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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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How many folks are actually coming to this? icon_confused.gif:confused:-->

How many were there last year?

I have a water cooler, with 5 gallon bottles that sit on top of it. I could visit the artesian wells in Wisconsin to fill them, and Hawk could do whatever he wants to the water! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

How many 5 gallon jugs do I need to bring?? icon_wink.gif;)-->

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Re:"How many folks are actually coming to this? How many were there last year?"

Just go back to page 12 of this thread and start reading and looking at the pics. We had a great time last year and its looking like this year will have even more people. Hope to see you there!

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You have more or less volunteered to head this thing up, you know. This thing will go ever so much smoother with a co-ordinator and you are the natural choice. You get along with EVERYBODY, have been to this thing before and as you said yourself... you're the closest.

While you are over there looking things over let us know what you think. Folks can take a look at the Falls Creek web site by clicking HERE!.

This place has cabins like last year but they also have group lodges, Rascal. You can tell us what your impressions are after you go look but I'm intrigued. They have a lodge that sleeps 100 people! 46 bunks upstairs for the ladies and 44 downstairs for the men. Now THAT would be a fun time, eh?

Click HERE! for lodge info and if you have Adobe Reader, click HERE! for how much cabins and lodges rent for. All very reasonable, IMO. Also, since we're doing this in October, there will be firewood provided for us, it sez.

So Rascal... would you like me to bring my Better Than Sex stew again this year to start everybody off?? You 'da boss lady!!

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I am coming down from Alaska to meet everyone this year. Husband wants to make sure I know what I am dealing with in the lodging category. . If someone can help.

.... sshhh honestly he read the thread and wished he could go to and wants to make sure he gets all the details I think.

I am willing to take a shorter flight and save some $$ and travel cross country with other GSpoters (can I say that? LOL) if they need or would like someone to travel with.

Digitalis40@yahoo.com please anyone else traveling across from another state I can get a direct flight to let me know .... Denver, Salt Lake, Detroit, Seattle, Portland

Thanks Digi

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Rascal -- picked this up from page 14 ---- icon_smile.gif:)-->

Scoff ALL you want Mikey.... I don`t care, but when it is your TEN year old that has been out in the woods of Tennessee for over an hour ...alone with no flashlight...........all SORTS of dangers real or imagined play out frame by frame in your mind in blinding vivd technicolor......things maybe like ....oh I don`t know...say ...... the movie DELIVERANCE????

(banjo music gets inserted in here.)

Shall I practice?? Banjo, fiddle, and mandolin are always with me when I travel.

I would be glad to "pick" for this scenario, should it occur again! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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Re:"I am coming down from Alaska to meet everyone this year. Husband wants to make sure I know what I am dealing with in the lodging category..."

Did you click on the links in my post (two up I believe) and take a look at the cabins? If you wanted to make sure you had lodging, you can make reservations on line (it's all in the links I provided) but there's no rush, dear. It's not until October.

Let's wait a bit and get a consensus as to what folks would like to do. Last year it worked out just fine in that a few of us rented cabins by calling the reservation phone number. We posted that we had space for extra people and things went smoothly. You can go back to the beginning of this thread and see how it was done.

This place has huge lodges, though. We could get everybody in one place. Of course, that might not be everybody's cup of tea, so they might want to rent an individual cabin. In any event, I'd hold on a bit unless you want the peace of mind of knowing right now you for sure have a reservation and a place to stay.

sudo (hoping a lot of folks want to stay in the lodge)
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Thank you Sudo dear!!

What a great site, those aren't cabins though. They are small chalets.

In Alaska a cabin consists of 8X12 log room with a wood stove .. and an outhouse if you are lucky. LOL

I will wait ..... this is going to be my second trip out this I am leaving Alaska for part of July and August. Traveling from up here takes a bit more planning, and if I can get things together before July, that would be great.

Thanks again Sudo .... hubby really liked the website ....


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Lol...Thanks for the vote of confidence sudo....however I would never want it thought that I wanted to usurp the throne of our benevolent dictator mikey...lol

However, I will do whatever I can to help make things easier for everyone since I am close...no worries about food and meals...it is easier for one person to figure out....n everyone can kick in a bit towards cost....if that is deemed suitable.

Sudo...Your stew is a MUST!!! I have one suggestion only...MORE please...lol one bowl is just not enough of your *better`n sex* stew mmmmmm

My rv has a kitchen ... and hawks cast iron fire implements are a great asset...

dmiller bring your instruments...who coordinated the music last year?? They did a great job.

I had planned on camping ...however ...if everyone wants the big lodge I can do that too.

The nice thing about having cabins AND camping is that the adults without children can distance themselves from those of us with em...when the little monsters get on their nerves.... a guiet place to nap is a must ......eh mike?

Digi...I have lodgings here at the farm if you need a place to stay before or after...and could probably pick up folks who flew into Nashville or Huntsville the day before....

I will try to get up there sometime this summer and scope things out.... sounds like things are shaping up nicely...

A warning to anyone who has never been to a weinie roast....you will never wanna leave...You meet and learn to love alla these cool folks and then they just up and leave....lol

I am looking forward to seeing you all again...

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I'm bringing a couple of leashes along fer the kiddies icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

AND staying out the momma bears line of site for as long as possible.

Umm Cathy, it looks like you are *it* (snicker snort)

I hereby annoint you head weenie and benevolant dictator



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Paw...if you will come this year...I solemnly SWEAR to set aside your fare share of the bacon...lol I will guard it with my life..

Mike...I`m thinkin it wasn`t the KIDS that needed the leashes last year ....hee hee

Don`t worry bout mama grizzly`s fangs.....lol...I hear that there will be a dentist on the premesis that can remedy that problem if I get outta line...sides...my cubs`ll be the first to tell you I am all roar and no bite....

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ME the BD??? gulp...can he DO that??? I was under the impression that it was a lifetime appointment when we originally dumped...er bestowed that load..er honor upon YOU mike... lol

Hey the offers good for you n cam too if you need a stopping place on your way north.

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Rascal would probably prefer that you just keep your staff to yourself but hey... what can I say??


I'd like nothing better than to get most of us in that lodge, too. We'll wait to get Rascal's report but I sure hope most of us opt for a lot of togetherness. Can you say "group hug"?? It's for just a weekend heavens to Betsy and who wanted to sleep anyways?? Oh.. I forgot about Mikey. icon_wink.gif;)-->


You may want to start a brand new thread sometime soon entitled.. Third Annual Southern Comfort Reunion And Weenie. I would do it myself but don't want to seem presumptious and usurp the power of the BD donchaknow. Also, we need to see if we have enough folks to sign up for one of the lodges. Yeah yeah, I know October is a long ways away but it would be nice if we KNEW we had it all arranged. Would make Digi feel better.

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Music...did somebody say KAZOOS?

Hey rascal...you ARE the BD...after all, who else got a doctorate last year? icon_biggrin.gif:D--> And who better than you to sweet-talk local law enforcement into not busting us?

I'm planning on being there...as far as paper plates and bowls and such-like...I work in a grocery store!...prolly can score some free or d*mn cheap stuff. Put me on the plastic & styrofoam committee...and oh yeah...30 cup coffee pots, I can score a few o' them too.

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I tell ya....there can only be ONE bd...that is our dear mike...

HOWEVER...if he wants to *direct* me ..lol to take charge of food and checking out arrangements...this I can manage...

Ok...ok...as my FIRST order of business I chose to adopt mikes plan of a 3rd annual weinie roast thread....though I wonder if we want to abandon THIS one...it is so much fun and has so much information....

We`ll see how well I dictate I guess....by whether or not anyone decides to follow me there....lol

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Rascal .....

Thank you dear so much for the offer of staying at the farm before or after if I need it. I just might come in a day early or leave a day late depending on travel .... I have traveled alot and have never got used to staying in Hotels alone .... so boring.

I was going to try and get ahold of an old friend who is in Tenn and come down earlier to visit her anyway .... of course depending when in october we do this.

You are a doll icon_smile.gif:)-->


P.s. Seeing as you have just been appointed headperson for this round up ...... if you need help I could always make sure I come in early to assist in anything any of you need done..

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