, accident). What of the person who organises the night shelter for homeless people, or a soup run, or outreach to street kids or street (sex) workers?" I see it as someone who, even imperfectly, strives to live as God would have us live. And, aside from learning the entire bible, we can look at two guiding principles that Jesus Christ pointed to: 1 - Love God above all else, and 2 - Love your neighbor as yourself. In everything we say and do, if we can be sure they fit into these two principles, then we are on the right track. Then, add to that, taking action to serve - and that isn't restricted to serving the believers in our own church group, that's people in our communities, and inspiring others to follow in that action. Inspiring others is the key. A leader doesn't tell anyone what to do, unless they are asked for suggestions. It's interesting that there are secular speakers who describe how to inspire people to action, but not many church leaders. One secular speaker in particular that I have enjoyed has said that a leader will say, "Let's do this or that", while a boss will say, "Go do this or that". But whatever other actions are taken, a true Christian leader has to be living the love of God as described by Jesus Christ.
  19. Follow this guy's instructions. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-or-uninstall-onedrive-windows-10
  20. Yes, that can be helpful. I think it's a whopping $5/month for a personal account. It's great if you believe you need daily backups, which they do, and to be able to get to your email from a multitude of devices, and to have a linked calendar. I like LibreOffice for the office suite, and I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email. The only thing they don't have, which I don't really need, is the linked calendar. So, really, it's just a matter of preference. As for your date, you may want to consider an external drive specifically for that, and a solid state drive would probably be the best choice. Have fun with your new toy!
  21. This is actually the natural way of finding the leader. They are part of the group, but have a tremendous influence on the others in the group. They can all see the leadership qualities of that person, and that person is a true leader. As opposed to the boss, who just gives orders, and garners resentment. Good for you, you most certainly did NOT take that the wrong way.
  22. This would depend on what type of computer you had before, meaning a Mac or a PC. Then it depends on what you used to backup your "stuff". You might have to install an app on your newe toy first. BTW: If you don't need MS Office specifically, LibreOffice has a great word processor and spreadsheet, and the entire office suite is free.
  23. I am a techie, both by nature and by profession. Don't use Edge. Stick with Firefox. And to be safe while browsing, don't use the Google search engine, use Duck Duck Go. Google tracks everything you do, Duck Duck Go does not. I'm not sure about Yahoo yet. If you find you need to use a Microsoft browser for some insane reason, use the regular Internet Explorer rather than Edge.
  24. Paul gives us a clue, I think. 2Ti 4:5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. But this could mean, Timothy was an evangelist so he should do his job, or he was not an evangelist but he needs to act like one for one reason or another. If it is the second case, then I would say the function can change. And then, in response to: maybe you are seeing something that wasn't so obvious. Maybe God activates these "gift ministries", for lack of a better term, as He sees fit for the body, or maybe enables us to act in that capacity where there is a need. This is worth further study.
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