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Name that Star Trek Episode

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Wrong again. (Really.) Though this episode involved an "ultimate computer," the episode "The Ultimate Computer" was about M-5, the computer that was tested to run the Enterprise.

I have about one more quote, but I'll wait until lunchtime.


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Fine. The episode was "The Changeling." An old earth space probe had a collision in space with another ship and became this ultimate machine, "sterilizing" anything it considered less than perfect. It thought Kirk was its creator (whose name was really Korak, or something). Before it had a chance to "sterilize" the ship, Kirk convinced it that it was in error, causing it do decide to "sterilize" itself. As they carry it the transporter pad, Spock says, "Your logic is impeccable, Captain. We are in grave danger!" In the final wrp-up, Kirk points out that Nomad had raised Scotty from the dead (after killing him!) and that Nomad had considered Kirk his "father." So, Kirk jokingly bemused, "What a doctor he would have made! My son, the doctor!"

Go, Hiway.


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