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  1. Martindale and his lifetime pension

    Rewards of iniquity.
  2. Revival and Restoration

    John Rupp called that accumulated wisdom....lol...appareantly there is years of that stuff floating around at the director level.
  3. Growing pains

    So put the colors within the quote.
  4. Growing pains

  5. Growing pains

    To whomever: can we stop spamming up the threads with colored fonts and all? The forums have a quote function that makes it easy to read along. Unless one's intent is to obfuscate threads, the quote function does wonders
  6. Growing pains

    Circular reasoning works because it works
  7. Growing pains

    I think my 2 cents with twi publications, at least pfal, collatetals, and the others ive read is they need to be read like any other commentary type publications and thats considering that vpw lifted from many sources. In other words theres biblically sound concepts intertwined with opinion and error, or erroneous opinion....opiniated error too....lol The reader should beware and endeavor to seperate truth from error, hold fast to the good.
  8. Self-Referential Greatness

    Yes. Twi still teaches that via implication using jude 1:20 as their point of departure. Its listed in the benefits and purposes of sit in their fnc class, or whereever else they have it printed, i think rhst book. Since mike thinks plaf if theopneustos, he no doubt believes that too. Except twi says we all start with the same gift of hs but you build it up by exercising your ability to sit. You get that spirit red hot by speaking in tongues like a house of fire.
  9. Self-Referential Greatness

    The bible plainly disagrees with you and twi, vic, plaf, etc, on this matter, but ill not derail this thread any further. Later.
  10. Self-Referential Greatness

    Yes, the alphabet, singing in tongues, silently, outloud, etc. TWI teaches that sit actually builds up the spirit within a born again believer, makes it stronger like spiritual weight lifting. They also teach that holy spirit is perfect and lacks nothing, that God gives the same measure of holy spirit to every one who is born again and that nobody's spirit is stronger than another. So how then can it be built up, made stronger by speaking in tongues? I digress...lol...
  11. Is PLAF theopneustos, god-breathed?

    Lol....im very comfortable.
  12. Is PLAF theopneustos, god-breathed?

    Hes trolling.
  13. AOS: Somebody Please MSTie This

    Yeah, that and it stars Martindale. Theyve purged all his works and all memory of his reign of stupidity, even though rosie herself was one of his biggest cheerleaders when he roamed twis little section of earth.
  14. AOS: Somebody Please MSTie This

    I forgot how corny that thing was. It was reauired viewing when i first got involved in 96, but now its swept so far under the rug that twi almost denies its existance.
  15. Revival and Restoration