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  1. LOL. I don't remember from my only visit in 1978. Maybe because I only got a pastry there? (He invited me in after seeing this lifelong non coffee drinker run the coffee crew. I wasn't sexually assaulted there; that was later at HQ)
  2. Yep. And if this is for newbies, can returning oldies use the info too?
  3. When your body leaves, and your mind is still in, you may not feel traumatized at the time, but it may come back and hot you decades later. It can be a mixed bag, with great feelings of relief at thinking for yourself being accompanied or followed by feelings not as good. I think my awakening got going slowly more than a decade ago, then was given a huge push by a fellow 8th corps account of her abuse and sexual assault...you can guess who I mean. Then I came across others, including my best survivor friend...completely non-Way and non-cult...whose support helped me remember my sexual assault and break my silence about it last fall. Others have helped, not even with the aim of doing something for just me...e.g. not the least of whom is this Penworks person! (You might say she takes the Edge off our trauma!) Not to mention...okay, I am LOL...a lifelong friend of the survivor friend above, just by being an example with her great unconditional sensitivity to people, as opposed to what at times seemed like genuine caring in the Way, but which also seemed to hinge on one's loyalty to the group and doctrines. So as not to ignore the rest of your post, my childhood was pretty good. Parents split up when I was a wee one (believe it or not, i WAS little once) but Mom was great, and we spent plenty of time with Dad while he was alive. I just got involved by a co-worker invite, and like many, was captured by the conditional care....the love bombing if you will...and there I was. Much better to have people care for you unconditionally...including one I should mention given all I have bared here, my counselor.
  4. Does whitewashing have any relationship to sweeping the dirt under the carpet?
  5. BTW, I did the only actual work I ever did in a political campaign 50 years ago this fall in Columbus OH, for a losing candidate, though he was the incumbent. Maybe another reason to avoid politics!
  6. I acquires two facebook friends who are rather avid political posters, on opposite sides of the spectrum. It wasn't by design, but seeing their political posts (which are a majority for each off all their posts), I became more adamant than ever about staying out of politics on FB. I see their posts, and of course they are not targeting me personally, but most of their posts are designed to demonize the other side to the extent that I have to be a complete idiot and/or morally bankrupt to believe other than what their post says. Or to put it another way, black is made to seem as white an d vice versa...and this reminds me too much of my deprogramming. In the process, if I don't watch myself, I CAN draw unintended personal insults from these posts...the worst of these actually happened a few years ago here on Greasespot, though I kept my peace about it. I also think that, wierdly enough, my work as a baseball umpire during the summer helps me see both sides of an issue. Not that I don't have political opinions or don't think political results are unimportant. But I guess I'm naive (did I spell that right?)...in thinking we should be able to have political discussions with respect, but as this does not seem to be the case, I pretty much stay out of politics on FB. But, I keep those polical friends to help remind me of the reason.
  7. Well hi there OAK. What a break; my own visits are pretty rare. These days a lot of the people I know keep adding grandkids!!! Hey, at least he still works. What does retire mean anyway? Saw my former Big Brother (from the like named group) a couple weeks ago in the DC area for the first time in 38 years. He is 72 and still works (as a ploygraph expert...I can refer you!) And Oak likes people; who else would come up here to visit like he did years ago?
  8. Kristen's blog is at Losing the Way: Kristen's blog I made my first post anonymously then all the rest with my name (Billy). I was referring to the brief private exchange we had in which you told me you thought my deprogramming experience was worse than the crap you put up with because they were playing with my mind in the deprogramming. It was bad enough, but that factor was hardly absent in the abuse you took. However, true or not, it helped give me a perspective on how difficult it can be to live through then try to recover from trauma; physical, mental, or both.
  9. You're not late; you needed to read it now; I needed to read it four years ago.
  10. As I more or less said a few years ago, that's what generally has the real impact. And that is what Kristen gave, personal testimony, and not a lecture on others' experiences; she simply and plainly told us what happened to her. Perhaps I am much more sensitive to the difference, having had a lot of stuff shoved down my throat in a deprogramming. As a bonus to me, not only did Kristen give her personal testimony, but as such, it rang a lot of extra bells. I was in the same state under the same limb leader during the same year for our "apprentice" corps year, then at Emporia during that first 8th corps residence year she spends so much time on. But the bells kept ringing after that time, all the way to the start of my final residence year at HQ when I went through my own minor sexual "incident", which for all of its minor nature, red flagged the much worse experiences that Kristen and excie and others went through. Better not get going too much though or I won't be able to stop. You may not wanna hear me go on and on; besides, if you do, Kristen's blog posts are sprinkled very liberally with my responses over the last four years or so. A few years ago, after Kristen's book came out, Excie told me something in a message related to her abuse and my deprogramming. What she told me was bull :) but I still love her for it.
  11. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    Over a year since anyone posted here. Time to get a couple minutes at the top.
  12. I won't argue with either. Now, how many minutes is the 8th corps thread gonna be on top?
  13. I love these apologies, as if you were having a spat with each other, when you are really agreeing with each other. There were no doubt good people in the Way and good things done by these people. I maintain even that there were some good things taught, though others may well disagree. If the good was drummed out of these people, I think often this didn't happen for a long time. Why? Because, as Kristen Skedgell posted on one of her early posts on her blog, abusers take pains to hide abuse. Then when hints pop up, these people are conditioned not to recognize the hints. (See my last reply to her latest (December) blog post about not recognizing the first hints I got). I think the nostalgia mentioned above refers to the good things that people may have really experienced, but blocking out the abuse which was justified (by the abusers) in large part by the good. I certainly understand how abuse basically overcomes any good, especially for the abused. It's just that we didn't all get involved with "The Way" ministry of abuse, but were attracted by some good we saw, even as this hidden abuse was taking place. So I have no arguments with someone who sees nothing but the bad. Billy BCW
  14. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    Valerie, I don't remember her as being 8th corps, though that isnt an absolute guarantee she wasn't.. BCW
  15. Lifted Up


    Geez, that's what happens when I visit so rarely; last time I cam in I didn't even see this; I was in and out so fast. I miss my first 8th corps roomie.
  16. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    Well, Peg, I haven't come around too often lately, but others eveidently haven't been either. Glad to see you're still making it. Rummy, where are you? Hawk? havent seen him either.
  17. Aparently nobody cares here that much. Just my 2 cents worth as an old Cleveland fan, I've never cared much...partly because the Cavs came into being long after my pre TWI life in Ohio, but also because I could never stomach the time he showed up to an Indians-Yankees game in a Yankee cap.
  18. Who cares? At least he won the Cy Young with my Indians.
  19. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    Still over a month, I had to resurrect them, it sure wasn't like this a few years ago. Maybe we all ARE getting to old.
  20. I am only one corps older but I have only just over 10 years to go!
  21. Yea, I second that. Kristen has been quite active on her blog this year so far, after having been busy with other things a lot of last year. I think people who have had bad experiences in TWI will benifit from reading her posts. I do, and my Way expereiences overall weren't very bad.
  22. Do you see the light shining when the time to go back draws near?
  23. Lifted Up

    8th Corps

    I never thought I could make two posts on this FORUM (not just this thread) three weeks apart and not have anyone else post in between. Looks like the 9th corps people are petered out.
  24. I think, somewhere back on the depths of this thread, after I posted that about being at Wrigley Field in L.A., someone found and posted an old photo of it shortly after.
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