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  1. Of course, I shouldn't say much; I have my absences. Let's pray to make it snow wherever he is right now.
  2. Thanks. Wasn't sure if my remark carried any political connotations; I usually tru to stay out of that world on GS.
  3. Probably busy Christmas shopping. Hey, maybe GS needs a Santa!
  4. Are forgiveness and fighting back mutually exclusive? Of course, the latter can lead to the former I guess. In H.S. I was getting so irritated once by this guy sitting right behind me, I turned around suddenly and whacked him in the chest, shocking him and everyone else. I was probably the last person anyone would have thought would do that). The teacher, who had seen everything, said something short to the other guy, and not me, and otherwise did nothing. Within the next few weeks we (the guy I whacked and I) had become friends.
  5. If the President arrived during a severe thunderstorm, would the band play "Hail to the Chief"?
  6. I'm glad Kit brought this thread back, partly because she is one person...to those who are familiar with her posts over all the years...who can talk about the subject without giving the impression that she is telling anyone they have to forgive. She has not only acknowledged the hurts many have suffered, but expressed her anger, all while keeping her heart on God. Potato is right; no person should tell another that they have to forgive for their hurt; that has to be the decision of the person who suffered the hurt.
  7. only staring??? :) Of course, they make some of their bucks from Yankee haters watching their games wanting to see them get knocked off. Maybe like Notre Dame football (or used to be!). But of course a tru Yankee hater has some compassion...see the essay about Jeter I posted from Chuck Doswell not too long ago.
  8. You have to wonder how these people stay in power; it's like they have some sort of spell over their subjects I think. Even in my transient Philly WOW year, I sensed the same about their well known mayor, Frank Rizzo, even though I wouldnt put his misdeeds on the same level. Funny, I know he would have been re-elected, but he lost the vote to do away with the term limits that were keeping him from running again.
  9. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    I hate seeing the 9th corps thread on top for a long time with me on the last post.
  10. Well, if you're one, do you know of any others you could PM?
  11. I wish the rest of us could afford to refuse to work for someone we didn't like!
  12. Sounds not recent, but I don't recognize it (other than to know it's not Jules Verne!)
  13. One of the American bomber pilots involved in the atomic bombing missions was nuts, and Col. Paul Tibbets knew it, but kept him because he was a "damn good pilot". I don't know whether it would be better to say that a person's true character comes through in war, or is supressed in war, or just say that there is not time to be nuts if you are in a war.
  14. What president,s Rummy? Why, it could even be adapted to TWI.
  15. Slightly since this obviously does not deal with friends, but I've seen two presidents; oddly enough neither was during my years in the DC area. ( When I sang with my HS choir at the Pageant of Peace, LBJ wasn't there; neither did he attend the presidential baseball opener I went to (HHH threw out hte first ball). The two I saw were JFK going down a nearby street from our home when he came to Columbus to campaign for the governor, and Nixon when he came to Penn State shortly after he was inaugurated to attend the funeral of his uncle who had been a prof there.
  16. I guess that one guy I mentioned, Gary Beach, was kind of my friend in high school, but not now.
  17. I don't know whether to ask this here or in the sports forum...didn't I hear that the Cubs and Wrigley field were somehow tied up in this?
  18. OK, now you've reminded me somehow of Charlie Finley and his aptitude for uniform redecorating.
  19. Do we get to see part 2 next week, Rocky?
  20. Sounds like one of those jokes that can be used in different settings by subbing different names, long as it isn't copyrighted, and it sure doesn't sound like it is.
  21. or else switch to umpiring...but there's much dough in that! The Indians have always had a groom-the-young-starts methodology. Then the ones that make it consistently big wind up going to the Yankees or elsewhere.
  22. I wish I could call a guy out who makes 20 mil a year!
  23. What'd I miss...I didn't see him mentioned, except indirectly (staff) in a quote.
  24. If it keeps up, the Big Three bailout could come from this sport.
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