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  1. http://www.doc.state.co.us/oss/
  2. TWI spends a lot of effort recruiting and then follows with just as much effort to make people leave. Genius, no?
  3. I was counseled at HQ that my wife should have a late term abortion because health problems were detected during the ultrasound. My son is alive, well, and healthy. Goes to show how sick TWI really is.
  4. With me, I am not an opponent of tithing, IF that's what someone wants to do. I think the word compulsory in the thread title sums up the way international's position and practices. They pretty much coerce people to give, and have a very jaded history with strong arm tactics, and shake downs via the way tree. That's the best way I know to put it.
  5. Dating in the way invites all sorts of "oversight" from whatever coordinator is closest. Obviously, dating an unbeliever is out of the question. And of course advanced class grads are told to only date/marry other advanced class grads. Of course the lower caste person would hold the higher caste person back "spiritually." Way corps can only marry way corps, and dating non-way corps would bring serious rebuke if anything serious developed from the date. It's all a hot mess, and another in-road where heavy handed leadership can micromanage people's lives. And of course pairing up people who are on the same level provides entrance into either way disciple or the way corps, so it's not like there isn't a serious advantage to the way international for enforcing this practice.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about the collective wisdom of the Board of Dummies. Actually, that's concept thrown about amongst those goons is laughable.
  7. Perhaps it was said to be bad because world wisdom should keep people from getting sucked in by an abusive cult.
  8. Just a random thought, or few. What about all that time between Adam and Moses, where there was no scripture (aka Holy Writings)? What was the basis for all things spiritually energized during that time period? The stars? Was there a burning bush prophesied in the stars? or is that knowledge lost?
  9. I still pop in from time to time, but the past several months I have hardly though about TWI. I am pretty much free of them, and subsequently GSC just doesn't come to mind that often.
  10. Not one person who I know in my post TWI life knows I was part of the way international. And I won't tell anyone either.
  11. What a horrible thing to say to someone. But at least you don't have to wake up and lie to yourselves about the way international.
  12. I know, newsflash right?... There is NOTHING charitable about the way international, except what you can give to them. <_<
  13. When I was around there were limbs that were full time because they counted people who were no longer with the ministry as being active.
  14. I agree. I had that notion shoveled on me in copious quantities by offshoots. "Forgive the way, VPW, and anyone else that wronged me. Do it for my own good." I haven't forgiven those who wronged me in TWI. Does that mean I am bitter? Nope. Really, I hardly think about them anymore, I've moved on. But I have a sense of an unsettled account between me and them. That's something the Lord will have to judge, since they aren't about to ask for my forgiveness. Should they ask, I would gladly give it. No doubt I could have done things better with them as well. Should I go ask them for forgiveness? It'll never happen. I'm willing to take it to the righteous judge.
  15. Especially if the conversation is with an offshoot leader trying to get you on board their organization to move their work based on VPW.