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  1. New DTA Class!!!

    LOL mudflaps!
  2. New DTA Class!!!

    Bwaaaahahahaha! Which adversary? Dictor Paul wierwille?Lurch Craig Forehead, da dancing pwesident? Rose-a-lie Fox Dykenbark? Jean Yves De Liar? There are so many! Pick one, and then call Franklin Graham or Fallwell Jr. for a cheap exorcism! Or, you can call boob and doody MoneyHands and revive and restore the bullshit from the 70s era dic-fantasies! Either way, the "adversary" will beat your absent jeezus every time! LOL!
  3. Revival and Restoration

    Hopefully Skyrider! Hopefully. They can all go join one of the other cults their "lifelong commitment" minus-try has formed! MoneyHands can go back to his old ECU wayste home buddies at TLTF, and Fort can crawl back to his idol Earl "pillsbury doughboy" Burton, and the Horney's can return to the jerk they imitate in Toledo. What a bunch of lowlife, Nazi LOSERS!
  4. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Thanks for your annual post Socks! Always great to see ya and read ya!..............peace.
  5. She's doing quite well, Grace. She has a fabulous relationship with her daughter and her family. She's still speaking out and she's an activist. She's a terrific lady imho.
  6. Thanks chockfull. You did not offend me at all, bro! I'm just a real picky fella when it comes to TWIt'n'Vic history. I know you meant no offense. POP was first read by the BOTs at WIBAP in Nashville, last weekend in March, 1986. Geer's instructions to them were to read it, then sign it to acknowledge they had read the entire thing. Then, they were to show it to me, as a "witness"'that they had indeed read it. I had no plans to attend WIBAP that year. However, I received a phone call from Howard the Tuesday before, telling me that they had booked my flights and a room in Nashville, and gave me a teaching slot. Little did I know what the real reason was! On the Saturday evening of WIBAP, da Forehead came to my door and handed me the only copy of POP there was in the USA, asked me to read it, and then get back to them immediately. Do not show it to, or discuss it with ANYONE. The original copy had the signatures of all 3 BOTS on the cover page with a short note from each. I remember them vividly because they were in 3 different colors of ink. Da Forehead blue, Don black, and Howard red. On Sunday as I was leaving, Howard told me that I'd be receiving further instructions from Geer, and plan on being at HQ in April, probably for at least 3 weeks! In April, 1986, Geer read POP at a specially called leaders' meeting which included all the limp and region coords, all the Campus coordinators and staff from every root locale, and all the corpse and staff at HQ. Immediately after reading it, Geer announced the addition of Townsend and Caballero to the BOTs, and then revealed who was to be in the yuk twig and why. He said that the members of that twig and their reason for being in it, were dictated to him by dictor himself. From that day on, I was at HQ, while my family was in MA. I went back to MA in late July, 1986 to make the move to HQ. Then I was at HQ until 12/14/1986, when we left. During that time, the yuk twig met 2-3 hours a day, EVERY single day. Some times the meetings lasted 12-14 hours! They often featured telexes from geer in Scotland with "instructions by revelation" on what we were supposed to be doing. During that time my "assignment" was Corpse Director (replacing da Forehead), In-Rez corpse coord at HQ, and "oversight" of the US Trunk as "necessary". Duke Clarke was the trunk coord at the time. The Fog Years began in April, 1985, and "ended" with the November 1988 or 89 letter from geer to the BOTs separating himself from the BOTs because of their "refusal to do the word and live the corpse principles", and refusing to change. That's here in the archives too. That preceded the "loyalty oath letter" in the beginning of the following March, either 1989 or 90. That's also here in the archives so we can check the dates. I was not booted. I resigned from everything after 10 days under "house arrest" in my trailer at HQ. All our belongings were stored and locked in the warehouse part of the OSC, to be shipped to us at a later date. Robert Belt resigned from the Southwest Region and TX limb at the end of December 1986.Tom Reahard came to my house from AZ on the weekend of 2/7-9/1987, because he was the Area Coord in Phoenix, AZ, and heard his limp and region coord, Dave Standage, announce that I was "born again of the wrong seed" and that's why I left the minus-try. Tom and I had become close friends in NY while he was at Cornell. He married Lori's best friend from Elmont, NY (Long Island), Barbara Paciano, and took the AC in Rye, NY, in March, 1972 with us. Lori and I went into the 4th corpse, and Tom and Barbara went into the 5th corpse after he graduated from Cornell. Tom grilled me all weekend and I showed him everything I had.....B.G.'s syllabus, Stiles' book side by side with RTHST, copies of the letters from the E&R church elders firing him with the reasons for it, notes and tapes from the yuk twig, etc. Tom also bought us furniture for the house since we had none. LOL! Tom returned to AZ & he resigned immediately. He called Pat Lynn (The Lynn's were limp coords in D.C.) and told her all about our weekend and told her she had to go to my house ASAP to hear what I had to say. Pat came the very next weekend, Valentine's Day weekend, and we had quite the time. That is when I had the joy of watching true, authentic repentance on her part, tearful, painful acceptance of the truth and the facts. She ended that weekend telling me, "You HAVE to get to John! If not, I'm leaving!" So arrangements were made by Rob Shipley (5th corpse) in MD, who got a large limp meeting with D.C. together, at which Pat, and Sue Pierce were in attendance. That was on Feb 21, 1987. John and Pat were still "full-time". So, I stayed at the D.C. limp home with Sue Pierce and that's when Sue and Pat came up with the idea of the letter. Pat called Tom, and he arranged and paid for the travel, rooms, and food at the local Holiday Inn in Alexandria, VA, where we spent a total of 5 days together, 3 of them writing the letter. That was 2/27/1987. After the Geer tape of 3/26/87, Howard went to the D.C. limp home on April Fool's Day, 1987, and fired John and Pat and everyone else who worked there. John and Pat were the only ones in the group who were fired. The rest of us resigned our positions, in December, '86, and February, '87. So, that's the chronology of the fawg years. The only things we need to lock in, are the dates of the Geer November letter which preceded the following March's loyalty oath letter. As I said, they're both in the archives here at GSC, so we'll be able to find them fairly easily. Thanks for reading, and.................peace.
  7. Dispensational Theology

    I agree JayDee.
  8. Dispensational Theology

    I thought the same thing JayDee. I rationalized it by the title of the lecture being "The History of Dispensationalism in America". Obviously, Bullinger, Welch, and others, helped spread dispensationist doctrine worldwide, including several trips here to the US by Welch himself, which both dictor and Grace Bliss attended. But, the movement in America was already in place here by the time Welch came here, and the majority of Ethelbert's colossal works were published in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The roots come through Darby, but he also preceded Bullinger. So, that's my P.I. in why no mention of Bullinger in this lecture. What thinkest thou?
  9. Christian Family and Sex

    Hi Greasespotters! Dr. Rawlings birthed all 3 of our babies at St. Margaret's Hospital in Hammond, IN. 1979, 1982, and 1984. Our first was the first baby delivered in the pre-runner to what was to become the Birthing Center named after her at St. Margaret's. We never left the labor room for the delivery room. We did it all right there in the bed in the labor room. Doc was there the whole time for each of our births. We were immediately discharged when Lori and babies were rested, and spent a week at Dr. Rawlins' House after each birth. Seymour and Gloria Leven went up to Hammond when they graduated from the family corpse to run a "Medical WOW" twig. There were several corpse grads who worked with her as RNs, Nursing Assistants, a Nurse Midwife, receptionists, secretaries, etc. Mark and Ann Carli (6th corpse grads) were also a part of that medical thang, as Mark was at La Salle Univ in Valparaiso, IN, finishing up his PhD in Clinical Psychology. He was working closely with Seymour in the pre-cursor of what eventually became Couselling Services of OH, in Troy, OH from 1983-1985. They were doing "covert" professional psychiatric and psychological counseling for mostly the wives of "top leadership" in TWIt, many of whom were suffering from Clinical Depression, Bipolar Disorders, and a lot of Anxiety/Panic Attack associated with Major Depressive disorders. I began referring corpse spouses from the Midwest Region first, and then from all over the US Twunk. The support for this whole medical outreach and counseling thing was Don Wierwille, the ONLY genuinely EDUCATED member ever on the TWIt BOT until Rose-a-lie became VP as part of the settlement of the Allen Lawsuit. When they shitcanned da Forehead, Rosie became prez, and Don died of lung cancer in 2001, I think. That's how Rosie became the big Kahuna of TWIt. The "secularization" of TWIt's "spiritual counseling" by "a Jew shrink", approved and supported by Don, and the reliance upon "sense knowledge degrees and certificates" instead of Da woid and da corpse principles dictor taught us(sic!), "contributed greatly" to the "entire US Twunk" being seduced by the dark side, according to Crazy Chris and POP. But, what really happened was that, the epidemic of mental illness and acute depressive disorders widespread amongst the way corpse worldwide, was exposed AND documented. More importantly it was PROTECTED from TWIt interference because it was founded and run by REAL Doctors, and legally protected patient privacy, and privileged information from being communicated back to the BOTs. But, counseling services of OH digresses from the topic here. Doc Rawlins was a beloved "hero" in the Natural Childbirth "movement" as well as one of the most influential folks in the formation and expansion of the La Leche League. When she retired, she received the third of three large jars, each filled with 10,000 beebees representing the just over 30,000 childbirths she had attended in her career! That's a fairly good-sized city! She was well-known Nationally and Internationally for her pioneering work in natural childbirth and breastfeeding, and her birthing center. She was a titan in her field. She was a friend. As to why she was so dedicated to TWIt'n'Vic: Her firstborn child, Craig, was very much like his mother. Extremely bright, personable, and dedicated. His plan was to go to Medical School for OB/GYN and join his Mom in her very busy practice. But, he decided to go WOW first. He was the first in the Rawlins family to take piffle and he was the "star" of the family, as well as the apple of his mother's eye. Everybody loved him. Craig received special permission from dictor to visit his mom while he was on the WOW field. I forget what the occasion was, but on that drive back to Hammond, IN, Craig was killed in a car crash. Carolyn was devastated, as was her entire family, and everyone who had known Craig. Carolyn almost lost it, but dictor brought her to HQ, helped with the memorial and funeral (all at TWIt expense) and hooked her up with Seymour and Gloria who were in-Rez at Rome City. She spent lots of time there at Kneipp Springs, and her closeness to Seymour/Gloria as well as with Dr. Chris and Mary Boulange, who were also in-residence family corpse, was a critical support for her. This was where the Medical Outreach Area in Hammond idea was birthed and staffed. Carolyn was extremely indebted to dictor for all he did for her and her family during the biggest crisis and hurt of her life. And, she loved the Levens as "equals". She so loved Rome City, that when she retired, she bought a cabin on Sylvan Lake in RC, where she fished and ministered to wayfers from all over the world. She loved her cigarettes and her scotch-and-milk, and she was usually humming a tune all day. She loved life. And, since dictor was so integral in helping her accept and survive the traumatic death of her son, and TWIt gave her the perfect place to teach and continue her pioneering work, she was faithful to TWIt until Dotsie was institutionalized by her son Don, in St.Mary's. Regarding her "New Life" class, she was totally qualified, one of the tops in her field, to teach that. She was so very knowledgable and her personable engaging teaching style made her an entertaining lecturer. She, like everyone else in TWIt, was a shiny, valuable, reputable distraction from dic's con. She was worth special attention and patronization because she had $$, great reputation and acknowledgement in her profession, and she loved her Lord Jesus Christ. I am so glad I can tell my kids that a genuine legend attended each of their births. Their very first external touch was from a truly great lady. She will be long-remembered and sorely missed. Thanks for reading.
  10. Dispensational Theology

    Amen JayDee!! Amen! And remember, HE WAS ALWAYS ABSENT IN TWIt, and remains so to this day! He is The Boss! il capo de capi tutti! The Boss of ALL bosses! To him EVERY knee shall bow one day. Even so, cone quickly Lord Jesus.
  11. Dispensational Theology

    Info.......Excellent lecture imo! Thanks for posting! Very informative, ironic, and enlighteningly insightful. Thanks for introducing me to this guy. Very good lecturer.
  12. Christian Family and Sex

    LOL chockfull!
  13. Howdy Grace Valerie Claire! Garth has passed away. FYI. I know you were most likely not aware of that. BTW, I am soooo glad that you dig through this site! The benefits to you personally, are quite obvious. I love your curiosity and determination to know the true FACTS! Thanks for your input and enthusiasm.
  14. Hi Twinx! Thanks for the apology. I wasn't offended because I know you. I was just a little miffed upon realizing that many people probably don't have any idea what the honest facts behind that letter were. We were all flying by the seat of our pants! LOL. Don't forget, before we got together to do the letter, I had to confront some folks on the error of their own ways in their positions of senior "leadership", whom I knew were just as dirty as dic and the boyz in the hoods. The most difficult to confront was jally, because he never thought there was "anything wrong with it"! I have described in previous posts on different threads, how the Campus and Corpse coordinators at EVERY Root Locale or training facility (LEAD) were totally complicit with dic's sexual and financial exploits, as well as his alcoholism, and later opioid addiction. They pimped for him. That's why the BOTs and Geer feared me. Because I was clean! They all knew that I had NEVER committed any adultery or sexual battery, and that I had "busted" (with great personal sadness) even my closest friends for such misbehavior in leadership positions. They knew I had ZERO TOLERANCE for it anywhere in the US and no matter who it was, I fired them! The nickname for me among the BOT was "Sheriff Legal". Disparaging because I was not "big enough in grace" to avoid legalism. But, since the trunk was growing and putting out more than ever before, they just left me alone, and put out the word that I was not cool in this area and several others. Dic himself, at a placements meeting one time, said he was concerned about some of the "legalism" he felt was "creeping into" the US trunk. Then, looking straight at me and pointing at me he said: "I'd rather lose the ministry by blowing it on the grace side than killing it with legalism". That was all that was ever said directly to my face by dictor about what we BOTH knew was his "devilish" or "spirit influenced" behavior and serial sexual predation. That was in May, 1982. It was the beginning of the end for me. Sadly, it took 4 more years of bullshit before I finally left. Thanks Twinky, for sharing the horror of life under the reign of King Okie the Doofus. All the stories I hear about life in the 90s in wayville are terrifying. The abuse was out of control. And yet, it was not very different under dictor. He was everybody's "faddah in da woid"! Da Forehead was nobody. Just a stand-in until dictor's prophecy over Luke Somerville came to pass, that Luke would be the third president of TWIt, thereby re-instituting the pure Wierwille bloodline to it's rightful place as the RULERS of the household of TWIt. Dictor had the added influence of age and perfected fraud. He also had undisputed and unquestioning adulation which Da Forehead never had nor would he ever. There was only one person in those early letter daze, who resisted the reproof, and sought to "take it easy" on dic and the BOTs. That was jalvis. The results of that obstinance are now online for all the world to see and shake their heads. Every one of the rest of us who wrote that letter became bonded for life in that struggle. Jalvis had his own ideas, and has always been too self-obsessed to see beyond himself and his own "wants and needs". He's still looking for those red curtains! Thanks for reading, and......peace.
  15. Hi chockfull! Just to update you on the chronology you misstated....... The 37 page thing was NOT in response to the "loyalty pledge" letter sent out by the bots. That letter is here in the archives, and I believe it went out in March of 1990. The 37 pager was written to demand an Acts 15 kinda "Council of Nicea" meeting at HQ to determine the course forward after the debacles of 1986. It was written to expose the fraud of Geer's coups and the Twustees' complete "spiritual" incompetence. It was written to confront them all with the abject immorality, hubris, greed, and sexual perversions that had been known "behind the scenes", both by participants and their loyal opposition. Personally, I wanted to "let 'er rip", tell it like it really was, and get everybody into the damn auditorium until we fought it out once and for all. Typical NYC negotiation style. LOL! As you can see by the final product, that style was NOT adopted. We agreed that we had to keep it all "respectful and word-centered"(sic!) in order not to immediately cause WWIII. Again, the goal was Acts 15, confrontation, repentance, forgiveness. Obviously, that sure as hell didn't work! The basic initial attitude the bots and Geer spun, was "Who in the hell do these possessos think they are?!! How DARE they attack the MOGS like that!" Within in a month, (I believe it was 3/26/1987) the Geer tape went out to all corpse worldwide that the authors of that evil letter were all "marked and avoided", excommunicated in disgrace as Baal worshippers. LOL! We gave the original recipients of the letter ( as listed in my post above) 10 days to respond. If they did not, we told them we would bring it before the "entire Church" as Matt 18 dictates, and mail it out to everyone we had an address for. We did not get a response in 10 days and that's when the 7000 copies were mailed. Tom Reahard personally paid for the rooms and conference room we rented at the local Holiday Inn to write it, and paid for ALL the copies and mailing charges of the 7000. No TWIt money was used. Again, there was no Internet, no social media, no e-mail, no texts, no cellphones, and few wayfers had a PC. The TWIts controlled communications, command, and control. The propaganda machine went into overdrive from HQ. I had threats against me and my family requiring me to go to the local police to report them and seek protection. Sue was also grossly threatened. The letter went for the belly of the beast with hand axes. LOL. We cut it open, but the wounded beast went berserk! The letter, as weak as it may seem now, was the first step in the turning away. Small step, but a step nonetheless. One thing for sure......it dramatically and drastically changed the lives of everyone who wrote it forever, except for jally, who continued repeating the same things over and over again, expecting gawd to make jally's biblical fantasies and delusions come to pass. Looking back now, I'm glad we wrote it. I'm glad we sent out as many as we did......thanks Tom!.......and I'm glad we had any impact at all. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose......."--Kris Kristofferson...........peace.