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A poll of how many years you were in TWI: 0 - 20years

Royal Gorge

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Anyway, I stumbled upon GSC one day last week and have been coming here almost every day since then. The first time, I just read for hours. The things I have read here have helped me make sense of a lot of things that I noticed back then but didn't understand.


i wish i had stated it so well.

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1973 - 1990

Took the class at Kent State in March 1973. Went WOW to Puerto Rico 73-74. Got married and had 2 kids, moved back to OH (my home state) in 1976. Took Advanced class in 1979, went into Way Corps as Family 7 in 1980. Was sent to Miami interm year and just stayed. Last ROA was 1986 or 87. Went to twig until 1990 and then an off-shoot fellowship until 1992. Divorced in 1993.


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How many years were you actively involved with The Way International?<BR><BR>If more than 20 years answer the other poll.

I started going to fellowship in March, 1985, took the PFAF class in 09/85 (I did the Advanced class 20 years ago this week!), and was an assistant fellowship coordinator with Ron Webster in Roanoke, VA until things started to "go south" with TWI ... I moved from VA to Nashville with my family around 1995... so I guess I was "with" TWI for about 10 years... though I continued going to home-based fellowships until 2001 (when I moved to Yosemite).

I see some posts about people being bitter or angry at TWI... but I look at my time with TWI with fondness... TWI was the "vehicle" that opened up God and His Word to me... a mutually shared loved that continues through this day and will echo throughout all eternity...

Sure, the "things of man" pretty much "screwed" a lot of believers that were involved with TWI... what do you expect? The "adversary" was getting his butt kicked in a lot of areas due to a LOT of believers being "on fire" for God. 'Tis the way of the world... things subject to the "god" of this world will eventually "go south"... look through God's Word... even the "movement" started by the SON OF GOD, Jesus Christ, went through many hard and terrible changes and events...

Organizations, of and by man, will always fail... but the children of God are the ones that keep the Word alive for all eternity...

So, long answer to a short question...

I'll see you guys in the air!!!

David L. Smith


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Alittle over ten years

PFAL in 1981

asked to be removed from the mailing list in 1991

WOW in 1982-3

Advanced Class in 1984

Performed in some Way Productions, but avoided being involved in Athletes of the Spirit by the Grace of God!

Currently reading a book by David Brooks entitled " Bobos in Paradise " that captures the mood of the late seventies and early eighties that pointed me toward the Way: the ambitious, resume'- building, multitasking, social-networking attitude that brings attention and glory only to one's self. I sought something more.

A fulfilling relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Thought I found it in the research, teaching and fellowshipping ministry of the Way.

I was wrong.

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