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Splinter work IS the wierwille legacy

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So why do offshoot or splinter work HAVE to be Wierwille Legacy..


I suggest that they don't.. HAVE to be, that is..


they could choose to go another way..  too many absolutes here.


If one adheres to the original TWI axioms, one might reach an entirely different conclusion..  not saying that I do.  But just saying..


Math is easier.  Choose your axioms wisely..  I like the idea that I wake up each day and can count to ten on ten fingers..


And don't agree with me unless that you accept the consequences.


Well, free will allows us to modify axioms at any given time...


In a weird sense I might be considered an offshoot..

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Some of you know I write a blog and have warned people about offshoots of The Way International because they perpetuate Wierwille's plagiarized materials, beliefs, and high-control practices over followers. Because I was embedded in The Way in the "early days" of 1970- 1987, I happen to know some of the people who run these groups. Today, just to participate in this thread, I'd like to say that what I mean by an offshoot of TWI:

The leader of the group was formerly a leader or follower in the original organization, The Way International, but broke off from it to form their own group. Most of them still promote the teachings of V.P. Wierwille. Sometimes they revise these teachings. Sometimes, they don't. Some divulge their former association with Wierwille. Some don't.

Some of these break-away groups consist of only one home fellowship attended by family members and friends who left The Way. They continue to mimick what they did while involved with The Way, i.e. recruiting people to their group, promoting Wierwille as the man of God, etc.

Others are highly organized, like one run by Vince Finn*gan who is a graduate of the Third Way Corps (I was in the 2nd Corps so I knew him) and was a Way leader for the state of New York, among other responsibiblities, before he broke away from Wierwille's original organization. His group has a website and offers lots of teachings, etc.

There are other groups, like one run by Wierwille's grandson. It's called S.O.W.E.R.S. About S.O.W.E.R.S.® – S.O.W.E.R.S. (sowersonline.com)

To me, it looks as if he's trying to recreate the Way Corps program. The 5 principles are the same ones his grandfather gave us in 1971. 

There's also a group headed by Michael Gud*orf who was on the biblical research team with me at Way headquarters 1984 - 1985. He doesn't mention his devotedness to Wierwille.

And there's one run by John Shoenhe*t, also on the team during that time. There are some threads here that refer to him.

All these folks seem to be really nice guys, but our ways part like the Red Sea when it comes to beliefs about Wierwille and the Bible.

Enuf on that. To each his/her/their own. We live in a country that says we have freedom of religion. 



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My particular offshoot would spend entire weekends looking at cryptic scribblings, equations, interesting properties of numbers.


Of course you will not find any of that in PFAL.  I won't say none.. there are a few numbers there..


The interesting thing.. I have a lot of non PFAL grads signing up for this very thing with substantial amount of money..


unfortunately I do not get much of a cut of the profits.  But then I am not exactly complaining.


Money?  who frigging cares..


it is so temporal.  Necessary, but temporal.



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In 500,000 years my wealth will mean pretty much zero to any given future historian..


Now this will be the same opinion.. to the married dentists who accumulated about 5 million bucks.  Even in the current scheme of things that is really small potatoes.


Yep.  "they managed to make money".. along with a few million other creatures.. God only knows who or what they were.. heh

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