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I agree 100% with To Gray....

I also grieve.

We did what was expected of us, to ourselves, our families, our children. I also am thankful to move on in life and re-discover truth.

Its refreshing!

Life is really to short to live and dwell in the past. I choose to move on in life. I do miss some of the folks though.

Much better to move onward, upward!!

I also wonder what did I get of my own 17 yrs in (72-89)besides "Nothing but a heartache".

suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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I apologize to all you sweeties that were FC, "regular" corps, staff, etc, etc, for not seeing this while in res. Maybe I could have halped you in some way. Maybe there would have been SOMETHING I could have done. I too am embare-assed about ever supporting such a lovely group of penisheads called "leadership".

I too was married while in res and only heard faint rumors of daliances. My "renewed mind", my "key to power", kept me from seeing what is obvious today. And those that treated others like dirt when they were sick, in need, hurting, and whatever alse, those "leaders" would receive from the Lord's hand DOUBLE, if I were God.

How was I able to relatively enjoy in residence?? By joking my way through it. By hanging with others who could do the same, like Ex, Simonion, Hegotouttathere, and others.

Had everyone been like our wunnerful groomed "leaders", or like they were "on their way up", I would have not lasted past the 1st 6 months.

You gals were stronger than I. Thanks for sharing, and sorry I didn't know more to be able to help more ...

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You couldn't have done anything. The moment you spoke out you would have been throw out and they would have made a speech at lunch about how you allowed devils to enter your brain.

Each corps had those that knew, those that participated (they became the future leaders), and those that never saw.

A 9th corps girl warned me to never got to the coach alone. But when I was summomed I did not know how to take someone with me. I was going to meet Oz, it seemed rude and to disobey the wizzard.

There were women who were repeatedly abused by Craig. They were made big leaders, then when they began to crack under the pressure (the pressure of the dirty little secret that he was sexually abusing them every chance he could), that PIG pulled them off the field and made lunch announcements about how they failed in their assignments.

I know of one girl who almost had a nervous breakdown over it all.

Too Gray Now-

I was working at the limb when Marsha had a "breakdown" or so it was reported. They trashed her saying she was possessed. I never knew what happened to her, I heard she had taken her own life and was sick about it. Then, I was directed to her note and praised God for her life and survival.

VP used to have Geer get him "the first pretty girl who walks by". Those little eager newbies were like newly hathced chicks to a wolf. It was sickening.

There are other letters on that site that are interesting as well.

Dot Matrix

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Tom, you said, "How was I able to relatively enjoy in residence"

I must admitt, we had a zainy wacky corpse, and we laughed a lot, I did

also enjoy much of it....really I did.

I mean the NYers were a blast!! Joe & Bonnie Phillips were the sweetest!

and even tho Dot didn't enjoy BM he was ok to us!! Chris Newcomb was a genius and did some really great skits and was talented up the ying yang, I laughed with him so many times, loved him and still do tremendously!!

The married men were wonderful to me, I mean they had their own wifes and kids but they still had a heart for us single moms and kids. And the wifes understood I think (cept for the NY wives.....)

John Niece (staff) was an *** but was a great boss for me. I was the secretary for the maintenance dept and John treated me good, it was a great job.

On LEAD one year me and Chris Newcomb relished our Mint Floss, it was flavor we could enjoy anytime!

I really had some great folks that treated me and my boys wonderfully. And we had to depend on each other for help so often. I mean they would tell us we had to go to Dayton to do whateverthehell, so we would have to pawn off our kids with whoever wasn't going this time. Then we did the same for them when they had to go.

Lemme tell you bout the skinny dipping thing. One night it was night off (BM & Dotty were out of town) Me and Linda Tokash decided to skinny dip in the pool. (small pool on top of the ground...thinking it was 4 ft high?)

Well got to be midnight and the couples started heading home from night out.

Bruce Peterson and Gino Tateo I believe....well they saw us swimming, told the wifes they were going in for a dip, and jumped in the pool. They didn't know we were nakee...... (them in undies)

we tried to stay away from them....but its a small pool.....

Bruce came up to me, put his hand on my back, then realized somehow that I had nothing on.....Linda decided to get OUT of the pool then...(she is a bit larger than me....) so then I HAD to get out, I mean there I was nakee in the pool w/2 married men.....(there was a 13th corpse girl there watching the whole thing) So I got OUT of the pool and decided to take the boys clothing....with me.........(I''ll show them!)

well I lived in the Annex, real close, so I got as dressed as I could, took the boys clothes to the receptionist and told her I found them!!

she said, "yeah, sure"....

well the boys had to walk thru the ac dining room in wet undies to claim their clothes.....

they got me back....later....at lunch one day...

did you guys already know this story??? I don't believe I told the details before....

IF anyone is interested I will continue with the continuing saga.....of

Suzie in the pool and payback time....

So I did also have fun. Alan Jewett was my drinking buddie. I would go to his room and his wife would say, " your girlfriend is here, want to go get beer with her?". Hal Smith (whose wife was corpse grad so he was in rez w/me) is my sweetheart. His wife would also refer to me as Hal's girlfriend, cause we loved...(we sat together in class and he would try to keep me awake)

So I am thankful for the great folks that I got to love in Rez. Some great women and some great men that I loved dearly. We did some really wacky stuff to make it fun.

Once when we were having baked potatoes, we took (everyone in the dining room) took their leftover potatoes to Alan's table, he must have had at least 25 potatoes to take back to the skullery. We had a water fight once at lunch too. Rebels we were....It also was the only way to put up with the insanity of what was expexted of us.......

Once we had a flop of desert, something lemon...it was rubbery.....so me and Wilma Willman (married Charlie Parsons-11th) took plates of the leftover rubbery lemon glop and put a plate in front of every door, knocked and ran.... Once we short sheeted our pals......

Laughing was medicine

Suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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What I liked MOST about the corps was cutting classes and trying not to get caught.

One sunday I asked I had Fran L to do manifestations for me if I was called on, and ditched Sunday Night service -- the only place they did not take roll!

I hear Fran married John S of the 11th, anybody know? They were great people and I bet they would have made a good couple.


Were you in rez. when Eddie and Gloria F got into the FC? I LOVED them.

Dot Matrix

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Eddie and Gloria were F5, my senior corpse. They were sweeties, actually used Eddies' research paper on Forgiveness for a basis of my own research paper.

Well let me continue the saga of the skinnydipping....(since Vicki INSISTS)

Well the receptionist was laughing her head off having to hand over the clothes to the guys in the wet undies. She was great. The guys of course knew my room so they came to take pieces of my flesh. Knowing they would KILL Me I was hiding out in another room, listening to them pound on my door and insisting I was there. My room mate, Gail, a black lady told them I wasn't there so they left. I sat in horror for weeks, wouldn't stay in my room for fear. So I hid out in other rooms for a long time. Rumor mill had all the facts about the incident, I was a marked woman. And the one wife was mad at me, like I knew they would get in the pool....oh well. Anyway one day at lunch, I was sitting w/Katie Connelly eating and low and behold they came at me. Lunch on this Sunday afternoon was sit anywhere, bbq type thingy, so I wanted to be with Katie. Then I looked up, and they were coming at me. I couldn't escape!!

They picked me up, (the whole crowd laughing and knowing I was in for it) and took me out to the pool and threw me in!

Could have been worse. But thank God it was over then.

Think BM was wondering what was happening, but he had his a$$ lickers that I am sure told him what the rumor mill had produced. Anyway it was pretty funny. Think the wife is still mad at me....lol. The 13th corpse girl was releived to see us all act normal. To her we were senior corpse and being there was to much once again for a single girl.

We all went out one night, to a local bar in Kendalville. I wanted to dance, so I danced with the coat rack. (Not as good as Fred Astair, but it was fun.) BM heard about that and teased me about it the next day...

I want to discuss some of the corpse things we did next time!! The bogus assignments and the stupid expectations.

But for now you all can imagine me dancing w/a coat rack or getting thrown in a pool.

Suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Do you mean P...l Hurl.....t?

It is a sad story.

He was in California. We left the ministry. Shortly there after, Paul disappeared for a little bit and got into drugs. (He was a branch leader in San Diego.)

So, a year goes by.

I go on a weekend to San Francisco. I was inspired to take extra money that afternoon, and the concierge told us NOT to go in a certain part of town but before you know it we were in that part of the city. Two homeless men were having a knife fight and we turned to leave....

This voice from a dirty man sitting on the street "Dot, how are you Dot?"

I said "Paul is that you?"


"What happened?"

He told me his life of the past two years. I pulled out my extra money for him. He was dirty and all he owned was in a small plastic bag with a plastic lime (juice) and some change in it. He lived on the street. I died for him.

I grabbed him and gave him a hug. I told him that God still loved him. I gave him my card and asked him to call me collect and I would set up a job for him. He said if he could get a break he would take it. We flew home and I got things ready to get him in a fast food restaurant of the corporate hqs. where I worked. They were going to put him in as a manager trainee and we were setting up housing for him.

He never called.

I think of him and pray his situation has gotten better

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That is so sad and such a waste! Damn!

Paul and I used to go witnessing in Mississippi in the Black areas of town. He and I could go anywhere and talk to anyone. Few people were "open" enough to actually pull it off in a genuine way... Paul was one of those.

That was in 1975-1976.

I was recently in San Francisco and go there every couple of months on business.

If you want to private topic me as to where you saw him, I would like to see if I could find him. Who knows.

Our conversations usually started with... "Hey Paul.. I got some good things for your head."

He loved to consider ideas and ponder on them and then you could watch his big face and heart just light up.

Thanks, Dot

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I don't mind if other believers read this and can look for him. If he is still there he must really need some help.

I do not recall exactly as it was our only visit there. We were told do not go past this street and that. And he was there. We were at the Howard Johnson's downtown I believe. It was not far from there.

Gosh, I hope he got help.

He told me he might go back to live with his mother. Maybe he did. Do you know where he was from?

Broke my heart in half!

My husband and I took food to the homless guy who lived in a bush near our bank and things like that, but I never had it become SO PERSONAL as what happened that day.

It put a face on the homeless for me and I could never look through them again.

Private topic

Dot Matrix

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I loved Paul dearly. I even wrote a poem about him. What a wonderful gentle man. I don't believe he was from CA, think twi sent him there. I will pray for him Dot, it breaks my heart to think of him as homeless.

Can't imagine telling stories from that year (75-76) w/out puking. Wayne was an actual mental case, craiggers imitator wannabe, run a wow program and treat folks like crap, expect everyone to worship YOU....kinda like the rest of the corpse leadership!! Wayne and Shirley broke up after that year and she re-married someone who was the same!!

Paul was one of those guys who kept me sane, loved me when the branch was told NOT TO TALK to me and treat me like crap hoping I would leave. I think thats why somehow God knew NOT to send me wow on my interim year, Might have pushed me over the edge...Instead was privledged to be under Guarini in NJ with Nancy Kegley.

Please see your private topic Gray....

suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Yeah it was a great year. Nancy and I had a great group of folks. Plus the freedom to do things since we wern't WOW's. I was twig area coordinator so me and Nanc had our own twigs but we lived together with my two boys, which she loved and they loved her. We lived in the heart of Trenton, when Joe would come to visit he would say, "this is fun having two pretty girls here in Trenton". Lou Gigue (sp?) lived in Toms River and I got to visit him once and the three of us went to LV. A week of it. He also was not a WOW, only 3 of us intrim corps in the state that wern't WOW's. But it was a great year. We did whatever we wanted and had a blast.

Nancy was not religious our uppity, which is good cause I'm kinda down to earth. It was a great year and I feel privledged to have lived under Joe's true leadership. He knew it was a struggle for people to have to work, raise families, go to functions, be leaders (whatever that means). He was a wonderful example. I miss him so!

I still talk to Nancy. She has 2 boys of her own now. She is back in school and she is still a nurse. I was lucky to be with her too!

suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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I just thought I would expound on some of our bs that we allowed them to do to us.

Lets start with moving!! OMG did we have to move about 4 times each year or what??

Let me give you an idea of what it was like at IC with our little darlings around. (and for us single moms w/1,2,3 or more kids)

Box scramble, babysit someone elses kid(s) while they take their boxes over to their new room, they babysit your kid(s) while you try to get to your kids new room to find out last kids aren't out yet, go back to pack and babysit someone elses kids who's kids room IS available for them to move boxes, get knock on door and complaints YOU aren't out yet, get THEM to babysit while YOU try to go to the room your kids are sposed to be in, to find they have only moved 3 boxes and room is trashed, Truck back to your room, your kids, plus the ones you are babysitting to find that the new people are already moving in YOUR room. (sometimes leaving our kids alone to vend for themselves, on moving day, fun, funny)

Whew, so NOW you get to go to lunch, wonderful loving crowd there, really "bleeessseeedddd".

Eat and get, no time to digest, back to the pack.

Lucky YOU, your room is ready, so you can try to lug thru the halls w/kids in tow and try to get stuff in your little corner, whatever your space is, not sure cause what is your room-mate(s) going to say about who gets what bed, where, dresser, etc.. oh boy oh boy. Top bunk, the kids LOVE this, I am not to excited. Kids across the hall, close, nice. So on to your kids room hoping maybe its ready. IT IS!! and all this only has to be done in 3 more hours, unpack your boxes in your room and take empty boxes (with people in halls begging for them) to kids room to try to unload/load and truck back thru the halls w/kids in tow to unload their stuff.

It goes on and on....Sound like Fun Dot?? makes your moving day sound easy in comparison doesn't it??

Bottom line, Eventually I move into my kids room so I don't have to sleep w/5 room mates who have alarm clocks going off at all hours of the night for "bless patrol", work, whatever. Most of us single moms, kids coming in all hours of the day/night for mom, sorry you single women in the room, hope you like kids. icon_eek.gif

I sleep with the 2 yr old, bottom bunk. Oh boy oh boy.(2 yr old who still wets the bed) getting a great nights sleep.... Its kind of like having

my own room, just a little crowded. Rooms at IC for the kids were about the size of a large walk in closet, bunk bed & dresser. The End

Lets talk "bless patrol" next you guys and gals. Whole nother subject.

Did you learn ANYTHING about moving from hall to hall, room to room? (cept who snores?)

Did they (mngmt) have a camera somewhere so they could watch us like mice in a maze?? who got the last laugh?

Not me icon_cool.gif

Suz icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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lets talk bleeeessss patrol.

wth??? I mean IF we were "believing God" for

protection, IF we were the chozen ones......

IF IF IF, why why why??? did we need to patrol

those "hallowed grounds?"

Up at 2am to patrol till 5am (or 11pm till 2am) to have to stay up to do whatever so you could do your daily activities .....made staying awake for the night teaching IMPOSSIBLE.

Not that I ever stayed away anyway,, Poor Hal, he continuously tried to help keep me awake, to no avail.

I understand HQ needing to watch their butts, but why the other campus's?????

It was a joke, another part to keep us wore out, wore down, eaisly moldable to do what they wanted. What a crock.



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I know other colleges have security and I guess that is what we provided, but were you ever told what to do if anyone was breaking in to the building? Or how to handle anything of a security nature?

I wasn't. Hell, we would have had to run to a "pay phone" for the police...

We had someone who shot flaming arrows into our wood sign. Oh yeah, let me go witness to them.

"Mr. Criminal, those flames remind me of the flames on the say of pentecost. Would you like a cup of coffee? Let's talk...."

They used us alright. It must have been HORRIBLE to realize you were being used and be in res. with kids. How would you leave? There is school and needing a place to stay...

Single; you could walk out and go sleep on a friends couch if you had to. Not so with kids.

What a frightening awakening for folks with kids in res. to realize you have been hoodwinked. Man....

Life is too short for bad coffee!

Dot Matrix

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omg, I forgot about bless patrol. I'm wondering now if maybe we had to do it because they were too cheap to hire anyone. I'm sure that they had to have insurance and one of the requirements would be to have some kind of security. If we did it then they didn't have to hire anyone. What gets me is if you had to do bless patrol you were still expected to do everything as if you had slept. During that time my job was picking up rocks in the field. I was totally exhausted and then had to sit through all the meetings and all the rantings. Its too bad that I wasn't so smart when I was younger. I might have left sooner. lol

suz, They were too your elder corps.... icon_razz.gif:P-->

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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Something I remember and I maybe wrong about remembering this. But I remember having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and someone stopping me and telling me that the rule was that we were not allowed to be in there in the middle of the night. I went back to my room and waited for her to leave and then snuck back there. I felt guilty the whole time but when ya got to go you gotta go.

Hey does anyone have any more stories of having to be sneaky? Would love to hear them...hehe

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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