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Second Annual Southern Comfort Reunion n Weenie Roast

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I am buying a newer bigger rv ...so will have many nice amenities (bigger bathroom lol)

Rascal -- I MAY have topper for my old Dodge truck by then. "Hotel" Dodge, as it were!!! icon_razz.gif:P-->

I'll be sleeping in the back. (after all -- it is a "truck bed" -- right?? anim-smile.gif

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I got rained in today and checked out the website. Looks like a terrific place to have the third annual weenie roast. I see no personal watercraft are allowed so I won't have to bring my boat this year. I still think camping out is the way I'll go unless someone wants to do a fisherman cabin together.

I am willing to bring the fixin's fer some weenie roast bambi stew. And I also have plenty of sausage for some of Rascal's famous biscuit and gravy.

I know since the place is a state park, firearms and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. So we should all only bring bottled water to drink. And maybe rent a group cabin to drink it in.

The map of the park looks like the place is spreadout somewhat, so maybe we need a locale coordinator to go along wif the food and entertainment coordinator's so we aren't spread out all over the park. Perhaps we should have a designated meeting time and place too. Sometimes after drinking too much bottled water one might have the urge to enter the wrong cabin.

Lookin forward to meeting the old timers and new faces too this year! Littlehawk

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How far back is the announcement? Where is it going to be (I'm currently in Pennsylvania)? I've heard that it's Columbus Day Weekend.

I need to figure out the logistics to see if it's possible for me to pass through wherever it is by then, but I'll give it my best try. icon_smile.gif:)--> icon_smile.gif:)-->

My 2 cents...


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Who would swing by and see where the *cool* camping spots are?

One thing old partiers that never got busted did (or so I've heard) was to keep things low key and apart from the normal flow of things. We, umm I mean they, found some unique places inaccessable to all but the slightly deranged and testosterone driven male ego, HELL YES we can get down that cliff SNORT thats nuttin!!! Folllowed by 2 hrs of struggling to get said adventurer back up the cliff

But the look on his face was memorable icon_eek.gif

What a surprise any of us (I mean them) survived.

Anyways be nice to have an idea of where to meet up and who might get there early enuf to secure some spots, if 2 or 3 folks with kids showed up that'd be enuf to scare off all but the most adventurous and desperate camper. If Cathy'd bring her horsiedog (are there riding trails there?) we might get the section to ourselves.

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Allright...kids n horse dog are on the list of things to bring...lol

Guess since I am the closest to check things out....will look it up on a map and try to take a drive over....count on me for biscuts n gravey...though someone`d better double check n make sure I bring flour n sugar this year..

things that others brought last year that were good bacon...eggs...jelly...fruit......oj

Hawk you bringing your iron stew pot and pan?

I will also make a big pot of chicken soup ....maybe even a giant pot of sketti...

ummm it`d help if folks would volunteer to bring drinks and paper products....napkins cups bowls plastic ware...etc....or we can do it like last year....I will make a shopping list..pick up whats needed since I am close ...and folks can contribute when they get there.....

Will have coffee as well....can`t WAIT!!!

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