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  1. Lol no worries. Its a work in progress around here.
  2. Pretty cool illustration of how donations should be used to help meet peoples needs. I was in twi from 1996 to 2008. ANY and ALL donations went to HQ. Money needed within the regions was allocated by HQ and sparingly at that. Twi hoards money for the sheer greed of it. Barely any monetary compensation is sent to non-salaried way corps to cover expenses incurred while doing ministry business. Those who ask for money are heavily discouraged from doing so by their limb or region leadrship. The bone heads running the show at HQ figure theyve taught people how to fish instead of giving them the fish they need. Law of believing / tithing /abs / plurality giving. Sink or swim in other words. The Way International is highly reprobate when it comes to using donations to help those in need.
  3. Sounds about right.
  4. Lol! Now thats comforting! Vodka, but either one will do. ;)
  5. Rofl!! Good point, how is one to know if their posessesed or not? Ok off to felloeship for some discerning of spirits.
  6. I couldnt agree more.
  7. The other kids basically were blamed for being a bad influence on Tim.
  8. Last i knew Tom and Marilyn were in Raleigh NC. They were my moms branch anfellowship coordinators. This was of 2008 so not sure since then.
  9. So very typical. Rosie wants to appear to not be in charge but she n donnie i mean donna def still at the helm. Reminds me of when T!m M@rtind@le and a car load of young staffers went out to Grand Lake in Celina and got wasted. All the young staffers were fired when word got out of their night of youthful drunkenness. T!m wasnt disciplined. In fact he had a room in founders hall. Donna took his name plate off the door but he was still staying there anytime he needed. I dealt with the blowback for months from young people on staff. Oh, there was a mass exodus of young staffers that same year. Once word got out on the field it became very difficult to bring young people to HQ. Lol. Just give the appearance of change, you know, shuffle the cards a little but same deck, same predictible results. Anytime rosie starts a sentence with "I think blah blah" it's understood as a command. I have no doubt jydl knows all to well what rosie red thinks should be done. And thats ecactly what he will do. A spineless yes maam is he. (Typed in my best Yoda voice.)
  10. Appreciate the link Skyrider. Had never read that thread before. Blizzard, whiteout, pitch black sky, snowstorm(s), snowjob - whats the diff? Meh.
  11. Still sound great, very talented. I didnt even get posessed listening. Vpw was an idiot for whatever beef he had with these guys.
  12. Great post, dont be a stranger Socks!
  13. I had forgotten all about that. I remember well now that you mention it.