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Does Size Really Matter?

Hills Bro

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Well there is nothing wrong with having "more to work with" so to speak though whether or not it is more desireable is a function of those involved. But who would see anything problematic with having the "extras" that nature on occasion bestows upon some ?

Being serious here I must point out that there are studies which suggest that , from an evolutionary point of view, seeing large mammaries sends a direct message to the instinctive part of the brain which is more oriented towards nourishment than mere arousal.

Moreover , men AND women do notice large breasts because its in our DNA to view that as a food source (stop laughing) though its seldom a conscious realization.

So next time your wife/gf catches you surveying what nature has kindly blessed another woman with, then just tell her that you can't help it - you are just answering the call of the genes. You could also tell her that you are just hungry....

Of course if anyone wants to conduct more research in these areas then feel free to do so..

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Wow, Diazbro! This answers a long standing question in my life! I always seem to notice women's breasts when I am at the grocery store shopping for food!

Man, and to think that as my kids were still at mama's breast, or if they were hungry for mama's breasts, I would say; "Aww Tialani, do you want some "groceries" from Mama? Hmm?"

And then when Mama would bear the breast for the baby, I'd say; "There ya go! There's the grocery store!"

And so, since I am usually hungry when shopping for groceries, it is now evident as to why I seem to gaze at women's breasts more often while shopping for groceries. And to think it was only hunger for food! It's only been a subconscious thing.

And, is this why there is an innordinate amount of skinny guys at titty bars?

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Well, I have to say, I think size matters totally. I mean, come on, who wants to be stuck with a teeny weeny, ahmem, when one could have a foot long? icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

I mean, come on girls, don't consider any male who doesn't have a, well, um, uh, how do i say this delicately? .........

sizable bulge. pleeze. let's be as discriminating as the men are. icon_smile.gif:)-->

I think upon first meeting a male of the species, we should immediately stare at his crotch to see if he's worth our time, or not.

If a sizable bulge is not jutting out of his levis, then forget him, blow him off totally, no matter how polite or gentlemanly he might act.

Of course, if he's wearing dress pants, (God forbid polyester/wool blend) and you can't really tell what's lurking underneathe all that, um, fabric....maybe in the course of conversation with said male, one could casually brush up against him, maybe a fleeting touch of the arm, a batting of the eyes, then focus on the uh, ahmem, crotch area? Oh gosh, I said it.

Tis a test. If something um, arises, then maybe a conversation should ensue.

If nothing happens, then forget him.


Dam, I can't believe I wrote this......and yes i'm happily married...

Don't mean I don't notice. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

and uh, of course, I'm just answering the call of the jeans. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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LOLOLOLOL you are so funny ex10!!!!

Do what the guys do to us...I can't stand going into a place of business and all the guy does is stare at the boobs....come on guys I do have a face......lol

Word of advice from someone here in greasespot was go back in there and stare at his crotch the whole time while talking.....pay backs are a bitch.

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Problem is Vickles, most guys would probably enjoy having their crotch stared at in a lustful manner, being guys ya know. They might not think of it as a "pay back", but rather as a possible payday!

And, my oh my, Ex10, you naughty girl! I always thought of you as as somewhat of a "polly purebread", back in the day. Little did I know! But, I know that was satire, but maybe a little truth? Hmm?

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On October 10th of 2003 I started this thread by asking....

Poll Question:

Does Size Really Matter?

Please explain your answer.

I'm kinda partial to large mellons myself!!!!

And in the case of rear back seats..It would be a more feasable position to be in if you had a '57 Chevy instead of a 2004 Yugo.


Yes without question

with vegetables only


none of your friggen business

No ..not at all


You woman have given this thread a re-erection because of your gutter minds. I'm shocked !! From mellons to big boobs to large penis. How could you take such an innocent thread about fruit and turn it into zippergate? icon_eek.gificon_eek.gifanim-smile.gif You women are crotchaholics.

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And yes Chatty Cathy, I am thankful for Big Ed (as my wife calls "him") every day. I think it's kinda part of Life It's Own Self. With us guys anyway...

No, Vickles. it's really us. We (and I speak for myself and all of the guys whom I have known throughout my short lifetime-47 years) who really are the ones with the perveted minds. Or, is it just the way we were made by God or Nature, to whomsoever one pay homage?

Even in the animal kingdom, it's the males who are the aggressive ones. I could tell you about how the moose and caribou up here in Alaska act, but then, it would seem really perverted, and not suited for human female ears. Certainly not suitable for my sweet Sistahs in Christ!

But with we humans, we should at least not "over step the bounds of decency and freedom of will. That's when the whole thing goes awry, I think...

But damn! Those moose and caribou are outrageous!


Great topic by the way... icon_smile.gif:)-->

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