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  1. Well - from a good source the old case was lost because they made him try on the glove which had since shrank due to the amount of blood on it. He is guilty as hell. Im not sure he is getting out of this one...dont think they can play the race card 2x and win.
  2. Had 3 sitting around the house - (6V that is) opened 1 up - 4 D cells -- and not really the kind you could put into something else.
  3. Jonny have you seen the new ones--"Leave OJ alone!""" hahhahahaha all I have to say about that is (gloves shrink when covered in blood)
  4. Yeah -- what ex10 said-- More clearly - when JC did it on the cross, he did it for his own fulfillment of the law, not because they did anything to him. In my life its got to be so I can move on....does my forgiveness equate to their repentance--- I dunno - its really apples and oranges to me.
  5. washingtonweather


    Hear and See what?
  6. I have to concur with Sunesis. I have stayed out and sometimes away since LM has been here. I have read and occasionally posted since Waydale. Many here know me personally. I cannot believe what I have read these past few months when LM has jumped into threads. This summer was the first time since 2001 that I had a lot of time to get involved more than I normally do...after watching what was going on, I chose to skip GSC. I teach my kids "don't cast your pearl before swine..." some old guy said that....But this larry dude is beyond belief...I have never seen someone so rude. And as for all those JW's and trinitarians -- I hae been here when they came on and did their token barfing--well, the difference was they were not looking to attack, but defend for the most part what they deemed worth defending, I cannot think of a post where Larry was actually being constructive or defending a position he believed in. I recognize their is always a glass half full for a half empty glass. that said, it does not mean what ever there is to drink in that glass is palatable for everyone.
  7. There is a simple book about it, bottom line Boy sperm swim faster, Girl sperm live longer, or the other wayaround --- check the book. The longer living ones have a better chance when you have intercourse 2-3 days before conception and the day of conception the faster swimmers tend to win out.
  8. when little - I ate a lot of Cream cheese and olive sandwiches (green olives)
  9. Awesome Mark--I sent it to our Youth group Leader
  10. washingtonweather


    what I notice and which is also a contributing factor to my not posting much anymore is there seem to be latecomers like Bumpy who appoint themselves judge and jury to yes a history --then want us to delete??? the history, Is that a little reminiscent of China wiping out its culture and many other cultures wiping out what went before them because the dictator du jour felt he would build a better culture? Indian things wiped out in Alaska -- why -- in the name of starting over ? I stopped posting when every other post was critiqued and judged ---I got out of the way to get away from that --and earlier that didn't happen here so much... I don't know -- seems different now...more new people plopping poopy judgement everywhere.
  11. http://www.whoopi.com/ Scroll halfway down - she has a reply about it... We have this site bookmarked as Whoopi is a fellow dyslexic... I still need to hear it too, but checked it today and found this ------ OkAY just listened...I think she was just approaching it very academically...
  12. Slavery was cultural - did that make it okay with all southern whites?
  13. This cultural thing begs the question - just because it's cultural does it make it acceptable? I wrote a paper about this very thing - what if you don't prefer a certain cultural quality -- does that make you a bigot against that culture...I don't think so... deeper - how do we impose laws -- "no dog abuse - let alone fighting" or any other cultural event that has a law imposed against it -- how can we enforce it edited for doubling the post some how
  14. Rapper DMX - in the news for abused pit bull dogs. The use of leeches was cultural too--- do you see that still happening in any sane community? Slaves were cultural too - see that? Better not get me started. A** H*les are cross-cultural unfortunately http://www.kpho.com/news/13970298/detail.html
  15. Penguin - I went through that too, I just finished May 06 after leaving Ohio University in 78 for some way junk program....Don't give up if there is something you want to do.
  16. And Alotta Fagina recorded the whole thing.
  17. St MArk's on the Mesa -- an Episcopal church leaning toward the Anglican ... Ours has a great children and teens program...not true of all of them in our diocease. yes it does the 2 doctrinal things you might find difficult, but it has been wonderful in so many other ways and I don't get as caught up in JCNG or DAN stuff anymore
  18. I heard it on a SNS and in then in the WC
  19. I use generic frequently, but for simple things like Ibuproen - Kirtland/Costco brand, Benedryl... or chlortrimeton - .the costco or walmart version... but do these come from China?
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