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Crimson Tide?

I'm guessing that WW won't mind my adding a clue: the movie starred Danny Kaye. George

Once again, you posted a quote from a movie, where you could have posted 1/2 the script without me getting it, except for the one quote you posted. This was from early on in "Red Dawn."

I did pretty much but its nice to have the "official" word from the poster of the question.

The movie is a little bit of a classic in its category, and, I think, the first starring role (not the first appearance) for a very big name star (who BTW uttered the quote). I can think of a few more easily recognizable quotes, but for some reason the one I posted is one of my favorites in the movie.

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OK, Just to get this thread moving again, I will give you what I consider to be a giveaway quote...of course maybe some of you youngin's who havent seen the movie double digit number of times wouldnt consider it a giveaway...

Again by the star...

"Dad, it isn't vandalism! Doctor Hallen is dead and he was killed by some sort of a monster."

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A big name star whose first major role was in a monster type movie...

Clint Eastwood in Revenge of the Creature.

Ah, but you said STARRING role, and Clint Eastwood's appearance in that movie was minor.

Johnny Depp's role in Nightmare on Elm Street was also not a "starring" role.

Nope, that would have to mean...

Steve McQueen in The Blob

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Darn - I looked, too - but I thought it another movie so it would REALLY be cheating if I answered!

It's a hard one. I saw that movie once a long time ago and wouldn't remembered the quote.

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Well, such honesty. But I think I would like to shake this onto someone else, so I will get more obvious for those who havent taken themselves out...

Another quote from the star...

"That's why it didn't come in the icebox after us! It can't stand cold!"

And another quote from the same star, but from a

DIFFERENT and well know later movie...

"When there's a fire I outrank everybody"

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You're right. The strain of working nights I guess. IGNORE ANY OF MY POSTS AFTER RAF'S LATEST QUESTIN and go back to it. As for me, I don't know the answer. "...I got thrown out of school for that." ??? Rings a bell, faintly, but cant make it come to mind.

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Another quote from the same movie... (Corrected: there was a typo AND I got the quote a little bit wrong).

You can't bet a human being!

Edited by Raf
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More from the same movie (for the following, I'm cheating. The first quote was from memory. The second was posted from memory and corrected by cheating. The following are taken off a web site with movie quotes)...

They used to be fat and juicy and now they're twisted. They had their lives stolen. Well, they taste sweet, but really they're just humiliated grapes. I can't say I am a big supporter of the raisin council.

Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese.

Ruthie, do you got any avocados?

"He can really cook, can't he?"

"Yeah, although for grilled cheese, I might use the wool setting."

"That's what I told him."

"Really? What did he use?"

"Rayon. Silk would have been too soggy. Cotton would have..."

"Would have burned it."

"Right. Fortunately, he consulted me before giving it steam. I was four square against it."

And if you still don't get it, then I've stumped ya!

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