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  1. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Yes she does. I stalked the kitchens in founders hall on more than one occasion when she was making cookies.
  2. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Is this the future of way prod?
  3. Revival and Restoration

  4. Greetings!!

    The rampant nepotism amongst the board of dummies never ceases to amaze me. Always has been a good ole boys club....well now its a good ole girls club....anywho.
  5. When Mrs Wierwille really started to lose her faculties she would wander off across grounds in the middle of the night only to be found by safety or others. The last time i saw her she was wslking out behind the EOB where she took a really hard fall. I saw it happen tended to her and radioed for help. Next thing i knew she was in a nursing home. TWI excuse was legally they could not provide medical care. Perhsps thats true, but i doubt they footed any bills either. The WW family handled things from there. I dont know all the behind the scenes details and neither do i want to. I really think that lady was victimized as much as anyone else. Although im sure she lived lavish while she could.
  6. Mrs. Wierwille passed away September of 2005. I helped dig her grave next to vic and was a pallbearer.
  7. The book itself was cobbed together from her diaries and notes from historical. It was very heavily edited by way publications as well. Interesting that the bod are so deluded they never realized how damning her book is to the official storyline. BATS was on my way corps reading list and was required study material from time to time inrez. Just goes to show how mind numbing twi is when the truth is on plain sight but hardly anyone connects the dots.
  8. Greetings!!

    Who the hell ever heard of a legitimate organization with an even number board of directors?....lol
  9. Greetings!!

    http://www.theway.org/topic.php?page=news2&lang=en&m=1 Have fun keds.
  10. Way Kids

    I never was sent anything when my son was born. Seems someone with some clout liked ya! Its hard to say though, i can only speak for my situation though.
  11. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Code brown!
  12. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    One of the goals of PLAF (THE WONDER CLASS) is maximum money in a minimum amount of time.
  13. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    Nah...waz poking fun at Dr. Drambuie...lol
  14. The Way Biblical Research - New Slogans

    This class cost me my eye.
  15. The Present Truth

    Dianetics is a much cooler sounding word though....lol