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"...This isn't any of our affair."

"We can't ignore the rest of the world. We're the only stabalizing influence in the country."

The first part of the above quote is Adam Cartwright to his dad:

"Let's go back to the Ponderosa, Pa..."

Them Cartwrights was a lofty bunch, wasn't they?

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no Huxtables

"everything you've ever owned is on that bed"

"let this be on your head"

Married with Children ?

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You just happened to quote a television episode I know so well I can recite sections.

(Any other episode from the same series-not so much.)

The television show is "the Odd Couple."

Felix often tried to give Oscar a guilty conscience with "Let it be on your head."

The other episode you quoted was the episode where Myrna, Oscar's secretary, was having success with a

computer dating service, "Executron." (She met a stockbroker.) She talked to Oscar, who decided to try it.

Using a fake name.

When the mail arrived, a letter arrived for "Andre la Plume." Oscar opened it.

Felix:"Don't do that-that's a federal offense!"

Oscar admitted it was his "pen name." Then he admitted it was for computer dating.

He used wording similar to what Myrna said to him. He said he was tired of coming home to his lonely bed.

"Lonely bed-everything you've ever owned is in that bed!"

Then Felix changed his mind and supported Oscar. Although he thought Oscar should tell the truth when filling

out their personal information file.

He (and Miriam) went with him to the restaurant to meet his date- "Sarah Morgan."

Who turned out to be Gloria, Felix's ex-wife.

Felix, intensely jealous, insists on being a "superior person", and insists they date despite already knowing

they are FRIENDS and it won't work. So they decide to make him admit his jealousy.

They sat in the living room, and played Gin Rummy. Eventually, Felix ran out and exploded, thinking they

were making out or something.


Then they were done, and Gloria left.

The last scene had them back at the restaurant, Felix, Miriam AND Gloria waiting with Oscar.

Executron wouldn't give him his money back, so he tried again.

"We know you won't end up with Gloria anymore, she's not Sarah Morgan, and you're not using a ridiculous name

anymore like Andre Le Plume." "PAGING MISTER WILLARD EISENHOWER!"

And met Lena Molinara.

Who was Myrna, his secretary.

"You're Lena Molinara?" "You're Willard Eisenhower?" "What happened to the stockbroker?" "He was married."

*gestures at the seats at the table* "Slide in..."

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Ok, here's some quotes from the next one.


"This is the tale of Mister Morton. Mister Morton is who? He is the subject of our tale."

"The past and the present and the future. Faith and Hope and Charity, the heart and the brain and the body

give you three as a magic number."

"Like Thomas Paine once wrote: 'It's only common sense,

that if a government don't give you your basic rights, you'd better get another government.'"

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Everybody sing:

Conjunction Junction what's your function?

"Hooking up words and phrases and clauses."

Is the stage show the same name as the TV show, I'm wondering...if it is, it must be Schoolhouse Rock?

They have the sane name. I keep forgetting there WAS a staged show.

The cartoon series- technoically a series of shorts- ran during commercial breaks during

the 70s, on Saturday morning cartoons. You can currently buy a DVD with all the

cartoons on it. (I did.)

The sections on US history were so good, people trying to get US citizenship are sometimes

recommended to watch them. I know that I grew up knowing the entire Preamble to the US

Constitution, so long as I was allowed to sing it (or hum it when saying it.)

If you're curious, the lyrics to the songs are (AFAIK) all online.

Most or all of the cartoons are on YouTube.

One episode of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" had a 4th grade question ask

which British General's surrender ended the American Revolution.

I began singing:

"At Yorktown the British could not retreat

Bottled up by Washington and the French Fleet.

Cornwallis surrendered, and finally we had won."

I didn't even get to post the more recognizable quotes. :)

Your turn!

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Cash Cab with Ben Browder(?) on Discovery Channel.

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Going to allow anyone else to post. Maybe in the near future I will try this forum again.

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