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    I guess I would go where I can hedge my bets.
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    well if the spells really worked -- shouldn't there be more Wiccans -- I don't mean that cynically, but from a marketing standpoint, if it is really great--doesn't it get attention? edited for spelling
  3. no joke--if there had been a tape --that would be a real hoot in court-- I can't remember anything like, although my final year I did have a nice couple that JAL had written a note to me about. My sayso was there stay/go. Talk about pressure...I thought they were great, but "upper leadership" said they had a rocky marriage....well I had never been married. I tried to help them to learn how to listen to each other a little better (they did misunderstand a lot)...they did have issues with hat, but we had no business telling moggies yeah or nay on people.
  4. I had reevaluated when I went LOA from the 11th . I saw then the corruption of Leadership on my interm year. ....for some reason I still stuck aroun for 5 more years...but definitely after we left in 2000, I started to be more aggressive in questioning things....Many things still stuck with me. But some things like the JCNG issue...covered on another thread...(Im a Forrest GumP--groucho) became more maleable....I spend way less time thinking about being spiritual or if other things are spiritual or not...
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    I will weigh in only my half cents here. My son plays paintball with a freshman in college who is a wiccan. He comes from a wealthy family and seems to play for fun. he has never proselytized my son. we have explained to our son the varying degrees of intensity regarding pagan religion...there are a fairnumber of wannabe "driuds" in New mexico---along with all our alien beilevers--but thats another thread. tThe few times my son has asked him about whether he does spells or not, he has replied "yes, but only for good" Either way, we talk about it and explain to our son that using spells for good or bad is not the best method or most sure method for attaining results. We have discussd the idea that using bad spells and cures are unacceptable and in some cases implies criminal intent. We have talked more after different questions come up, but it seems in the case of this young man more of an amusement and less a "way of thinking".
  6. I think the biggest thing that disappointed me about the so called holy night of bore/uh corps was that all we did was listen to "translations according to usage" and write like profusely-- frantically --all because this was the greatest whatever--- and walking home, or going to the so called twig after was so boring --because corps night was boring!
  7. I didn't go back just to finish, but wanted to help dyslexics in a bigger way....ultimately I learned it has to be done from the inside out. Someitmes I feel as tho I am trying to stop the earth's rotation...but that's okay...it keeps it interesting.
  8. we have pay-per-view with a hard drive right now,but if you dont catch the new stuff right away---with my life -- Im never "up-to-date" so we thought about it. Also I was looking for a movie of a book that I had my son read. The Chosen -- from the 80's -- great book, good movie, so I told him when he finished we would go rent the movie. Lo- and behold no one had it except I could order and buy it. Didn't really want to buy it, but i wanted my son to see it. Chaim Potock is a Rabbi/writer....another book of his is Gates of November -- true story about Jews in Russia while under communist regime starting with Lenin.
  9. I left Ohio U in 77 to go WOW... then went in the way bore. Last may I finally finished my Bachelor's!! I had started back in 1999 part time and really cranked it up after we left (with a year to get to know life again in between) It was not easy, but I am glad I did it.
  10. Garth - even our republicans wear birks here in the New Mexico...land of Richardson...of course that would be with pony tails on their way to court.
  11. Eyes - my hubby was there at POP-- he was 14th -- he told me all that "lazy" crap they laid on them and the accusations of the 16th ...what a crock
  12. I need a hot rock to sleep on....hmmmmm
  13. remember when there would be a pryer vigil for some sick person of levelness or another....we could get to pray in the "prayer" room (Sleep) in the back corner. I was a V then and we sat near the door...us lowly end of the alphabet people....of course being that far back made it easier to sleep. I did get called on by DB...messed up the retemory and had to go to his office the next day and say it...but that was it....I think he thought it was humiliating too.
  14. When I asked my dyslexic husband -- he said it was easier for him, because thats how he sees things all the time.
  15. not too much -- whole cloves cooked are sweetish (relative to personal taste) I have a chicken recipe called 21 clove garlic chicken. its yummy....just make sure everyone you talk too eats what you eat that night.
  16. Actally I was up visiting Steve Kilborn and James Howard.(may he RIP)..James and I came to see you guys per somebody's request because of well-- you remember-- and I actually was the "overseer" for Midland and Odessa that year...
  17. Noooo I lived there once Doogy...Nota also lived there when I did....this was 1984-85 ish... Yeah--I'm thinkin Orlando--- Gotta meet meet Belle and Vixen in person! And my daughter will like it...even if we don't do the expensive stuff.
  18. I have 2 free ticket in both my and my daughter's name... Where should we go? Its where ever Southwest flies. Belle, I was thinking of you...but has anybody got a suggestion? I cant spend too much when I get there, still paying for the 8 weeks in DC last year.
  19. It reminds me of the way to kill a frog. You cannot put it in scalding hot water - it will jump right out. You put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat - before it knows it - its dead.
  20. I am biased - let me say that first-- if it helps I hold my tongue...but this is from the same outfit that says if you do there "program" it will cure your dyslexia...I have a problem with any outfit that says that.
  21. Thats why its still context based. What if the woman in TWI is single...or if she is married...when you "blow whistles" most people won't do that until they know somebody has got their back....some people don't have anyone...they cant blow a whistle...but eventually may find a place like this or other circumstances that aloow for the discussion...and eventually the strength to speak up develops.
  22. No that was Ted Phillips - we knew eachtother...its a diferent Ted
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