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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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JF thanks!

I think one of the B sites or a walk-in section would be *best* anim-smile-blue.gif since there would be more room between *us* and *them*. Neither area can be reserved so a couple of us could get their early n commandeer one of those camping spots (yes it is a bit too early to be thinking of that but I might go up early myself n do a bit of fishing or sumthing).

Food wise, Cathy has done a great job coordinating everything and Shell, Sudo n Hawk provided alot of help (not to mention all the other helping hands). I'd like those who are DEFINETLY coming and bringing food to email me at herbiejuan@hotmail.com with what you are bringing and what else you think might need to be brought. We could stand to have a HUGE coffeepot (60 cups?) and I think breakfast might be more fun if we did it at a cabin at least once as it'd give the campers a chance to wash up in the morning without having to worry about getting breakfast on the table as well.

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Sudo....your` gonna bring some more *better`n sex* stew this year ...right?

Oak, you gonna be issuing any more doctorates this year? Maybe THAT could be a drawing card...*free doctorate* for anyone who showes up!

Shell...that is dissapointing...can we do anything to change your mind?

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I am planning on attending - I'm the one who begged for Columbus Day weekend. Ahhhh - leaves changing!!!!

We'll be flying, too. I know it's way ahead of time, but having a "food fund" for folks like us who won't be travelling with coolers would be a good idea.

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The princess and I will be there and since I expect to be driving up, I'll be delighted to bring up a bunch of food. I'm flexible and not a bad cook.

I'm thinking potato salad, macaroni and tuna salad, taco salad, other side dish stuff. I make a good mild chili, but that's usually something somebody really really loves to prepare, so I'll just leave it at this for now - with room for change. If nobody else "calls" chili, I'll make some. Just about anything is fine with me.

Oh, and of course I'll bring s'mores fixins. (my true longsuit - lolol)

The princess is talking about bringing her 3 closest friends so they can meet and hang with Hannah and the other kids!

Littlehawk - you thinking pears again this year? I just might have to try some if you do! (but no pressure, icon_wink.gif;)-->)

Oh, and Sudo, about last year - it sure worked out well for us that when that nice park ranger came by to comment on how well-behaved we all were that you were there to smooth things over so well. Man, I shudder to think of the trouble there could have been if not for your taking such control of the situation.

anim-smile.gificon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_razz.gif:P--> icon_eek.gificon_cool.gif

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