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  1. I worked in a cancer hospital for several years as secretary to a wonderful radiation oncologist. At The James Cancer Hospital they state that cancer is actually over 600 diseases! There are many different causes, and most of them we don't know exactly. For someone like GVC to get hit with cancer while doing the right things as we know them, no drugs, booze or cigarettes (or anything else that can be smoked) is a terrible shock. The doctor I worked for is a survivor herself, and said she suspects that there's a strong genetic component in a tendency toward having some kind of malignancy pop up in the body. In any event, I met some wonderful people who were not only survivors, but warriors in the battle against cancers of any kind. Early in my working there, I realized if I were still "in" I would have been strictly forbidden to take this job. And I got blessed to be a blessing so many times working there. To make a short story long, this whole business of cancer being caused by devil spirit possession, is in my opinion a bunch of horse?$hit. I greatly appreciate DWBH's post too; a great explanation. It is tragic the people who have been hurt by TWI's nonsensical approach to sickness and disease, not only cancer, but also any health problems.
  2. We were in FC20 for three months. I was absolutely horrified at the way children were treated and while I was ordered to carry the spoon I never used it. I don't recall even mentioning to a child they shouldn't do something except for once. This was the child of W.C****, who was bouncing on the trampoline unattended. This is NEVER good idea for a small child, and I gently mentioned she might want to wait until an older person was available to supervise. I was loftily and arrogantly informed of her identity as a child of the leader and that she could do exactly as she pleased. Fine, I thought, break your damn neck. And I got out of there quickly. The way children were treated there and "on the field" makes my skin crawl to this day. In fact, when I ran across WayDale and saw a headline about lawsuits, I was sure someone's child had been beaten to death. Not to totally derail, but although there were threats and suggestions, and for a while after we left I was terrified every time the doorbell rang, I don't know personally of any adult beatings.
  3. I'm not even going to bother listening/watching to the R&R presentations you all are talking about. I remember when we got the boot writing a four-page letter explaining our situation to the Reverend Mr. Fort. We felt we had been unfairly treated by D*&e M1ln$r, the branch coordinator, and wished to clarify what we saw as his sarcastic, legalistic, unreasonable attitude. The Most Exceedingly Great and Mighty Man of God the Reverend Mr. Fort wrote a snide, snarky sarcastic little note on the last page of our letter and sent it back. Something like "Amazing that you take four pages to explain what D.M. could explain clearly in four sentences in a phone call. Don't bother trying to come back." I did figure out where D.M. learned his nasty, sarcastic ways, though. The Moneyhands as you call them were limb leaders in a state we lived in. They were, to my humble observation, very very very very superior to us mere peasants. The Mrs. did offer to administer some kind of a personality test to me, which I declined. "Don't you want to know how you think?" she asked me. "I believe I'm supposed to think the Word of God." I replied. I don't have a terribly good impression of her brand of psychology. Didn't trust her then or now. I don't remember meeting any of the other people on the list. Sad, though, to think they are setting themselves up to delude, degrade, and destroy even more hapless souls than they already have. Not a single one of them is worth a penny of my money or a second of my time.
  4. In all honesty, I hadn't thought about this guy until I caught a snippit of John Walsh's special on "The Hunt." I tried hard to watch it, but then the camera showed a shot of his "House of the Healing Presence" and I had to turn it off.
  5. Galatians 5:12 for him!
  6. All of the above is pretty darn true. Here's my take: "The Devil can quote Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek, a goodly apple rotten at the heart." Shakespeare, William: "The Merchant of Venice," Act 1 Scene 3.
  7. Thanks, don't worry be happy, all is fabulous! I'm actually really retired and enjoying it. DogLover, that is what the branch coordinator said. I think by the mid-90's a lot of the creme de la creme were more interested in Word of LCM than Word of God anyway. I used to have nightmares about it all but now, in the words of that wise of philosopher, B. A. Barakas, "Ah pity the fool!"
  8. BlueCord, I seldom post any more. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I took the PFAL foundational class in 1973, was a WOW in 1974-75 and went through a program in Ohio similar to the Way Corps after that. My husband and I left in 1996 for a variety of reasons. One reason was our rebellious child, and another was that two years earlier, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I'm giving you this background for a reason: I was devastated, convinced I would die because our branch coordinator had stated that at the moment someone turned their back on the "Household of Holiness" that instant the spirit within them would die, and shortly thereafter their physical body would die also, because it is impossible to exist outside the household of the way. That was over 20 years ago, and we are happy and healthy. I'm still diabetic, but I handle it pretty well. My husband has a dream job. Our son has two sons of his own. There is a great life outside TWI than you ever imagined! Those people do NOT have a patent on holiness, not by a damn sight! Our relationship with God is better than it's ever been. We attended several churches before finding one that's a perfect fit. The one we attend teaches the Bible without legalism or hypercalvinism. If you want to PM me I'll tell what brand. God bless you great bunches as you and your family begin a journey to real freedom.
  9. I was never WC or ordained, and was just a mere humble peon of a believer. However, I was always told that someone who was ordained was ordained because God revealed to the powers that be that the ordainee had a gift ministry.
  10. Thanks, Allen, I'll look into it.
  11. I can only speak of my own experiences. In the early 1970's I remember hearing a girl with a rip-roaring, coughing, hacking, feverish lousy stinking cold. Another believer said to her "Well! Where's YOUR believing." In Jacksonville, FL, some red-headed guy, a WC grad, had an adorable little girl about three years old, who also had a horrible, coughing, hacking, bronchial cough. He was sitting on the floor next to me at a Branch Meeting, and I heard him threaten to take the obviously ill child out of the room and whip her butt if she didn't believe God to stop coughing. I would have been taking her to a pediatrician or even the nearest ER. I thought she might have pneumonia, but then I'm not a WC grad, so I just don't have that in-depth spiritual perception and awareness. Just common sense and a little bit of knowledge, which hasn't destroyed me in case anyone asks. In 1993 we were in the Family Way Corps. We received $30/month each and $20/month for our son. Medical assistance was rendered when necessary in the form of a bottle of goo called Bentonite, which one purchased from the bookstore. This supposedly pulled all the poisons out of one's liver, and healed everything from an ingrown toenail to Stage V cancer. In late October/early November of that year, I came down with a god-awful flu/cold, who knows what. I was horribly sick and was given the aforementioned Bentonite, to no avail. I stayed sick as hell for about three weeks. (Let me interject a little something here. I have an auto-immune disease. For those who don't know, a mystery infection, manifested by symptoms or even asymptomatic, is the starter of an AI disease. The immune system fights off the infection, but then turns on the body itself, finding some type of cell that resembles the initial cause of the infection. In my case, apparently my immune system thought the islet cells in my pancreas were bad guys and slowly killed them. Islet cells make insulin. I wasn't making any after a few months.) So, to make a short story long, in August, 1994, when we crept back to the ROA, I was sick as hell. I'd lost 30 pounds in six weeks. I had no energy and I could not eat, only drink a gallon or two of water a day. I couldn't see; my vision was a blur. Eventually my husband hauled me off to third aid and they looked at me and recommended the emergency room. There, I was quickly diagnosed with type 1, insulin dependent diabetes. Blood glucose 702, not compatible with life. I got things more or less under control, gained back weight, and went from there. I thought maybe I could use my experience to help others, but was quickly told by the powers that be that I should be ashamed, and never never must speak of my condition. A few years later, we left TWI and moved back to Ohio. We continued to receive the Sunday tapes until we got one upon which Martindale, in his portentous, "straight from the mouth of God" way, stated (and I remember this word for word) "If you have a chronic disease in your life, it is because YOU have chronic SIN in your life!" Imagine my horror! I searched the Scriptures and did not find this quotation. I'm certainly not without sin; I can find quite a few things to repent of on a daily basis. But the idea that Almighty God is up there with lightning bolts, waiting to smite someone with sickness and disease? Nope, don't think so. I realize this is somewhat off topic, but it had been mentioned. I will say this: If I had family or loved ones stil involved, I would love them into leaving.
  12. There's this great poem by Edgar A. Guest that starts out: "I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day". I work as a product demonstrator in a large membership warehouse store. People from all over the world live in the city where I work and come there to shop, eat free samples, or just hang out for a while. I am still a Christian but have been dissociated from TWI for many years now. I give them samples, love, smile at their babies, speak gently, give them more samples, and try to brighten their day. I've had babies throw up in front of me; I've comforted widows, prayed with those in stress, and just generally tried to BE instead of SAY or DO. Many of the members are not Christian, but are Hindus or Muslims. I try to be sure I know what ingredients they would wish to avoid and warn them if necessary. Is this going to get some of them saved? I dunno. I'm just trying to scatter some seeds of Christ's love. WWJD is not a bad question to ask yourself now and then, in my opinion.
  13. Well, I don't recall my BL doing it at all. She was WC and above all of us nincompoops.
  14. When I was a WOW, our BL put a little table out on the lawn in front of our apartment. Everyone gathered around in a circle, then she would assign some hapless soul to climb up on the table blindfolded. The group circled the table like sharks around a rowboat and then the one standing on the table was to throw him/herself without warning backward off the table. The purpose of this exercise was to teach us to trust one another. I got to have the joy of being blindfolded and standing on the table, thinking "I don't trust these suckers one damn bit." Sure as God made little green apples, I pretty much hit the ground when I fell backward. I think it was someone else's idea other than the BL, but she fell for it (no pun intended).
  15. Do we have an extradition arrangement with Brazil? I sure hope so. Oh, and if he was doing his dirty deeds in Brazil, they probably aren't as nice as America. I say, Gal. 5:12 for him. And put him in a cell with Big Bad Bubba, who lost his honey to early parole and is lonely.