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The Trinity

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There is probably no other subject related to God that I have eaten more s**t for than this one.

SO - on the day that I get to stand before Him,... There'd damned well better only be one of Him there!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

(If I edit a Post it's for spelling, not content. I have a touch of dyslexia and don't see my errors till later, on a second, third read.)

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I guess I got this thread going in a different direction with all the "fallen mankind" posts..

Sorry bout that. I think we should move those to a new thread and discussion.. Maybe when I get a chance to reply to all those who already posted concerning that..

Meanwhile this trinitarian or oneness or unitarian or Arianist or modalist or any other view of the 'biblical" God..

Yeah, the only reason the debate goes on is because there isn't any 100% solid proof one way or the other..

Everyone has a reason, taken from scripture, and there ain't scripture that can say otherwise..

As for even "if man was fallen"...

Trinitarians say it had to be God cause man couldn't redeem man.

But then I don't believe scripture ever states one perfect man couldn't redeem em. Or that a man without the "sinners" blood and not God could still fix it..

Unitarians say it had to be a man because God can't die or if he did there might be some consequence..

But then, you forgot to take into account Christ having dual nature.. His God side never died..

And the debate rages on...

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Ok, I also think of it this way.

God tabernacled (dwelt) in the Ark with Israel. His Glory shone and rested on the Mercy Seat between the Cheribum.

When the Temple was built, God tabernacled (dwelt) in the Holy of Holies - his Glory shone between the Cheribum.

It seems no one has a problem with the concept that God dwelt in the Ark and in the Temple with Israel.

Jesus' name was: Emmanuel - God with us. God now tabernacled in the flesh. Exact same concept as dwelling in the ark and temple, except now the dwelling is flesh.

Flesh was now God's tabernacle - dwelling.

Christ - God with us - dwelling in the living, breathing, Flesh. Our kinsman-redeemer.

That is awesome. His temple and dwelling place was now in "a body thou hast prepared for me" - flesh.

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I think God's going to exceed our understanding.

I think God's not going to sweat all the hours we put into this

"Trinitarians are idolators!" "Kill the non-Trinitatian heathen"

business, except as wasted time where Christian went for the throat

of Christian. We were warned long ago that biting and devouring

each other runs the risk of us being the consumed ones.

Hasn't stopped Christians from killing each other over this and

other subjects senselessly. What a misuse of free will, to kill

other Christians while their mutual enemy laughs at both!

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Ok, I also think of it this way.

God tabernacled (dwelt) in the Ark with Israel. His Glory shone and rested on the Mercy Seat between the Cheribum.

The Mercy Seat is where God meets us and talks to us and reveals his will for us in the situations we are in. In relation and acceptance of his mercy, he is wide open to us.


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God first

thanks everybody


Brahm, the highest god of Brahmanism, represents the All, or the abstract idea of being. He is conceived as a trinity which is called Trimurti, consisting of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.

under History of the Devil, by Paul Carus, [1900], at sacred-texts.com


with love and a holy kiss Roy

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interestingly, yesterday was Trinity Sunday for a number of Christians.

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