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McHale's Navy?

It was the "Fuji" that jogged the thinker....but I gotta tell you, this is really scary to have this junk

lodged in there...lol.

I can actually envision the characters saying this stuff and the theme music playing in my head...ouch.


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I am guessing but when you said NY version, I would say CSI?

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I beg to differ - there were also regional Bozo the Clowns. Cindy!'s father used to be Bozo the Clown in Jacksonville, Florida, and that Bozo show was played in Georgia and Florida.

There was also a DC Bozo.

I don't know if there were any others.

Next quotes - "Can I eat ice cream!"

"I don't have a dime!"

"Here, catch!"

"That's an awfully cold dime!"

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I think Matilda was referring to the 'original Bozo', Larry Harmon, who I'll assume, aired out of Chicago. ( I actually have a Larry Harmon connection, as I drew a couple of Bozo comic books, and wrote and drew the Larry Harmon version of Laurel and Hardy , for a comic book company back in the 80's. There were certainly regional Bozo's-that's why I said I didn't recall the NY one ever saying 'Right here, Harv'.

As for the new quotes, I'm going way out on a limb and guess "Ozzie and Harriet", based on nothing but the show's absolute obsession with ice cream.

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Next quotes - "Can I eat ice cream!"

"I don't have a dime!"

"Here, catch!"

"That's an awfully cold dime!"

This is "the Brady Bunch."

The exchange is what I remember. Greg worked for Sam the Butcher for the Summer or something. Then he and Bobby

got locked in the meat-locker. (It's incredibly dangerous to have a room that won't unseal from the inside without

a key. A super I once knew called an APARTMENT like that "a deathtrap" in casual conversation, and told the guy who

lived there to replace it with a slam-lock or something instead of needing the key from inside, and said if

something happened, he would die. He was pretty serious. But, it happens in sitcoms and is all fixed by the end

of the episode.)

The meat-locker had a small window, and Greg was able to smash it and hoist Bobby to it. Bobby, the smallest, worked

his way out of the window. Then he tried to use the payphone to call Sam to show up with the key. But he didn't have

a dime for the phone. Greg threw him one. Which Bobby stopped and commented about instead of just dialing.

(The line about the awfully cold dime comes back to me clearly- which brings back dimmer memories of the rest of

the scene, and I can reconstruct more from that.)

We were talking about TV clown Bozo. One of the kids (Bobby, I think, but it could have been Peter) tried to win a

contest on TV eating ice cream. Without his hands. On one of those kids-with-a-costumed-clown shows, except this

guy was some sort of king.

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here's some dynamite for the thread tracks...

"Right here, Harv..."was quote long-time attributed to the Chicago BozoTV show, circa Bob Bell as Bozo,

so that might have been a bit obscure for folks outside the Windy City's perameters, even tho WGN is a "super-station" now.

Chicago's "Bozo's Circus is On the Air!" TV show is the only one that aired more than a couple years according to

its history.

There were many clownies in different places over the years; a most durable, if not most noteable, was Chicago's

Bob Bell, but he was succeeded by a couple after he retired. Bell was not the first Bozo (the first was Pinto Colvig,

the same cartoon character voice actor who played Disney's Goofy and Dopey). Larry Harmon was the guy who sky-rocketed

the whole marketing angle of Mr. B and was (internationally) the most connected (legally) to the big-shoed prankster.

In the 60s (pre-Woodstock era)a inner-city black kid looked to the camera when B asked if he had anything to say to the at-home viewers.

This was a regular part of the ring master-clown-audience banter (in this case Ringmaster Ned (Locke)& Bozo Bob Bell).

The kid had something to say to his brother, Harvey. He pointed to his crotch and said, "Right here, Harv..." to which the clown

countered, "That's a Bozo no-no." lolololololol

This retort was ubiquitous thruout Chicago and certainly (maybe especially) in my parochial grade school (St. Linus <2nd Pope, doncha know>).

The nuns decreed the name "Harvey" verboten...lol...you can't make this stuff up.

This much more is true, tho...the popularized variations of "cram it, clown" and such have peppered everything from Carson, The Second City stage, and hugely in The Simpsons with Crusty the Clown.

Lotsa Bozos in the Naked City...but this is the best of them. Cram it, Ronald. (Did Ronald McDonald ever have a TV show? :)


yes, yes...The Brady Bunch...

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great Bozo info

I had forgotten that Pinto Colvig was the first- and didn't know who the Chicago clown was. I'm so accustomed to seeing Harmon connected that I forgot he had no more to do with creating Bozo, than he did Laurel and Hardy.

I couldn't stand Bozo, even as a little kid-and the gawd awful Bozo cartoons didn't help any. I used to wonder why they never slapped a 'Butch' costume on some kid for the live segments-but even then I realized that was too 'creative', and they just didn't care

"that's a Bozo no-no" made it's way across the country, but I never knew what was behind it. Reminds me of the ways Soupy Sales got in trouble in NY

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"a new element for an electric kettle like this (picture of electric kettle) would cost as much as the entire gross national product of the United States of America from 1770 to the year 2000, and even then they wouldn't be able to afford the small fixing ring which attaches it to the kettle."

"The official result of the World Hide-and-Seek, Mr Don Roberrs from Hinckley, Leicestershire, 11 years, 2 months, 26 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes, 27 seconds. Mr Francisco Huron, Paraguay, 11 years, a months, 26 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes, 27 seconds. The result - a tie."

"A tie! Well what a fantastic result. Well the replay will start tomorrow at 7.30 a.m."

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"I told that girl not to..."

"Please don't blame your receptionist, she doesn't even know I'm in here."

"What do you mean she doesn't know? How did you get past her?"

"Well, I didn't you see, I came in through the window."

"I give you all the best lines, all the best gags, but that isn't good enough, You have to add lines of your own. What are you trying to do, take over the act?"

"Look at him, sitting there so innocently. "In the shade of the old apple tree." "Down by the old mill stream." "Eleven and a half." He knows he's fourteen. He's been fourteen for the last ten years!"


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Adventures of Superman-George Reeves version

First quotes are from 'Superman on Earth"-Clark worming his way in to Perry White's office looking for a job

Next quotes are from 'The Case of the Talkative Dummy"- crooks pass code words through a ventriloquist's dummy to plan crimes

first season Superman was hard as nails (with hard as nails Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane )

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I'll try to have a new one soon. If anyone cares to jump in, be my guest.

Great Ceasar's Ghost

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