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  1. New DTA Class!!!

    Shucks!! Thanks anyway Rocky. I'm sure someone will let us know.
  2. New DTA Class!!!

    OS, I think many of us here at the GSC are thankful, we are out of TWI. However, I do have to admit that I will always be greatful to TWI for one thing; they turned me on to God.
  3. New DTA Class!!!

    T-Bone, that is true!! But, I would like to know how much the class costs.
  4. New DTA Class!!!

    Rocky, do you know how much the new AC class costs?
  5. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Way, yes, it does depend on your perspective. But I think people who left TWI, are "lucky" in various ways. I left quietly, I don't think anyone knew I left. However, some people left under different circumstances, and their names were trashed. How loving, and "Christian" of TWI.
  6. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Hi Jeff!! My name is Grace Claire, and I too am a Veteran; US Navy 1985-1990. Welcome to the Cafe; I love hearing from new people; especially Veterans. It sounds like you had some interesting times in both the military, and TWI.
  7. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Hi Kathy, hello and welcome to the GSC!! It's good to have you here!
  8. Revival and Restoration

  9. Revival and Restoration

    Soc, I grew up on a farm. One thing I learned is that Cow S--t is Cow S--t, no matter how it is packaged.
  10. All about the RESEARCH

    OS, I can understand having classes for proper budgeting; some people have no idea of how to set up a personal budget. However, I think when the classes end, that should be the end of leadership getting involved in my personal finances.
  11. All about the RESEARCH

    Twinky, bingo!! Great post!
  12. All about the RESEARCH

    Krys, thanks!

    DWBH, no matter what type of day, I am having, your posts usually put a smile on my face. Oftentimes, they make me laugh!! Here in DC these days, laughter is a rare commodity.
  14. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Soc, those brown chairs; how I hated them!! But you are right; they really did suck. Years ago, I took a Bible class in a church. What a difference the chairs made. The chairs were comfortable, and when the lesson ended, I got up without lower back pain. Thank God for small mercies.
  15. Revival and Restoration

    Sky, you asked the one question I would like answered. I haven't heard anything about it. Perhaps someone will let us know about it, sometime.