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  1. Revival and Restoration

    OS, perhaps they don't see, because they choose not too.
  2. Revival and Restoration

    Taxi, I would not want to get involved in the R&R group. But, if you do, I hope you enjoy your involvement with it. But, please remember that Lincoln freed the slaves; you can drop-out anytime.
  3. Gutenberg and YouTube Evangelists

    Chock, here in DC, libraries are still very, very popular, as centers of learning. I used to live in Tompkins County, NY. I think Forbes Magazine(?) claimed a few months ago, that people in Ithaca, were the best read people in the USA. Although I haven't lived in the Ithaca area, for decades, I still read a lot. I can go anywhere, with a book. Books make me think; sometimes they make me weep, or laugh.
  4. Revival and Restoration

  5. The Inner Circle of Favoritism

    Rocky, I think you are right, unfortunately.
  6. The Inner Circle of Favoritism

    Sky, good post! Yes, TWI is a cesspool, and like many cesspools, it stinks. Cesspools contain waste, and it seems to me, that TWI is overflowing with $--t. How on earth could people bear, to work for such a horrible organization? I know the answers vary, but I cannot understand why people stay, knowing what they know about TWI.
  7. Unraveling the Cult Indoctrination

    Penworks, great post! I think I probably had a "causal involvement with TWI." When I left TWI, I felt nothing. But, I understand why some people had serious problems leaving. I feel for those people who ended up with drug, and alcohol problems. I think when I was in, 1978-1988, TWI fulfilled a need for me to belong. I think if I had had a happy childhood, I would not have been an easy recruit for a cult like TWI. Perhaps others feel the same. I know many of the people I knew in TWI, had difficult childhoods.
  8. Revival and Restoration

  9. Revival and Restoration

    DWBH, OMG!! How do Donna, and Rosie sleep at night, knowing what they did decades ago??!! Reading this upsets me; if I had known all this Dreck decades ago, I would have left TWI a lot sooner than I did.
  10. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

  11. Revival and Restoration

    Taxi, the bottom line is this: if you are happy fellowshiping with the people you fellowship with, great!! Good for you!! However, you seem like a very young person to me. Many of us older people, attended Twigs, run by TWI. Many, many people were badly, f--ked by the organization. I think people here at the GSC, are trying to warn you to be careful about R&R, because they know what such groups are capable of. Forty years ago, if many of us had known how corrupt TWI was, we would never have gotten involved with them. So fellowship with whomever you wish, but please be forewarned that R&R could be another evil cult.
  12. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    DWBH, bingo!! Just to piggy-back on your post; my life also has gotten much better since I left TWI. It is so much better; I don't have to play games with others. I can be myself, and allow others the same privilege. Who knew that life could be this good??!!
  13. Will buy Athletes of the Spirit

    Enjoy, Ex!
  14. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    Taxi, I don't know if people in the group, will ever "wake up." Perhaps someday they will, but I would not bet on it. F--k them, and the horse, they rode on.
  15. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    DWBH, wow!! Remind me to never get on your bad side! FWIW, I think someday, I will have to answer for the life I led in this world. I cannot imagine trying to Bullsheet God; He knows my heart better than I do. I try to live my life in a way that makes God happy, with me. The Golden Rule, is the guiding principle in my life; it doesn't always work in my life, but I still try to apply it everyday. I can't imagine living my life the way VPW lived his!! No, no, no!! How will he justify his evilness, and depravity? God will have the final judgement, and I hope He is merciful with me. However, I can't imagine how he will judge a man like VPW, who used His Word, to live like the Devil. Someday, all of us will know the Wrath, or Love of God.