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  1. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Awesome Charlene!!
  2. Athletes of The Spirit

    They live in Black Forrest, CO, and run their own cult. I “witnessed” to one of their members in an Old Chicago in CO Springs. She got all excited because I knew all about Bullinger and BG. So that tells you what their doctrine is. Apparently, Seed-girl lives with her brother-in-law and her sister, Terry and Melanie Wilson. The gal I witnessed to was all excited about me meeting The Wilson’s. Gave her my number and name, she gave me her’s and said she would call me back about going to their “fellowship”. Well she never called, so I called her. She said that Terry and Melanie did NOT want me anywhere near their house and that she would prefer to never hear from me again. LOL! So, that’s where seed-girl and family are at as of 2015! Look em up in Black Forrest, CO. Ask her if she’ll help you in your project. Let us know what she says. Thanks OldSkool, and good luck. Very nice to see you JavaJane!
  3. It’s just another STFI tempest in a teapot. Jesus taught us to recognize and identify people by their FRUIT, not their words, or their Bible teachings, interpretations, interpolations, and personal opinions. This cult of Stiffy has shown what kind of FRUIT exactly?? let’s see....in it’s first iteration under the 3 1/2 musketeers, Jalvis Lynn, professor Ludwig von schoenheit, and Mark and the witch of Endor Graeser.....we started off with the melding of cults....CES plus Momentus! Wow! What a great cult that was for awhile! Then there was Jalvis’ sex-romp itineraries.....you know, just like his itineraries for TWIt.....lotsa schmaltz, comedy, hustling and marketing 20 different classes, seminars, books, events, gross, sarcastic, horestooth grins, in a nice suit, and good at professional begging. Oh yeah....he was able to really bless Karen in NC, and Bob’s sister in NC, and got so good at that his fellow stiffy trustees fired his ass for moral turpitude. Then there was the great earth-shattering promulgation of something they called “personal prophecy”! Yeah....that was as good as Momentus! LOL! After Jalvis could not convince his fellow stiffies to make him full-time headcheese again, and support his great desire to be “with god’s people” by imposing himself on people around America so he could share his grand ego, use them for every free meal, ski trip, or beach trip he could hustle from them, and then still hit em up for cash, cash, cash, and buying the stiffy library of rightly-divided books. So, in his own inimitable manner, Jalvis starts yet another cult of HIS OWN, with himself in charge of course, and tries yet once more to re-incarnate dictor Paul wierwille and his dead 1960s cult! Another fantastic failure. So, now....professor von schoenheit, is finally all on his own, with a dead, static, stuffy, stiffy Church with nothing to do any more! Big Dan, who has hijacked cults before, does it one more time for the “glory of god and his rightly-divided word”! And here we are again....1987 RE-visited. The stiffy boys have travelled a long, tawdry, miserable road to wind up right back where they started.....out of Egypt with all the gold! What an incredible, Shakespearean farce for them, and tragedy after tragedy for their foolish followers. May god have mercy on their souls.
  4. Revival and Restoration

    Hi Thomas! The Princeton Theological Seminary is in no way affiliated with Princeton University, the Ivy League powerhouse. It was established as a Presbyterian Seminary under the auspices of The Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander, The General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church, and the College of New Jersey, in 1812, making it the second oldest seminary in the USA. Dic earned himself a Masters of Divinity degree as far as I know. I’ve never seen the sheepskin so who knows for sure. The tie-in to Princeton University was an illicit attempt by dic to “upgrade” the value of his degree. Unnecessary imo, since the Princeton Theological Seminary, which by the way, is still in existence, is quite well-known on it’s own, being the second oldest Seminary in the US. Paranoid narcissicism has no bounds and no end at attempted self-aggrandizement.
  5. Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    Juanita Carey! Now THERE’S a flash from the past! She was very close to Peter J. Wade, kinda like “his” Donna Randall. She was a serious student of textual criticism in Koine Greek. She also wrote 2 of those 56 “collaterals” I told you we received when I first took piffle in 01/1971. Peter J. Wade was credited with 3 of those collaterals. So, roughly 10% of the 56 printed collaterals given with piffle were written by Wade and Carey. Carey got run off when Wade was. I vividly remember sitting in at a corpse meeting (2nd & 3rd) in the spring of 1972 in the BRC, where dic and coward read a series of letter exchanges between them and Peter Wade who was back in Adelaide, Australia by that time. Those exchanges were nasty and mutually accusatory. I was in OH working on the first PDSTRO album, and when I finished my tracks, I went to HQ for an “official” visit. I was a full-time employee area leader for Brooklyn/Queens in NY at that time, working with Steve & Laurie Perez out of The Way of Long Island. That was 2 months before the wierwille putsch which annexed both The Way East and The Way West in one fell swoop in March, 1972. An interesting side note RE: the Rye AC 1972; I was assigned to pick up a Dr. and Mrs. James John, at the Indian Mission to the UN in Manhattan, NY, and take them to a dinner reception at the home of John and Julie Lowery, in their home in Rye, NY prior to the opening session of the AC, in the main sanctuary of the Rye Presbyterian Church the following evening. I was told that these two diplomats met vp during his trip to India in 1956, and were active now with the Indian National Church, and representing “Indian Christian interests” at the Indian Mission to the UN. This was confirmed by Dr. and Mrs. John during our ride together from Manhattan to Rye.
  6. The Inner Circle of Favoritism

    True dat Skyrider!
  7. Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    Are The Dead Alive Now, as well as the entire “seed-boy” crap came from Bullinger’s article in his Research Journal, “Of Things To Come”, entitled “The Witch of Endor.....”, along with a BG’s teachings on devil spirits in his Gifts of the Spirit class. Dictor had all 23 volumes of “Of Things To Come”! Donna Randall showed me dic’s personal research library. It was in a wall safe in his office. I had access to them a couple of times, but that didn’t last after I asked some questions that Moggie-Pooh couldn’t answer. Dic stole almost all of Bullinger’s works, then sold them in the bookstore to validate that his “research” was original, and that Bullinger proved it. He even said once, “ I believe Bullinger would have gotten to Jesus Christ is not God had he lived long enough.” LOL! Same thing with RTHST. After even just a brief investigation of Bullinger writings with dictor’s “writings”, it becomes almost immediately obvious, that there are LENGTHY sections of many Bullinger works which are lifted almost verbatim by dic in many of his “writings”, but most definitely in his so-called “research”, and ALL the corpse night teachings on Romans, Ephesians, Thessalonians, and I&II Timothy. BTW, da forehead did the same thing with his “Lies & Deception” book too. The entire basis of his 8 great statements is lifted from appendices in Bullinger’s Companion Bible. Like faddah-in-da-woid, like son! LOL!
  8. Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    Thanks for reading TBone!
  9. Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    Hi Greasespotters! Allow me to clue you in on a FACT: dictor Paul couldn’t write his way through high school! At his very best, he was capable of writing at an 8th grade level. Remember all those times he talked about his older sisters Sevilla and Lydia, “reading him the riot act” about his horrible school performance?? He bragged about it all the time in a blatant attempt to cover-up the FACT that he was flunking out of high school by the 9th grade. As a matter of fact, the principal had considered not allowing him to return for 10th grade unless his parents could control his behavior. Ya see, dic was known as the town bully, the NK Biff of Back To The Future fame. Everybody else was Marty McFly! He would speed through town on his motorcycle doing tricks and making lots of noise, intimidating pedestrians and being an all around annoying idiot. Sevilla and Lydia were often credited with “straightening me [dictor] out”, thereby preparing him for his earth shatteringly scholarly and revelatory career as the “greatest MOG since The Apostle Paul”! Dic pulled himself together enough to graduate with a low C grade average, and with a lengthy letter of excuses from Dr. Kunst, the local minister at the Evangelical and Reformed Church in NK (and graduate of Lakeland himself), and lots of $$ from papa Adolph, dic managed to slip his way into the world renowned Lakeland Mission House College in Sheboygan, WI! There, he invented the hook shot in basketball, never played professional basketball, secretly married his hometown sweetheart, and barged his way through Mission House like John Blutarski did through Faber College in Animal House! LOL! ALL the early books “written” by dic prior to JCING were transcribed from teachings dic gave on Sunday nights, church study nights in Van Wert, “Spiritual 40 Club” events, and Chimes Hour Youth Caravan broadcasts. ALL OF THEM! I mentioned that dic at his most eloquent with a pen, rose to an average 8th grade level, so writing anything coherent, credible, and scholarly, was absolutely out of the question. So, the great teacher recorded everything he taught and would have Rhoda, then eventually, Donna Randall, Bernita Jess, and Peter J. Wade, along with David Anderson, to transcribe every teaching dic wanted included in his “package” of plagiarized platitudes and “research”. So, once J.E. Stiles, the real author of RTHST, led him into tongues, and dic bought Stiles’ book, “Receiving The Holy Spirit”, and used it to teach his new research on the “gift of tongues”, dic got on a roll. J.E. made it easy. He had already written the book! The next step was taking B.G.’s “The Gifts of the Spirit” class up in Canada. Dictor took it the first time by himself, alone, basically barging his way into the opening session late, while BG was playing his violin before starting. Vic got home and immediately started teaching Dottie, Donnie, Karen, Mal and Jan George, and a few others. Then, the next summer, dic dragged Dotsie and Donnie with him to Canada and they took the class. That was the last time Vic credited BG with ANYTHING in TWI. BG had a big syllabus with tons of scripture references and his definitions of the 9 “gifts”, “keys to walking in the spirit”, the various names of devil spirits, “current” and in the Bible with every single bible record used in dic’s Advanced Class along with the teaching notes Dotsie, and Donnie took. Many parts of that syllabus became the syllabus for “Interpretation of Toungues and Prophecy” (TIP, & INT class) and The Advanced class, plagiarized literally verbatim. Dic was teaching his own “Power For Abundant Living” classes now. Mimeographed limited syllabi and 3 hour sessions. As he was used to since Chimes Hour Youth Caravan, he had everything recorded, and then Rhoda would transcribe all the tapes. Then, she and Dotsie, and Karen would edit for spelling and coherence, and dictor would determine the content. Later, as people with greater technical and intellectual abilities came along, (Donna Randall, Peter Wade, Walter Cummins, David Anderson, Bernita Jess, Ken Klug, John Somerville, Bishop Pillai, Lamsa) more textual and MS evidence was brought to the fore and given the thumbs up or down by dic. Again, everything recorded and transcribed! This is how the orange book, the blue book, the green book, and the PFAL book itself were written. When I first took the class, there were no books! There was the syllabus, Christians Should Be Propsperous in booklet form, Are The Dead Alive Now (also softback), Studies in Human Suffering (on the Book of Job) and 56 separate little pamphlets called “the collaterals”, which were eventually compiled into the first three volumes of the “Studies In Abundant Living” volumes, blue, green, and orange. During my first in-Rez year with the 4th corpse, dic held numerous research nights in the BRC with corpse and the research dept staff, which at that time was Walter Cummins, Donna Randall, Bernita Jess, and dictor as the head cheese and chief revelatory, to work on the final edition of the new JCING. Everybody was allowed to offer their thoughts, opinions, scriptural references, questions, counterpoints. They lasted 3-4 hours with a 1/2 hr break in the middle. They were really fun. But, the final writing was done as it had always been done since Van Wert. That’s why people notice the big difference in all the published works AFTER JCING. JCOP was the first book that was NOT based solely on transcripts of dic’s teachings. As a matter of fact, the body of the contents as well as the vast majority of it were NOT contributed by dictor at all! I can honestly say that the only thing dictor wrote in that book was the dedication! LOL! That’s enough for now. I know there’s a thread somewhere in which Penworks and I basically describe dictor’s “research” and “writing” techniques and prowess. Can’t remember the name of it, or when it was. But, IIRC, it pretty much covers the entire process of “writing” piffle and TWIt books. It might also be called “The Way: Living in Lies”! Or, “How To Plagiarize Your Way To Financial Independence: Building A Fundamentalist Cult”. LOL!................peace y’all!
  10. Whitewash

    LOL Chock!!
  11. Whitewash

    Whitewashing won’t work on these human stains, Chock! They will require a minimum of one hundred applications of this wash before whitewashing them can even begin! Bwaaaahahahaha!
  12. Revival and Restoration

    Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, Info! The evolution from hetero to bisexuality and homosexuality was gradual, imho. Before entering the 4th corpse, Donna M. (henceforth Belladonna) was a staff secretary for a year at HQ. At that time, Donna Randall served as both Research Secretary, and Secretary to the president, and Rhoda Wierwille was still dictor’s “Personal Secretary”. Donna, was in the secretarial “pool” which was coordinated by Donna Randall and dictor himself. Claudette Royal was also in that Secretarial pool at HQ prior to her entering the 4th corpse with the rest of us in July, 1973. Donna had been sexually active with dictor during that year she was on staff prior to her in-Rez career. Donna was also sexually active with dictor during a trip of his to NC during our interim year in NC. Rosie was also quite active sexually with various in-Rez corpse men from early on in her corpse career as well, including turns with dictor and Donnie. I have no personal knowledge of Marcia Faulk’s personal sexual preferences during that time. Remember, all the women I mentioned were single, unmarried, and therefore, in dictor’s perverted mind, “property of the King” as dictor said they were in the Old T., referring to Saul, David, Solomon and then the long line of the Kings of Judah and Benjamin in the south and the Kings of the 10 northern tribes, united under the name Israel. Which, when critically examined put EVERY king of Israel in the immediate and untenable position of breaking 3 or 4 of the 10 Commandments (most notably, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”, and, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”) including, in most cases, Thou shalt not lie, and Thou shalt not commit murder! That meant if dic’s “rightly-dividing” was indeed right, every king of Israel should have been put to death! This kind of promiscuity by Belladonna and Rosie continued, and Belladonna eventually married da forehead, and Rosie kept using her charms in all the right spaces, which unfortunately, included a bunch of married men in prominent “leadership” positions at HQ. Faulk (5th corpse) married Bill Greene (8th corpse) and bounced around various jobs at HQ mostly being an attachment-at-the-hip to Belladonna, as she was in Greenville, NC, 1974. The breakthrough into lesbianism between Belladonna and Rosie progressed during the insane years 1981-1986. Dic had made his choice of successor, da forehead, then the insanity of the Outreach Weeks, 40th Anniversary Weekend in every Region, culminating in Living Victoriously, June 1982, corpse week and ROA, August 1982, and the biggy....The 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend, during which dic officially retired and “passed the mantle” to King Okie. Rosie was the co-coordinator of these events along with Bob Winegarner, and myself and the Region Coordinators for the events “on da field”. So, Rosie and Belladonna (now the future “First Lady”!) were spending more and more time together and, apparently were spotted a number of times being physically intimate with one another. Their relationship became more intense and obvious after the implosion of POOP’n’Geer, and the following “Fog Years” of 1986-1990. The incredible Bacchus-orgy type of culture da forehead built during his spirits in the athlete mania contributed powerfully to Belladonna’s physical rejection of her “king” into the eager arms of Rosie the Riveter. The TWIt reign of terror commenced in 1990 and ran all the way through 2000, when da forehead finally forced his own dismissal, and was banished to Toledo, divorced by Belladonna and Rosie, with great joy I’m sure. During that time, the Greene’s were big shots behind the walls of Zion and the troika of Greenville was reborn, providing the comfort of old time friendship and the sedation of nostalgia for las tres amigas. Remember also, that during Okie’s reign of terror, the misogyny and its accompanying widespread sexual abuse and promiscuity were running rampant in NK at every level of their stratified cult society and in every age group! It was the Sodom and Gomrroah of the “Grace Administration” in the time of the prevailing word! What a cruel and horrific “Christian” tragedy.
  13. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    TY Taxiedev. Your honesty and humility are admired and respected by me. Hopefully your continued reading, along with interaction and input from you, will afford us all the continued reasonable communication which promotes peace and understanding, and mutual education.
  14. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    LOL Twinx! I’m not the gravedigger. I’m the witness, the little townsperson who watched the Dictah and Igor bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and bury ‘em again! I confronted every single one of the lying, thieving, misogynistic weasels. I left with a clean conscience, and a restored mind! It only got better from there! When I was the new sheriff in town from March through November, 1986, in the “YakTwig”, I literally had lines of women outside my trailer at HQ daily, venting their sexual abuse at the hands of the various MOGGIES who abused them. It became an almost daily routine for me to confront one of the sadsack losers in that group with the information I had just received that morning or the day before! Never once denied, never one apology! Oh I KNOW “stuff” alright, Twinky! And it scares the shit out of them!
  15. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    Just some info for my fellow Greasespotters that might shed a bit more light as to why the R&R ”epiphany” came so abruptly after the recent changes in TWIt’s public relations fraud regarding the transfer of their “presidency”. Marcia Faulk is the daughter of a well-known local “Southern Aristocrat” from Greenville, NC, who went by the nickname “Colonel Faulk”, or just “The Colonel”. He was a typical wealthy, old time confederate sympathizer still waiting for the South to rise again. Donna Lombardi was in the 4th corpse, which was the first corpse to add an interim year to the program. I was in the same 4th corpse. Our interim year assignments were both to NC, mine as Western Territory Coordinator out of Charlotte westward, and she as the Limb Secretary at the ECU Way Home in Greenville, NC. The property had been purchased for TWIt by John S. Lynn, jalvis’ father when jally was there running the limp and the ECU Way Home. There was also a Women’s Way Home in Greenville, which was at one time coordinated by one Marcia Faulk. Marcia was close with another local TWIt leader in the early days of ECU, Steve Aldridge, whose father was a well-know dentist in Greenville. Both Marcia and Steve left Greenville to participate in the very first “trial” wave of WOW Ambassadors led by Donnie Fugit. Also, during the very first wave of WOWS in the fall of 1971, both Marcia and Steve served as Roving Ambassadors out of HQ to help the WOWS in their mission. They both returned to Greenville, where Marcia finished her degree and Steve got run off for being gay. The very first job the new interim corpse leadership had was to run a special PFAL Family Camp at the Billy Graham’s Black Mountain Retreat in August, 1974. We were the class staff as well as members of the Pilot Council for the camp. The class included a number of older adults who each were “sponsored” (undershepherded) by other adult professionals from their fellowships. One of the “new students” at that camp was Rosalie Fox Rivenbark, a high school English teacher from New Bern, NC. Her sposor was Miller Harrison, a local Junior College professor whose son had “witnessed” to his HS English teacher who happened to be Rivenbark. Rivenbark became VERY close with Lombardi at that camp and remained so throughout that year. Faulk also became very close to Lombardi and Rivenbark, and ALL THREE returned to NK the next year, Lombardi to compete the 4th corpse, Faulk entering the 5th corpse, and Rivenbark entering Family Corpse II. As Col. Louis said to Rick at the end of Casablanca, that was the beginning of a “beautiful friendship” which continues to this very day! Think about the kind of relationship Rosie and Donna have shared and add a third wheel, and you’ll get the picture. Now, after John and Pat Lynn left NC to go to the Zero Corpse in 1970, the new limp coordinators were none other than Boob and Doody MoneyHands. So, they were there in the very early days of the ECU “revival” and knew all the folks aforementioned. After dictor’s death in 1985, and the implosion of TWIt in 1986 after Geer went public with his POOP paper, Boob was an emotional wreck. He was basically dysfunctional due to severe clinical depression, which required medication intervention. But, one thing for sure, you didn’t need a weatherman to know which way the stink was blowin’ with Boob and Doody around. They were staunch Geerites, then even more staunch henchmen for da Forehead, and eventually for Queen Rosie. They were the TWIt “fixers”. Wherever the biggest anti-TWIt shitstorms were, Boob and Doody were dispatched to burn out the chaff, and the save the day. And, during this time Marcia Faulk (now Greene) and her hubby Bill Greene were busy running the Gestapo Trunk, regions, corpses etc. all with great devotion to Marcia’s old gal pals, Donna and Rosie. Forts were there switching positions with the Greene’s during King okie’s reign of terror, all throughout the 90s. All the kids grew up on the TWIt dime, attending some of the finest colleges, and earning advanced degrees in various specialties, grooming themselves as the next generation of “Trustees”. Their kids became prominent TWIt leaders....corpse grads and members of the pwesiden’s KKKabinett, heirs apparent. There was even talk of Brian MoneyHands becoming the 4th TWIt Prez. But, as cushy and prominent as Boob and Doody’s positions were, they never made it to the Board of Terrorists. And, as Rosie and Donna garnered all real power in TWIt to themselves and their flunky board members, the MoneyHands KKKlan was rapidly losing favor, while the Greene KKKlan were the new rising stars. The final insult was when Billy boy made it to the elusive BOD, sliding baby Chandler into coordinating the corpse, Brian sent away to make it in the real world, and Boob and Doody left up TWIt’s Creek without a paddle. So, there is quite a bit of longstanding, interpersonal dysfunction behind all these assholes. Much more than I have posted here. Don’t buy Removal and Relocation’s revisionist BS for even one NY minute. They’re all rats thrown overboard from a sinking ship.