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Three movies or Three actors


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It's that English actor isn't it.  What's his name?  He won the Oscar for that Royal somebody that had a speech disorder and was stuttering.  I have no idea what his name is which is strange because I think I have a good recollection of most of the actors who are somebody's.  Anyway.

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2 minutes ago, Human without the bean said:

Magic Man Heart but I only needed the first six words.  But thanks.

Since this was the wrong thread, I'd already moved it to the right thread- but you can reply there since I just pasted it there. :)

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6 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

I actually don't remember any of them being in that movie, but CR was goofy, with enough stars to make it a good guess.


You forgot Dean Martin was in that movie?  He and Sammy Davis Jr were dressed as 2 priests driving a red Ferrari. "Pull over! We want to give you our blessing!"   

Terry Bradshaw was one of the drivers for the pick-up truck, the one that got re-painted to try to bypass roadblocks, and landed in a pool.   The also prepped for the race by packing case after case of beer- and 1 bag of chips for food.  Rick Aviles was the one who drove into the HOTEL LOBBY and did the Nixon imitation when asked about it.  Also, he jumped the railroad cars and survived because he reached the moving train at a flatbed.  "Evel Kneivel, you've got yourself some competition!"  "I'm telling you, if the cameras had been there, we would have made CBS Sports Spectacular!" "What-you want to do it again?"     He was also conspicuous in the fight with the bikers.  "Man, you wouldn't last FIVE MINUTES in a New York Subway!"  *smashes biker in shin with block of wood*  *smashes back of biker's head, knocking him out*  "That's how it's done!"

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