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  1. I called "the way" today and asked them if the movie that's out called "The Way" is about "the way". "Not that I'm aware of" was the answer. Think she would know if it was? I'm surprised "the way" doesn't have a lawsuit pending; or maybe they do!
  2. Occupy TWI with a phone call. Every couple of months I like to call them and ask questions. ex. When's the next ROA? How come you don't have a phone number on your web-site? What's your e-mail address? Can I please speak to L. Craig Martindale (or fill in the blank). It's one of my guilty pleasures!
  3. Well it was a long time ago, but for sure my twig coordinator (or whatever we called the people who we answered to on Lead). Also, and this is just an assumption, everyone else who had made it to the top already and were sick and tired of waiting for me to get my sorry butt up there so they could move on! Well it was a long time ago, but for sure my twig coordinator (or whatever we called the people who we answered to on Lead). Also, and this is just an assumption, everyone else who had made it to the top already and were sick and tired of waiting for me to get my sorry butt up there so they could move on!
  4. I remember faking singing alot. Every teaching, every meeting, every twig fellowship we would sing a couple of songs and I just got so bored and tired of it in the Corps that I would entertain myself by lip syncing. I faked it on LEAD. A friend of mine complained so much that she had to do LEAD twice in one year, YIKES! That wasn't going to happen to me so I kept my mouth shut, did what they said and hated every minute of it; except for my Solo/Duo where I was left alone to read the Novel I hid in my backpack. I was stuck in a crevice and couldn't pull myself out of it. Oh, I was believing, and I was trying but there was just no way someone with no upper body strength (me) was getting out of there without some major help. Finally, after keeping my mouth shut long enough, not complaining and giving it the old "heave ho" every once in awhile, those in leadership decided "enough was enough". They instructed me to "Believe Really Big" and "Try Really Hard" and sure enough I felt a nice strong tug from the rope at my waist and UP I came out of the crevice. I also faked "Staying Awake" for all those long, boring teachings, but not always successfully!
  5. My own anecdote: I was at a Baseball game and ate a hot dog, beer and some other crap and like you had extremely bad cramps. I actually had to leave my seat and walk around for awhile. I didn't try to picture myself "well" or speak the word to my friend or do any of the things that would allow faith to kick in so that God was able to do his thing. Cramps usually go away on their own, and sure enough after an inning or two, that's exactly what happened. Can't remember who won the baseball game.
  6. "Want Healing?" -Find yourself a good doctor! My last year in-residence at hallowed grounds "way international" I was sick for a few weeks, went to "third aid" and finally was allowed to see Mrs. Wierwille (a registered nurse, I think). With her "worldly training" and her close relationship with God, revelation, praying with me, etc. she prescribed a "Raw Potato!" Standard Revelation back then. A few days later with over 103 fever I went to a real doctor, who took one look at me, listened to my lungs and knew I was very ill. He sent me to the hospital where I was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia. I then spent a week in the hospital receiving anti-biotics and breathing treatments. I got better!!! My husband got chewed out for our lack of believing! A few months later at Emporia, S-ra Wierwi..e got sick and had to be hospitalized. She spent about a week in the hospital as well I think. Only with S-ra we had 24 hours of prayer, and Ger-ld Wr-nn chastised us for not "believing big enough" for our Corps sister. It was our fault that she wasn't getting healed quick enough. He must have been getting pressured by Wi-rwille! Yes, I definitely believe in the "miracle" we call modern medicine.
  7. The links were provided by "WordWolf". Want to make sure I give credit where credit is due! When I was in-residence my dad wrote Craig a letter exposing some of the bull crap. Craig showed me the letter and told me to write a response to it that he would then forward on to my dad. I'm so mortified to be telling this story now. As the mother of three children I can't fathom the hurt that caused my parents. I took the word of some sh-t kickers over the "research" my dad did not for money or fame but because he loved me.
  8. My dad was still living when I left twi in 1993 but I just read "The Cult That Snapped" by Karl Kahler a couple of months ago and I wasn't aware of it before then. To get back to the original question: As stated before my family was mortified when I became involved with TWI because of the religious doctrine as well as political rhetoric. My sister came to me one day and said "I can handle your religious beliefs, but please tell me You're not a Republican!!!"
  9. Johniam, My dad wasn't a reporter, he happened to be an accountant. He really had a problem with my involvement with TWI and thought Wierwille was a charlatan. In the early 70's in New York a group of parents were extremely anti-way, believed it was a dangerous cult, and some of those parents, my dad included, worked toward unearthing claims that Wierwille made that were false. Of course I wasn't interested in listening to any of it when I was young. I actually didn't know about this until I saw my dad's name when I read "The Cult That Snapped. Thanks Karl Kahler, it made me proud!
  10. On Feb. 9, 1981, Kansas Senator Bob Dole, future Republican presidential nominee, wrote in answer to an inquiry from Herb Diamond: "I realize that there has been a great deal of concern about the participation of Victor Paul Wierwille, leader of THe WAy, in the recent Inaugural activities. I want to assure you that Mr. Wierwille's presence was as a private citizen and not an official guest. It seems that the invitation to Mr. Wierwille came as a result of a routine phone request to a congressional office that a V.P. Wierwille attend an Inaugural event. Whoever took the phone message did not recognize the name, and so it was passed on along with other such requests..His presence in Washington in no way represents any kind of official recognition of him or his organization by the Administration. quoted from The Cult That Snapped by Karl Kahler, p 124-125 Herb Diamond is my dad, he died in April 2001.
  11. TWI supported the John Birch Society, Ronald Reagan, NRA, called Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.- Martin "Lucifer" King, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I always found their politics quite distasteful, but still hung around for 16 years, go figure!
  12. I sent Vic a little e-mail asking him if Dan Wilson is aware that they're using his song for a promo. I also commented on the old man's voice ruining a perfectly good song.
  13. The old bald guy is definitely J-ck W-lson (8th. Corps) and his wife T-na Abr-ll W-lson (8th. Corps) is definitely in the video. The song is done by a Dan Wilson but I don't see any facial resemblance and I don't think it's their son just a coincidence that the singer/songer writer they chose to sing in the background of the video happens to have the same last name. I find it EXTREMELY creepy hearing wierwille's voice in the background, spoiling a perfectly good song. I went to the SOWERS web site and it appears they're on LEAD again right now; so we can expect some new pics as well as perhaps a few new hitch-hiking stories. That they have chosen to clone wierwille is kind of like a sci-fi movie gone bad!
  14. I'm pretty sure the guy is Jack Wilson. He was in the 8th. corps along with Donnie and was involved with LEAD along with Donnie. Tina Wilson is also in the video. I have no idea what happened to Donnie. I hitch hiked through Europe for 3 months, so I guess I not only know the entire bible but wrote a few of the books and translated a dozen into other languages!
  15. I'm pretty sure you're correct about this. Maybe Wierwille asked for his money back after Gahagan lost the election. Or maybe Gahagan asked for his money back from the PFAL class. Believing didn't equal Receiving. Maybe his needs and wants weren't parallel :-)
  16. Thanks Waysider, I realize it's just an expression but you would be surprised how often you hear it when you tell people you're an atheist or agnostic.
  17. I beg to differ. My Uncle was a Medic in World War two and received the Purple Heart. He claims he became an atheist in a fox hole and still is to this day.
  18. The Greatest SECRET in the world today is that...............................
  19. Wait............... If Barney's "If You're Happy and You Know It" is too "PG". Try Eminem.......... "I'm Not Afraid" Explicit Language!!!
  20. I've been out of the way for seventeen years................. If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmCEQVcNp4s
  21. Hi Charlene, It's wonderful to see all the thoughtful responses to this blog. Many years ago I remember being very moved by Oral Roberts rendition of "The Red Thread". Wierwille did it as well. Recently I ran across it again and now I believe that people can make the Bible say anything they want it to say. I thought I would post it here for your comments as well as everyone else's comments. Enjoy,
  22. A question for you: Sometimes I get the sense that the reason some people say they are no longer Christian is because they have been so hurt by an organization such as twi. But maybe it's only the hurt talking and a need to feel liberated from all the crappy people that oppressed us. That's not why I'm no longer a Christian.
  23. Make room on the fence please! That's a great quote by Bertrand Russell.
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