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  1. I post here to expose twi deceitful practices. Hopefully my time here has helped the unsuspecting potential follower understand the truth. The truth that twi is a sham.
  2. Rosalie is no leader. She always made a point to stay behind the scenes even at hq. When i was on the klutz cabinet she had us work off a multi point document titled lead by example. The document consisted of reports to rosalie and directives to interact with staff, meetings, teachings etc. The directives werent bad but its that she didnt lead by example or exemplify the points on the document. It was something for us plebes, clearly she was above what was expected of us. Weak very weak.
  3. Rosalie still cotrols things. Shes just getting too old to micromanage everything. So jydl will do it for her.
  4. Let's not forget the bum's rush.
  5. Cause they realise the way international is an abusive cult; the legacy of a con man - victor paul wierwille. Best answer i have atm ;)
  6. Its your choice what u recomnend to someone.
  7. We definately need to get to whom correct.....lol
  8. Penworks, i really appreciate your point of view. I came along nearly 20 years after VPW. Im still haunted by that shell of an individual
  9. I know. Somethings u cant unsee.
  10. I really dont think JYDL has the balls. He knows who still runs things. As long as Donna is still alive, in my opinion, there will only be status quo.
  11. So true.
  12. Great post. U (and so many others here) bring so much insight to those who sold their lives to this cult. Ty.
  13. Wow. Thats deep. Ty.
  14. Sure appreciate your post. Thx.