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  1. You bring tears to my eyes. I'm certainly not perfect, and our son still struggles, but by God's wonderful grace we are all making it. I worry and pray for her now grown-up children; three boys one girl. I hope they are doing well. I think one is a pretty well recognized artist.
  2. Whatever makes you happy! Costco sold packages of dried seaweed, rice paper thing, as a snack. It was popular with some of the Asian members. I liked it but most Westerners thought it was awful, especially because it was green, and as Americans, we must consume salt, sugar and fat in large amounts to keep our generous figures!
  3. TWI knew about as much about counseling as I know about nuclear physics. You say you have a troubled, rebellious, disobedient child who's been diagnosed with ADHD? There is no such thing as ADHD. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOUR DEVIL SPIRIT POSSESSED CHILD AND HE WILL LISTEN-REMEMBER-OBEY! You've been diagnosed with a serious disorder and you're scared? Well, where's your believing? It was either your lack of believing or devil spirit influence/possession that screwed you up. I watched someone who I considered to be the most exceedingly great and mighty woman of God who had ever lived beat the crap out of her little daughter, aged about 3, because she spit out the steamed spinach this woman was feeding her. Then she beat her some more to get her to say "Thank you, Mommy, for providing me this healthful and nutritious meal." That was when I realized this cruel, sadistic, legalistic zeeatch knew nothing about raising children. I wish I'd taken that damned spoon away from her and shoved it down her throat.
  4. Waysider! Knock it off or I'll flatulate on you! Seriously, I still get millet occasionally. Think of it as a bland carrier for more important stuff like cheese, garlic, onion, etc. How about powdered kelp? My mother made wilted lettuce when I was a kid. I hated it then and I hate it now. I do sautee greens occasionally, kale to be exact. However, I fry bacon first, then sautee onions and garlic in the bacon fat, then add the kale until slightly wilted, stirring to be sure it gets coated with bacon grease, and then crumble the bacon on top. Not a familia treat, but it beats wilted lettuce, which I wouldn't feed to a hog.
  5. Maybe he thought, "It's good to be king!" LOL. the incident I referred to in replying to Waysider: We fellowlaborers were sent to RC on at least one occasion to help with the garden while the WC was doing something more important. I remember this incident because I had just gotten engaged and met some guy who knew Mr. Garden and we chatted for a while. I also remember the food was miserable, two pieces of burnt toast and water for breakfast. This always puzzled me because we were surrounded by gorgeous gardens and there was a huge kitchen. There was also a chicken coop with chickens and chickens lay eggs, which are good for breakfast. The incident I had originally referred to: We were sent somewhere to do something over the weekend, probably what Waysider said. The top room of this building had been a ballroom with a restroom complete with shower at one end. There were about, I dunno, 20-30 of us who had been conscripted, er, volunteered for this assignment. We were all placed into this one room, with cots set up and linens, but no privacy. Our evening meal, after driving several hours, consisted of one measly hamburger and a handful of salad greens. To give him credit, our limb leader had a hissy fit and had a couple of guys collect money from all of us, whatever we could spare. I believe he chipped in a few bucks himself, and then sent them out to forage. This was a small town and it was late, so they were gone awhile and finally returned with pizza and pop. We gorged, took turns showering, and fell onto our hard little cots for a few hours sleep before we were put to work again. Maybe I'm mixing these up. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since those glorious days of yesteryear.
  6. Waysider, I remember having the mother of all migraines that weekend and getting no help at all. There was not so much as an aspirin tablet available. I remember either that or another weekend having LCM command me to "find some of your Fellow Laborers and sweep these steps." It was on the tip of my tongue to say "why don't you find some of your corps and have them do it" but I didn't. Were there two occasions we were subleased to these people at Rome City? I remember our 2nd year we all had to sleep on cots in one big room, there was very little food and J. Mi$ne sent a couple of guys out to buy pizza. That was a fubar weekend in my opinion.
  7. I "got in the Way" when I worked for a surgeon who was involved. He was fairly balanced about healing, believing that God could also heal via medicine, surgery and the like. Some folks, though, including I'm pretty sure LCM, taught that sickness was indicative of sin and lack of believing. In the weeks after we returned from ROA 1994 where I had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I was subjected to hammering inquisitions, including one from C*** Z***, M.D., who had been a friend of ours from way back. He called me long distance and subjected me to an inquisition regarding my diagnosis, not to offer advice or compassion, but to make sure he had the right name on the list of people who had been hospitalized during the ROA 1994 for whatever reason. I'm pretty sure in retrospect it was a dang list of those whom the leadership in the area needed to watch for potential marking out and avoiding due to their lack of believing. The good doctor should have known better; this is an autoimmune disorder, likely brought on by stress and bad diet at Rome City! Wish I could have proved that, I'd have sued their pants off! Oddly enough, the concept that sickness is secondary to sin is not exclusive to TWI. I've attended two churches, one a Grace Brethren and one an Acts 29 church plant based on the teachings of a certain pastor who is now headquartered in Arizona, which teach that if you're have a chronic disease it's because you are a chronic sinner. Nothing like casting the first stone, eh?
  8. Grace VC, we were dismissed from FWC because our son, aged 10 1/2 and adopted by us at age 8, simply refused to behave. We probably shouldn't have been there in the first place. We weren't allowed to spend much time with him and he wasn't allowed to take his Ritalin. I don't worry about it too much any more; he's a wonderful man and I love him dearly. He wouldn't let them break him!
  9. Some Catholic people consider this location to be a shrine to Mary: Here's another link. http://www.divinemysteries.info/our-lady-of-america-rome-city-indiana-usa-1956-1958/
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=Rome+City,+Indiana&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CTBhVo_1feFqaIjimjry-KHy5HhDgEGFzoAxmt-cL8zIu8VgSYs2vUPI7eJFatFtUNYAK9as5a9EoMGuTk9Fo8KPU3ioSCaaOvL4ofLkeEbk2mCgExDnoKhIJEOAQYXOgDGYRJMSAca-KXmkqEgm35wvzMi7xWBG982J21tlC9yoSCRJiza9Q8jt4EQpzm4ZyRjUZKhIJkVq0W1Q1gAoRVAwsUli4o6YqEgn1qzlr0SgwaxENCOybMVjWZyoSCZOT0Wjwo9TeEciGI-ZXQErz&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjztt2ezsXVAhVj54MKHRObAaIQ9C8IHw&biw=939&bih=569&dpr=1.09 Here are some links to pictures. All the big brick buildings are Rome City campus buildings. So is the dairy barn.
  11. Grace Valerie Claire, The site once known as The Way College of Biblical Research, Indiana Campus, was indeed the locale of the Family Way Corps training center. Before that, it was a health spa for a chapter of nuns of the Roman Catholic church, sisters of Our Lady of Charity and Mercy, I believe. It was a beautiful campus, with a dairy barn, big gardens for the slaves to work in, dormitories, and a large chapel which still contained stained glass windows that were too precious to be removed in spite of their Catholic themes. There was also a little hill which had formerly contained little alcoves depicting the Stations of the Cross, which VPW had removed to expel what he said were the accompanying devil spirits. The TWI kept beef cows, pigs, and chickens as well as gardens. Every few weeks some slave would be sent to the post office to retrieve a few hundred baby chicks and six weeks after that names would be called off for a special assignment of slaughtering the chickens. Thank God we got kicked out FWC before my name came up; I would have become an instant vegetarian. It was called "family" but your children were taken away from you and raised by staff. Each adult, staff or corps, was required to carry a wooden spoon to smite any erring child. The staff's childrens were exempt and some of them pretty much raised hell whenever they felt like it. W&&ne Cla** occasionally had to retrieve his eldest from the hands of the local constabulary as I recall. Mr. Garden and I arrived early to enroll our son in school and were volunteers in the canning room for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we knew more about safe food preparation and canning than the staff zeeatch in charge, so there were a few conflicts. Also, when we made salsa, we were strictly forbidden to include onions, as LCM hated onions. Nor were we allowed to put garlic in the salsa, because he also abhorred garlic! What the heck, does he just want tomato sauce? I suggested we make him a personal batch and label it "El Presidente Especial Blend" but OHHELLNO! If that was the president's preference we needed to renew our minds to his godly thoughts on salsa recipes! In spite of the largesse of foods and veggies, we ate meagerly. Most of the good stuff went to NK for pleasurable consumption by the MOG and his minions. Sad. More later. Love ya. I'm making a short story long, but you had to ask LOL!
  12. Grace M. C., I wish to this day I had smacked that guy in the mouth for saying that we should "take him up into the North Cascades so far no one can hear his screams, and take turns hitting him with a 2x4 until he realizes that if he ever disobeys again, he will be taken back to that place and he will die there!" This piece of offal also told us that he would drag his 3-year-old daughter, the youngest of their four children, down the driveway and kick her into the street before he would ever allow her or one of his children to come between him and his loyalty to "The Ministry." I wonder if his three sons and his daughter are involved with TWI? I doubt it. Oh, hey! Since you're retired military, I heard a man say this on TV last night, and I thought it was cool. This person works closely with veterans and he uses the term "PTS" instead of "PTSD." He said it's because the word "disorder" is a label that would make potential employers look at the hiree differently. I thought it was cool, and would also work with others who have, for example, ADH (D). Anyway, thanks for all your posts!
  13. How sweet! Thank you!
  14. I worked in a cancer hospital for several years as secretary to a wonderful radiation oncologist. At The James Cancer Hospital they state that cancer is actually over 600 diseases! There are many different causes, and most of them we don't know exactly. For someone like GVC to get hit with cancer while doing the right things as we know them, no drugs, booze or cigarettes (or anything else that can be smoked) is a terrible shock. The doctor I worked for is a survivor herself, and said she suspects that there's a strong genetic component in a tendency toward having some kind of malignancy pop up in the body. In any event, I met some wonderful people who were not only survivors, but warriors in the battle against cancers of any kind. Early in my working there, I realized if I were still "in" I would have been strictly forbidden to take this job. And I got blessed to be a blessing so many times working there. To make a short story long, this whole business of cancer being caused by devil spirit possession, is in my opinion a bunch of horse?$hit. I greatly appreciate DWBH's post too; a great explanation. It is tragic the people who have been hurt by TWI's nonsensical approach to sickness and disease, not only cancer, but also any health problems.
  15. We were in FC20 for three months. I was absolutely horrified at the way children were treated and while I was ordered to carry the spoon I never used it. I don't recall even mentioning to a child they shouldn't do something except for once. This was the child of W.C****, who was bouncing on the trampoline unattended. This is NEVER good idea for a small child, and I gently mentioned she might want to wait until an older person was available to supervise. I was loftily and arrogantly informed of her identity as a child of the leader and that she could do exactly as she pleased. Fine, I thought, break your damn neck. And I got out of there quickly. The way children were treated there and "on the field" makes my skin crawl to this day. In fact, when I ran across WayDale and saw a headline about lawsuits, I was sure someone's child had been beaten to death. Not to totally derail, but although there were threats and suggestions, and for a while after we left I was terrified every time the doorbell rang, I don't know personally of any adult beatings.