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  1. I read a story a couple days ago about someone; I think it may have been someone around here, who turned 99 on that date (9-9). Years ago, I made a note on a Weather Service statement at Indianapolis that it was 77 degrees at 7 am on 7-7-77. Seven sevens. That was right before I went into the 8th (not 7th) corps.
  2. That's OK (about not having time to post), My post got to stay at the top for three weeks. Always good to hear about someone having a big reason to smileWe all want to be of value to others, and you certainly are.
  3. CF & S seemed pretty harmless when I took it and helped BB run it at Indy about 1976-77...or was that the one Good Seed ran at Limb HQ? Well, maybe my old Indy buddy you-know-who has some memories, since he and BB and I spent some time together. Anyway, I really had no hint that this meant anything out of the way, so to speak...all the way till I had a "loosening up" lesson worked on me in my last residence year at HQ. Till then, my impression was that among the rank and file, even rank and file corps, there was no non pure sexual suggestions along the lines that happened to Kristen. But that little incident, whose memory was for me magnified by hearing thi8ngs said about me when people didn't know I was hearning them, is an important factor in seeing how all that Kristen describes happened to her.
  4. With over two weeks gone by since the last corps post, I was going to post here, then put the 8th corps thread on top for a bit. But i changed my mind because I would rather add my wished to/for Karmi and let that sit here till the next post.
  5. My 19 year old autistic son has always liked to draw. In recent years he has also become increasingly computer savvy, to the point where in a regional competition, he impressed some Microsoft people enough to where they gave him a laptop. I know the two can go together, because one of my celeb contacts (not friends; see famous friends thread) has been an artist and now does it with computers as well, producing graphic novels. I don't know if he could be headed fo something like that, but I know enough to be aware that a manual artistic talent can actually be tranlated, at least in part, to the computer world. And this old fart knows, like everyone else, that almopst every profession is getting more computerized...architecture, I'm sure.
  6. In the fall of 1979, the corps women had a get together in the Wierwille home. We men decided to pull a raid and swipe the big plate of nchos we knew they would have. We couldn't have done it without the permission of Mrs. Wierwille (hubby was away at the time), who gave us permission with only the request to be careful and not break anything. And, we also had the inside help of a "traitor", Naomi Townsend. After the successful raid, several of the women found us while we were standing around munching on the nachos, and were shocked by the presence of Naomi standing and munching with us. Later that fall, after hitching back to HQ alone from LEAD, arriving late on a saturday night, I pulled a solo rain on the pantry and filled myself, since I was starving. It's not like I took food that didn't belong to me, though. I founf a stash of tasty leftovers from Thanksgiving two days before that actually had been labelled to save for returning LEAD people. In fact, they never did give us that as a group, so I must have had some kind of revelation.
  7. Lifted Up

    Another groaner.

    Does this mean that Neil Young muct change his name???
  8. I think the money thing is overdone and irrelevant, but I am personally biased on this because suring my deprogramming they (deprogrammers) tried to shave that down my throat with a lot of other stuff. They tried to add up every penny I spent, gave, would have made, etc etc, and it didn't make much impression on me. Again it is only my personal view, but I think the personal losses such as Shell has mentioned ( and BTW Kristen Skedgell as well) were much more devastating.
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    Yea, in the 70s, even the late 70s, we hitched a few times. During my first res year at Emporia (1977-78) we hitched to HQ and back. We had a certain time to get there, was it 48 hours? Anyway, in my group of 30, 20 of us made it to HQ on time, but 10 others did not and were sent back right away. I dunno what they did to anyone who was late getting back to Emporia, where would they send them? In the fall of 1977, I think October, our bus to the Texas farm broke down shortly after leaving on the way back and we had to hitch the rest of the way back to Emporia during the night. I was so beat after I got back that morning that I worked an hour after lunch, hit the hay withough being ordered, got up just in time for dinner, and heard nothing more about it. Then of course there was LEAD, in the fall of 1979 from HQ for me. No problems getting there. On the way back, I volunteered to be the odd one out; that is the one who had to hitch back without a partner. Got back on time on a late Saturday night and pulled a solo pantry raid. Anyway, to that point I had not heard of any problems anyone had hitching, other than not making it on time. LEAD itself? Not much for me to testify about, I kind of liked it. My rock climbing test was supposed to be number 2 of 5 on the difficulty scale...it was really the hardest overall, except number one had this inverted ledge to get over that distinguished it. But the safety features were, to my untrained eye, pretty good. I do remember our main LEAD person, a Canadian named Diane someone from 9th corps I think, carried the heat around, presumably for the snakes that were supposedly around, though I never saw or heard of any while I was there.
  10. OK, so it's been over a year since the book was published, and late last year since the last post on this thread (previous to the one I'm making now). But I think it is time to bring this to the top; once anyway. I won't rehash my thoughts on the importance of testimony versus lecture, even though it's the reason I got so much from Kristen's book. My thoughts can be found on posts I made last year on this thread. Presumably, there are a few new people who weren't around GS when the book came out. But more importantly, I don't think an account like this never gets too old. If it does, then it was old when it came out last year. But most of us know better than that. People who have suffered abuse know how long the effects can last (like a lifetime). I did not suffer the kind of abuse Kris did, though someone else (excie) who did, helped my understanding of this truth by pointing something out about my own experiences. Yet, there is a natural reaction by anyone to show less interest in an event that is long past timewise, even if the effects of the event are still around. Not having communicated with Kris about this, I don't know if that has anything in the least to do with why we didn't see the scheduled feature on Fox & Friends last year, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did. Anyway, Kristen's book is of course just as relevant as ever.
  11. Yea, some threads at GS can be derailed; this one cant't be. Not even by a former 8th corps.
  12. Cliff Lee.... 4-6 with a 2.88 ERA after last night's shutout. His previous start he gave up 4 runs in 6 innings and left trailing 4-0. Right after he left the tribe scored 4 to tie, then the next inning 4 more.
  13. Or back down to work with the kids as I do. I have an unusual record for tossing in my 20 years umping.
  14. Yea, yesterday (Friday) around 4 pm. NIKA, the obvious change refers to my gender. I hope I'm never a grandma! Rocky has it right.
  15. I don't mind, personally, getting mixed up with Rocky! Politically that may be different, though he may not know it since I don't get much into that field. How about when you get the "Grandma" title??? I always thought it was interesting that women you couldn't get close to getting their ages out of will brag to no end about being a grandma. Just thought about that, since today or tomorrow I may gain that title, with one minor obvious change.
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    five'll get you ten tha Fox News would make a big deal about it!
  17. Did the prospect of being called "Doctor" play any part in your decision???
  18. Yea, and more...happy birthday!
  19. Lifted Up


    Perhaps. My point or question is that, I can think of quite a few examples of Christrians denouncing publically who they see as Christian extremists (right-wing, left-wing, albatross-wing, or whatever). I have not seen or heard of Muslims publically doing the same. But I would be glad to learn that this happens and that I have missed it.
  20. I hear you and believe you. We all get more picky about creature comforts as we get older, don't we?
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    Thank you for your reply. I hope you are right. The statement I read about from so-called moderate Muslims may not be representative. There are a sizable number of Muslims in the United States, right? Therefore, is it that hard to find a Muslim Cleric? (footnote; anyone is welcome to educate me on the Islamic cleric system). That might be more convincing; to me, at least. I have heard about a number of Muslims who feel they have reason to fear for their lives because they renounced Islam, and not just from so-called "Islamic extremists". It boils down to this; if someone thinks I will go to hell for not believing in their god, let it be so. If someone thinks it is their job to send me there, then it seems they think their god is too weak to do the job. And if it is the official doctrine of a religion for its adherents to send me there if I believe in their god then change my mind, then they are telling me their god IS too weak...or false.
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    8th Corps

    I was pretty well behaved...at least till after the first room switching!!!
  23. Hey, there are a few of us people in the world to whom winter is where it's AT.
  24. I don't remember well the comfort factor when I was watching the Dodgers play in the Coliseum, as I was a kid and didn't care that much.
  25. Lifted Up


    I would be interested in his views on the matter I covered above. Although I am guessing from what you have posted about him, that if he does not believe that those who convert from Islam should be killed, he would not speak out publically against this idea because he doesn't seem to be one who speaks out on anything about his religion. The reason I mention this again, is because this idea gets to the heart of our freedom of religion. If muslims do not have the freedom to decide that what they before subscribed to is now wrong in their life, then they don't really have the freedom to decide it is right either, if there is only the one choice they are allowed to make.
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