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Easy Movie Quotes

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Umm if this one pushes the boundaries I'll pass on to the next person. Famous movie and a line which is definitive to me but I don't know how much to others...

"Earn this...earn this..."

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if I've told you once, I've told you more than a thousand and one times,

all we are in just another Kubrick in the wall...

Sounds like you either have it or are very close. Want to name the flick?

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When did this become "The Nostalgia Thread"? If you know the answer, give it, and post another clue!


Sorry about that - not meant to be nostalgia. I would have posted the wrong answer. After I read the hint it become obvious what the flick is. I'll abstain because a) I would have been incorrect had I posted in the first place and b) the hint pretty much gives you the title.

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