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  1. chutneys, mint sauces, raisen sauces,
  2. He and many others who still preach perfection through performance are in for a rude awakening! As a matter of fact, that whole concept is so idolatrous.
  3. Geez...most high schools are bigger than that.
  4. I will say that in Dallas just about all of that crap you are stuck with was compartmentalized pretty well and houses are cheap and I never had a problem finding a job. well, we lived in North Dallas, Richardson and Carrollton. Tons of good restaurants, lots of vets, so-so culture..its there, but you have to dig a little. we have considered going back. The crap stays pretty much in its own neighborhood... check out www.realtor.com for house prices.
  5. As much as I appreciate Hap4 what he is, I couldn't live in that area of Colorado if my life depended on it...it reminded me of DC -- a lot of the people seemed to have a self-imposed sense of importance and entitlement...to what I was never sure, but nonetheless, those aren't places I would want to make home. i loved what WG said....that is what diversity is. I know lots of legal spanish speaker immigrant here in New Mexico...I don't blame them or get huffy about them wanting to live around pother spanish speakers---no difference for english speakers as far as I am concerned. i did see a show last week that said Denmark scored the happiest people country abouve all others. the US was like -- 47th
  6. I have alo heard Huntsville, AL is very nice and it does have a lot of variety of jobs
  7. Dot -- she sold me! Albuquerque is okay...but we still have a fair amount of crime...it helps I have a lot of cops in my neighborhood...and one across the street. I have heard good things about Tennesee too...
  8. http://www.deltasociety.org/home.htm I can't seem to find my book right now--but the web site has a lot. I will keep looking! cuz they make one pay for the book. Or you pay when you take the training...more like orientation.
  9. I think Dot is not crucifying any one person, but using that term metaphroically...as we do here in Albuquerque...We have a "south valley" but we know there are many good people there too, but I don't want to live there. Everytime Daddyhoundog works down there doing DSL stuff, he has to find a kid to translate.
  10. Way gb-- just FBI wanna bees ---buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. well, I don't think any of them are fair. As far as I am concerned they are all promoting an agenda...It is instrinisic in the delievery
  12. I think she is asking about where do you find what grants are available -- the amounts, categories, deadlines I may be wrong but don't they usually show up in industry--career--field publications... Can one google for a specific kind of grant Karmicdebt?
  13. when I worked at a hospital in Dallas, one of our female single radiologists used to keep he bullseye (with very accurate shots) just inside the front door window for all to see.
  14. Preacher - May I welcome you here! You will find many no longer feel VPW as a "father-in-the-word" figure and have moved in many directions none of which are collective. I will suggest you take a good look at the main web page and it will fill you in on the law suits and other craziness that was and is the way. I was being released as a WC grad in 1984 - maybe I ran into you at one time or another....but be aware...many here now choose to denounce much of way teachings. Many still believe a lot of the original class...you see who as you read and post. In the meantime -- Welcome !!
  15. Chas, I have a Delta Society certified dog. There checklist is pretty thorough. If you would like I can find my list of things when they tested him? ww
  16. And the fact it was couched in the "obedience blackmail" leverage made it harder to suspect God did not work in him at the time.
  17. The Alec Baldwin Kim Bassinger child custody issues have been public for years...She has fought long and hard to exclude him from visitation. I don't know that much, but she left him on grounds of abuse...I think its too bad that. It shouldn't really be a surprise ...but its still too bad for all involved...poor communication
  18. I will add another. The owner of our local ice rink is alive today and so are all his employees and patrons because he shot the guy bringing in the gun to shoot up the place before he could shoot a single adult or child on ice skates.
  19. well I am trying it...got my movies today...1 very old hard to find movie, and one new one. Its really the older ones that I want -- #1 son is considering the "moving images" bachelors at my alma mater, so we are showing him some classics he doesn't now about....next is casablanca. I will let you know how it works in this neck of the woods mail-wise.
  20. I believe emotional blackmail was prevalent since the mid seventies...Word over the USA was a biggie..."oh my God -- we were gonna loose our country"
  21. Dot and I jogged to the mall one corps morning class...member dot? I didn't have a watch (wc sin) so we filled out charge card applications so I could get a friggin watch...I think it was a Wards CC. In case of emergency---yeah -- contact JAL hahaha.
  22. washingtonweather


    I do think its funny google has pegged us for candle adds now.
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