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  1. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Still on their website too. http://sowersonline.com
  2. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Ive learned it takes all kinds of double standards for cult leaders to function. Think Jesus called straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. Followers seem to have to accept the same bs too. Mikes a prime example. Hes willing to admit vic stole his work from others but grants divine permission saying God told him to steal it.
  3. The failed 1942 promise.

    Appareantly he was playing hooky, vpw always claimed Christ was absent.
  4. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Yes. They taught in their dta class that: "The value and delusion of the counterfeit is increased by it's nearness to the likeness of the genuine."
  5. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Wait.....maybe we're not thinking deeply enough....
  6. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    That was my intent T-Bone, but Mike's rebuff (again) demonstrated he considers Wierwille above the laws of the land, above whats accepted as right, and even above clear scripture on the subjects of honesty, stealing, etc. So basically, according to Mike, God has contradicted his own Word and principles in order to give revelation to vic to steal pfal, and other works. Basically, God has had to lie, which scripture plainly states he cannot do. So either Mike is in error, or God needed to warp his own nature to tell vic to steal.
  7. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Remember the peoples court? .....lol...
  8. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Not sure what orhers went through in terms of busy work, when i was in-rez there wasnt so much an emphasis on being buzy 24/7 but work/study. We spent 4 hours a day in study hall or classes, 4 hours in assigned jobs, and evenings were either fellowship, study at home, or self structure - which is a rather instutionalized way of saying time off. Mike, ive spent countless hours studying ministry publications. I even listened to many hours of sns tapes, univerisity of life, et. al. So very many times i traced vics teachings back to the source. In university of life for example the teachings on Romans are clearly lifted in part from: http://www.tftmin.org/books/just-and-the-justifier Which does a much better job on the subject matter of Romans than wierwille ever could.
  9. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    At the time there were no fellowships in Manhatten, which i could never understand until now. There were smaller branches/fellowships dotted throughout the Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx but extremely small compared to the population, obviously. The guys who got me involved werent grown way kids. Just folks who had been sucked in to twi by word of mouth, like myself.
  10. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    I became involved with twi in nyc. My fellowship was in Flushing and my first foundational class was in 96 in Kew Gardens. We should pm one another.
  11. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Mike, btw, u keep saying vpw knew everything by his 5 senses he could then God gave revelation. You do know there are more than 5 senses, right? Pressure Itch Temperature Pain Thirst Hunger Direction Time Muscle tension Proprioception (the ability to tell where your body parts are, relative to other body parts) Equilibrioception (the ability to keep your balance and sense body movement in terms of acceleration and directional changes) Stretch Receptors (These are found in such places as the lungs, bladder, stomach, blood vessels, and the gastrointestinal tract.) Chemoreceptors (These trigger an area of the medulla in the brain that is involved in detecting blood born hormones and drugs. Source: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://twentytwowords.com/humans-have-more-than-5-senses-here-they-are/&ved=0ahUKEwjXyaWTjarYAhXJkOAKHSamC4IQFggxMAE&usg=AOvVaw0XUSXtXpg2BnQCOEFJuiU- Surely, God would have showed vpw this as well. And im far from a scholar and this post danm sure is no schorlarly work, but notice how its proper to cite a source so the website is credited, oh, and the article author cited their sources. Neither me nor the site author claimed God gave the information by revelation, or we dug it up by years of research while eating only grapes. That would be lying now wouldnt it? And lying is wrong.
  12. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Oh, i understand perfectly well what they meant. I also understand what your saying. Now ask yourself if you understand anything anyone else has said. Im wondering if your not just trolling for fun at this point because much of what you explained regarding research is laughable.
  13. Revival and Restoration

    Its taken me nearly 10 years to find myself after the corps and being mistreated by the directors. Please pm me if theres anything i can do or help with. Ive learned to be a listener instead of a lecturer. I wish u all the best!
  14. Rivenbark's Cult Tactics 2.0

    Ive read it cover to cover and was sorely disappointed. I know all the directors personally and am known by them. I mean no offense to you and dont wanna sound like a jerk when i say that its you that should beware of twi, doctrinally, and especially practically. My advice is prove all things and hold fast to the good....also check that scripture about by good words and fair speeches they decieve the hearts of the simple. Here at gsc u can find a fairly accurate snapshot of twis past starting with wierwolf. Martindales reign of terror is here too. I personally witnessed the coverup and whitewashing efforts of rozilla, twis lawyers and so many more. I was at hq working several corps assignments and reported directly to two of the vice presidents during the timeframe the coverup machine went into overdrive to hide twis extremely sordid past. Rosalie is an evil woman and a deceiver who has no problem eliminating those who dare express the slightest dissent. Anywho....have fun with that book my friend, ive extricated myself from twi. Im only thankful that God's purposes are accomplished in spite of false peophets and cult leaders.
  15. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Wierwille already did the research so we dont have to. Now my comment would perhaps be laughable if it werent for the fact that they actually taught us that in residence....you know....the greatest leadership training in the world.....lol