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Oh yes JL was a lot better than Craig that is for sure. Yuck, it was bad enough without craigo there. I found that PL was almost as bad as ole craigo though. She might not have been vicious on the outside but she was on the inside.

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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My experience with PL, was that she would TRY and pierce your heart and then see if bled a spiritual color. Not a fun process... but she hated Wayworld... she loved the real deal. No major defense here... just built on my personal time.

And DOT>>>

I gotta go out of town for a week.. would like to know who you are too...

Didn't want to put this on the 9th thread, since we were not 9th.

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aaawww too gray now, we will miss you....you are helping this 11th corps thread get started again. Have a great time!!!

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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its kinda quiet in here.

maybe i should be whisperin' instead of shoutin'. don't wanna wake anyone 'case their sleepin'

On a serious note... I just came back from the National Meeting of the American Council of the Blind. Some great people, there!

Many of them are very well educated and have gerat senses of humor.

For me it was REAL growth... I sent several days with them and NEVER ONCE, felt even a twinge of condemnation for not laying hands on someone and trying to "make something happen".

That sort of group in the past would have sent me into "healing mode"...

But not know. Some would not think that is growth... more like backsliding; but believe me, it is growth to be freed from the constant guesswork of trying to determine who had the believeing to be healed.

Still would like to see 'em all healed... but I don't have all the answers anymore... and it is better that way.

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yes it is quiet in here. Where are you people? I know your there...yaaahhhhhooooo are you there? Guess I'll have to go see the thread about me being the last one again. Surely, I'll be the last one here for a while... icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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Can we please get something going here...??!!

How about it 11th...

I have an idea, why don't we start a match making service for mis-matched 11th corpse?

People need jobs, housing, partners... it is like the movie Ground Hog Day for some people. We should help each other get off these go-arounds.

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And I don't mean help each other by hitting over the head with the Bible, or throwing a tape series in their faces, either. People don't WANT THAT kind of help. We all should have a natural and healthy aversion to anyone who seems to have it all figured out.

Frankly, I have stopped posting serious things for the most part. I got the sense that many people on these boards don't get a lot of the entertainment that I get out of just plain everyday living. Thought I would try and lighten the load. Speread some cheer... rather than incite trouble.

I don't think most people want to pee in other people's cheerios, on purpose but often end up doing it. Those that seem to have it figured out and are here to push their KNOWLEDGE angle, all too often end up marking their territory like a dog. Whizz, Whizz, Whizz. Then they think they have done their knowledge-God a true service by cramming something up someone's .... you get the idea.

We see this sort of "UP-Your's !!" attitude and mentality out of many posters. (John Lynn and John Wayne not excluded).

So... how bout it... a forum for helping rather than Whizzing on people... that could be the "FEEL" of the 11th corpse area.

Any taker's? (John Lynn is invited if he can keep his doctrinal diapers on and not start "leaking" condecending knowledge).

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You 11th guys just need to give up and bow down to the superior posting ability of your senior brethren and sistern in der vierd... THE NINTH!

we can easily assimilate you into our BORG... and MissyVickles... you'll NEVER be last there! (well... at least that's what the voices say)

and NotTooGrayYet: just because you're too lazy to finish your word studies and post your results don't go taking a dump in the latrine without covering it up... it takes a lot of discipline (the act of BEING a disciple) for those folks to not only type out their findings (citing chapter and verse) but also to aim their pee with the free hand! so... cut them a little slack and post whatever is on your heart as long as it has been approved beforehand...

the rest of you 11th non posting corps... feel free to visit us over at the ninth corps thread, we have many ordinations that reside there (along with their accompanying spirit guides) and we will be more than happy to ALLOW you to come and go as you please (as long as you make the required donation)

oh, MsVik, if you do post at that hour of the day over on our thread, it's OK... but you'll probably get reproved by Reverend2Ts (but his bark is worse than his spelling) although he does it because he loves you and wants you to grow...

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

...big hitter the lama...

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So you were a staffer... hmmm. I probably worked for you sometime. Who knows. I used to volunteer a lot... and worked a lot of other projects than just my corps jobs.

I think I liked doing different things. I probably thought that I got extra brownie points with God, too. Building up rewards and all. Which reminds me of a story...

The numerical size of the 11th. was sort of like what Kruschev said... "There is a QUALITITY that only quantity ALONE can achieve."

This was evidenced the time we had to move the grand piano from the chapel to kenyon auditorium. We must have had 35 guys carrying this priceless piano. It was awkward getting it off the truck, but we didn't drop it.

Almost did, once. When some of the guys thought that Steve Un. said "Drop it", when he actually said, "Don't drop it". That was interesting. I about broke my knee when that thing came down fast... but it was just the bodies of about 8 of us who were trapped that kept it from falling.

I gave up volunteering in general after that.

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Mission Impossible... you mean getting together enough for manifestations when it is just you and the wife and she is fast asleep??

To answer your question, I chose this avitar because I look a lot like this guy... from Mission Impossible. And also because I had manifestations with nobody else there. Have done it hundreds of times!

WOW! I feel so much better after getting that off my chest!! Do you have any idea how heavy that burden was after all these years?

I mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to have manifestations ALONE.... RIGHT???

BUT I DID IT!! It must have been "feenomina" and I didn't want to make a doctirne of it... but God told me to tell me... (heck, what am I tellin you for?).

It really changes your whole outlook if there is nobody else there; like telling jokes in front of the mirror, singing in the shower, talking to yourself...

Anybody else out there need to CONFESS their sinful use (or abuse) of the manifestations???... as the saying goes... confession is good for the sole... or is that "Your soles need a new set of Vibrams before you can go to confession".

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Thank you for repairing the order. icon_smile.gif:)-->

You know God had a purpose for every corps, when you went corps, where you went corps from, how you got your sponsorship to gether, and what you did when you graduted from the corps... so orderliness is very high on God's list. icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

I figured out God's purpose in me getting through the corps and then watching the whole thing swan dive and die. Our version of the One body was like Frakenstein. God looked down on it and said "You made and formed that creature... now YOU make it live!".

We tried. It died. Any questions?

The 11th corps was the largest number of poeple that bought into the Frakenstein vision.

So we deserve to be on top again. Hey... we will take our distinction any way we can get it!

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But Miss Vickles, Miss Vickles!

What does it mean to be a "Line breaker", hmmmm?

Does it mean you are a dancer and that you breakdance when others are linedancing? (That would break the look of a line!)

Or did you fail to line up with nametag on when you went to meals at Emporia and then had to be "let back in" by friends so you would not be dis-allowed to eat because you were LATE! That would earn you a reputation of being a Line-Breaker.

Or were you ever one of those whacko Walleye fisherman from Minnesota... the kind that if they got a fish on and it headed for the rocks... would tug and pull on the stuck fish so that the rod would nearly double over and the person would start yelling... "I got a BIG 'UN on the line!! Look over here, don't cha know" "Man, He is a HUGE Fish... Just Look at my pole!!"

And then... with a mighty heave... TTTWWWWAAACCCKKK !! The line breaks and the "World's largest Walleye" escapes.

I could guess you could have been known as a line breaker for all SORTS of reasons.

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It figures all you 11th are having all the fun in your thread BUT WHEN YOU CAME TO IC TO BE W/US F7 CORPSE YOU LOVED IT!

Being an F7/same year as 11th I think I should be able to post here since nobody that had faimilies obviously learned how to post in the F7 thread. And F7 had some kewel people in it too, I felt F7 and 11th were as nutty as each other.

Want my funny story?

oh well, sorry, I tried, I have many anyway since I had a 2 yr old my first year,(plus an 8 yr old) then they were obviously older my last year. Kids are funny, try being IN Rez with them.

I miss my 11th corpse buds, Corpus, Eric Jensen, Bob Sull, Charlie Parsons,,,,there are many. (all guy buds, hmm, mabye being a single mom in corpse was ok....)

Naw, just a co inky dink.

But while at IC if you wanted cookies and coffee I was the girl. Once, one of you came to my room to eat cookies, we made coffee, layed on my bed (no chairs) and fell asleep!

My room mate came in the room and made a loud, HUM HUM, clearing of the throat.

Not my fault we were exausted!

more funny stories.........like I said, many more that is IF you want to hear them.

(The 9th corpse that passed thru IC btw were to stuffy for me.) Loved the 11th corpse gang!

Suzie Wickler (then)

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