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In honor of the TV Pictionary thread...

Same rules as name that flick. Try to use something that's not tooooo obscure. And you can use miniseries here.


Could I be wearing any more clothes?"

from, of course, a classic episode of Friends.

Ok, ready? This is toughish, but I really liked it...

"I really don't believe you brought them here."

"They have nowhere to go. Their house is being watched now."

"And so is ours! By Daniel! Tell them that we're sorry..."

"Stanley, you don't understand. They have to stay. They need a place to hide!"

"And why is that?"

"Because the father is a scientist."

"And therefore suspect! And a fugitive, I take it, which would make them doubly dangerous."

"They have to stay."

"And I'm telling you to get them out, before I ..."

"I won't."

"Then I will!"

"NO, YOU WON'T! We had to put you in a suitcase. In a suitcase! You were eight months old. That's how we smuggled you out."

"I know the story!"

"No, you don't! You don't. Your mother, auv shalom... your mother didn't have a heart attack in the boxcar. She made it with me, to the camp. I can still see her, standing naked in the freezing cold. Her beautiful black hair was gone. They'd shaved her head. I can still see her waving to me, as they marched her off with the others to the showers - the showers with no water. Perhaps, if somebody had given us a place to hide... don't you see, Stanley? They have to stay. Or else, we haven't learned a thing!"


"My dear family: It's painful knowing that I'll not see your faces anymore. But I must take this stand for what I know is right. You may think that an old man wouldn't be afraid to die, but this old man is very frightened. I'm hoping that I'll find a little of your mother's dignity and strength. So far, I'm as frightened as a child who fears the dark. But we must fight the darkness that is threatening to engulf us. Each of us must be a ray of hope and do our part and join with the others till we've become a blinding light, triumphant over darkness. Until that task is accomplished, life will have no meaning. More than anything, you must remember which side you're on and fight for it. You mother and I will march beside you, holding hands again. We'll sing your song of victory. You'll feel us in your hearts. Our spirit..."

" 'Our spirits will be with you always. And our love.' We have to help, or else we won't have learned a thing."

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"Excuse, please. I am just."

"Just what?"


"Just... just?"


"Just what?... Don't let it spaz you. Let me help you."

"Help, yes! Help to go ... to this place."

"You don't know where to go?"

"I'm just."

"You mean 'lost.'"

"Lost! Yes... English not good to me."

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Nope. Totally off track.

All right, last quote is a giveaway:

"Don't worry Abraham. It's not like your family are scientists. You're not involved... And this will all blow over soon."

"That is what I thought back in 1938."

"Oh, but that was different."

"Is it?"


"If you are going to do it, do it right... Understand? For 'victory.' Go tell you friends!"

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Yes, the original miniseries. At what point did you get it?

"Don't Worry Abraham" rang the bell

Here is one that some of us older types may remember

GREGORY (reverently, into the mike): Her name... is Mary. Mrs. Mary West. She's thirty. Five feet, six inches tall. (rises and moves to the sofa) Blonde hair. Nicely built. Clear complexion. She's a plain, unassuming female. With that inner quality of loveliness that makes a woman truly beautiful. (sits) She is dressed in a soft, pink blouse, old-fashioned brooch, flowing skirt. Her hair is attractively arranged. She is in her husband's study, preparing him a drink.

Mary reappears, just as described. She smiles at him as she mixes his drink.

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I can understand never seeing V, but never heard of it?

The Visitors are our friends?

Giant spaceships?

Lizard people?

The original miniseries was a masterpiece. The follow-up miniseries was also very good. Then they made it into a weekly series, which was a disaster.

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Sorry it took so long to get back here... Pirate was right...A Serling classic about how to create the perfect relationship...

Waysider, The ship is Scotty "beaming me up" after being unable to find intelligent life.. I got Carpal Tunnel from playing Galaga back in the day... All that thumb banging on the "fire" button

"V" was a really neat series.. I have the first one on DVD...its perfect for Long winter weekends.. It reminded me of another Twilight zone Episode "To Serve Man" (oh my God, Its a cookbook)

Go for it Pirate....

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