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songs remembered from just one line


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ok then.


The only lyric I did not give you was the title.

Which is

I Will Always Love You.


New clue:

Merrily merrily merrily merrily.

Life is but a dream.

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First, when there's nothing But a slow glowing dream That your fear seems to hide Deep inside your mind
All alone, I have cried Silent tears full of pride In a world made of steel Made of stone
Well, I hear the music Close my eyes, feel the rhythm Wrap around, take a hold of my heart
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We did this song in chorus in high school.  We didn't know why.  When the teacher mentioned we had 1 song too many for the concert, and wanted to let us pick which song to drop, we almost shouted in harmony to drop this song. 

"FLASHDANCE (What A Feeling)"- Irene Cara. (I THINK It's Irene Cara.) 

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Next song.

Yes, it IS a song.

"There she was friends lying there in all her radiant beauty...Eating on a raisin, grape, apricot, pomegranate, bowl of chitterlings, two bananas, three Hershey bars, sipping on a RC Cola listening to her transistor, watching the Grand Ole Opry on the tube reading the Mad Magazine while she sung, "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor?""

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4 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

There was a song "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight,: but I don't think that's what you mean here.  This seems to be a song REFERENCING that song, and I have no idea what it is.


Your reasoning is tracking so far. AFAIK, only one song REFERENCES it. (I could be wrong.)  I'm confident you've heard this song before.    With a little thought, you might guess the artist. (It is NOT the same as for the referenced song.)

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