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  1. GM, you nailed it! The GSC has opened my eyes to a lot of S--t that went on in Way World, that I did not know about!
  2. T-Bone, you rock!!!
  3. George, good for you!! I probably would have done the same as you.
  4. Krys, interesting post! I think a lot of people tried to tell others how to run their lives; I hated that! I know as a woman, I was expected to get married, and have kids. Nuts! I got my degree, and than joined the Navy. I wanted to travel, and do something with my life. So many people in TWI wanted to know when I planned on getting married; the answer was/is " when the right man comes along. " I felt a lot of pressure to get married; many women married the first man who asked them. I am so happy that I didn't do that; I may never get married. But, I am fine with that. I am happy being single; life is good!
  5. George, neither did I. But, I feel like some of the leadership looked down on me, because I didn't "sell-out" completely to TWI. I had a life, and I wanted to live it my way; I felt that many of the leaders in TWI had certain expectations as to how "believers" were supposed to live their lives; I did not fall into that category. Nuts to them!
  6. WG, well-said, and thank you! I did not know that Cancer was "over 600 diseases." I think VPW wanted easy answers to complex medical questions; I think that was why he said it was a DS. Hogwash!! I would not wish Cancer on anyone, but it can be successfully treated, if it is caught in time. I know from personal experience!
  7. Penworks, interesting post. I think many of us paid a "high price" for our involvement in TWI; some perhaps more than others. I think I was fortune in that I left unscarred; I know some of the women, and children, were brutally abused by others members of the cult. If I could turn time backwards, I would love to have VPW, and others pay for their crimes; I know that isn't possible so I will have to let go, and let God deal with them.
  8. Tzaia, what a polite way of saying that VBW was full of caca!
  9. Way, you did an excellent job of describing Boot Camp!!
  10. DWBH, I think of all the posts I have ever read here at the GSC, your's may be the best one I have ever read. Thanks for posting this; I need to read it a few more times to really absorb it.
  11. Rocky, I love your posts; you seem to have your feet on the ground, and your head on straight. Just my two cents!
  12. Bol, I think many people who get involved in cults are looking for love, and acceptance. I know I was; my family life sucked when I was a kid. When I got involved in TWI in 1978, I felt loved, and accepted for the first time in my life. What a glorious feeling it was! Perhaps if I had grown up in a loving, and kind family, I would never have felt the need to join TWI.
  13. Way, that is a great question. I wish I had a great answer for you. If I had known about VPW's wantonness, I would never have gotten involved with TWI. However, I did meet some wonderful people in TWI, and I truly enjoyed most of The Rocks, I attended.
  14. Steve, we have a winner!! Your post is spot-on, especially about VPW, and the Trustees. Thanks for posting it!!
  15. Sky, wow! You have some interesting posts!! Tell us how you really feel about VBW/TWI.