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  1. Thomas, thanks! I have a brother by the name of Thomas; anything except Tommie.
  2. Way, so true!!
  3. Tom, thanks!
  4. Tom, perhaps. But you are crazy in a good way, IMO.
  5. Info, thanks for the link! Good observation!
  6. Rocky, excuse me. I thought you were complaining. I have been here at the GSC, for less than a year. What is "old-hat" for some of the people here, is still new to me. I come here to learn, because there is so much great information here, that I really love hearing/ listening to. I can't believe sometimes how much information is available here at the GSC; I'm like a sponge, wanting to soak it up as quickly as possible. Perhaps I come off as a bit intense to others; that is my personality. But Rocky, I really try not to jump on others; I try to allow other people to express themselves within the framework of GSC. Heaven forbid if we expressed ourselves in TWI; we were told to renew our minds, or some other BS. Again, if I offended you, or others please forgive me. I have much to learn here at the GSC. Shalom!
  7. Wow, is that true, especially here at the GSC.
  8. Steve, please keep posting. I keep learning things at the GSC, every time I come. It simply amazes me how much, I don't know about God. What a fool I was thinking, that I knew so much about God. Please keep posting, so that I, and others can keep learning more about God.
  9. J, I think it was also a form of control over members of TWI.
  10. 779, great post!! I need to think it through; thanks for posting.
  11. WW, wow!! I always wondered why God limits himself. I never thought in terms of limiting Himself " for our sakes." Thanks WW!!
  12. OS, I for one, really enjoy your posts. I hope you stay at the GSC, as long as you like. I like coming here, because I learn a great deal from some of the posts. Some of the posts are boring to me, but perhaps they are interesting to other people. One man's trash, could be another man's treasure.
  13. Chock, wow!! Your post is so good, I have to think about it. Thanks for posting it!!
  14. T-Bone, leave it to you, to make me laugh!! Thanks for your clever post(s)!