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Wife Abuse

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Michelle Duggar, 37, of Tontitown, Arkansas gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday. Jackson Levi Duggar was born at 10:52 AM, weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and is 20 inches long.

Nothing special about that, except for one thing:

It was her 15th child. Yes, 15th.

Her husband Jim Bob (yes, that's his real name!!), 38, said on Monday, "I have always left it up to Michelle [whether to have more children] because she's actually the one that carries them and does all the labor [Really??] We both love children. Even yesterday, she said she would like to have some more. icon_eek.gif "

This woman had her first child at age 21 so she's basically been continuously pregnant for the last 17 years.

The lineup is as follows;

Joshua - 16

Jana and John-David - 14

Jill - 13

Jessa - 11

Jinger(???) - 10

Joseph - 9

Josiah - 7

Joy-Anna - 6

Jeremiah and Jedidiah - 5

Jason - 4

James - 2

Justin - 1


Anybody notice a pattern here?

Do you think she's figured out what's causing this yet??

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She has a Fetish for names that start with "J"? icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

My gosh, someone tie her tubes. icon_eek.gif

How much attention can you give to those kids? icon_frown.gif:(-->

Are they Mormon or something? icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

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One of my Grandfather's had 11 syblings, his wife 5. My other Grandfather I dont recall, but that grandmother had 13 syblings.

It is kind of cute the naming thing.

I once dated a girl who was a triplet. She was 'Darlene' her sisters were "Arlene" and "Marlene".

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Did she get pregnant from a wardrobe malfunction and decide to name her kid Jackson?

That name alone is child abuse!

Can you imagine the tax write offs these people get? HOLY COW!

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The title threw me, too. Don't see any abuse here.

It seems nowadays, if someone has more than three, it's assumed something is wrong with them. I have a friend who, when she was pregnant with her fourth, got all kinds of verbal abuse--and not from her husband, but from others who judged her as selfish for having "so many children". Another friend, when she was pregnant with her sixth child, had someone offer to pay for getting her tubes tied! icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

HIP HIP HOORAY for this family! icon_razz.gif:P-->

I was the 11th of 12. I got plenty of attention!

I would have had more than two if I hadn't lost so many of mine.

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The title of this thread wasn't supposed to be serious, but I do think a guy who has his wife popping out babies like a gumball machine is a little on the odd side.

I know what my wife went through with just two pregnancies. I can't imagine what 13 would do to a woman's body.

To each their own, I guess.

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My grandmother got pregnant 10 times. The first one was miscarried at 8 mos. because of a fall. One died when only a few wks. old. No one knew why she had so many when I asked several family members. So, one day I asked her why...she said the first one was a boy (that she miscarried)so she prayed for a boy for 30 years.

Their 10th child was delivered on Father's Day, and it was a boy, thank God, and then she quit.

I would call that perseverence icon_smile.gif:)-->

Wish I had that kind of faith!!


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Thanks for the link, Shellon!

Know what Pirate, I agree with you--to each his own. I like these folks, even though I never met 'em!

I LOVED being pregnant--even though I was nauseous for almost the whole length of my pregancies. I loved feeeling the kicking, the hiccups, everything--even the discomfort of pregnancy. I felt "ripped off" that I had to have both of my boys by C-section, unable to deliver them. (Though without the "C", my boys wouldna made it, so it was a necessary "rip-off" icon_smile.gif:)--> ) If I could have carried any of the other babies I miscarried, I would have had as many as I could (there woulda been 10 little Psalmies or Psalmerinos runnin around!! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->) Although I know my hubby wouldn't have said what Jim-Bob said about leaving the count up to his wife. They are both my heros!

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I really did not think of this, until tonight.

While talking with my children in the car tonight, I was listing all my syblings for them (I figure it is good for my children to hear storys about my syblings and to be familiar with their names). My foster-daughter said that I had a lot of syblings. So here goes.

From my mother (a previous marriage):

Sister Judy (*);

Brother Jerry (**);

Brother David (*);

and I.

From my mother's current husband (a previous marriage):

Brother Kenneth (single);

Sister Lori (***);

From my father (another previous marriage):

Brother Carl (****).

From my father's current wife:

two brothers (****)

From the foster-family that I lived with as a teenager:

Brother Kenny; (&)

Brother Steven; (&)

Brother Martin. (***)

(&) has no further children.

(*) has children (nieces/nephews of mine) of whom I have met.

(**) has children (nieces/nephews of mine) whom I have met, but those children now have children of whom I have not met.

(***) has children (neices/nephews of mine) of whom I have NOT met.

(****) I have never met this sybling.

Does that make 12 of us?

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