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Name that Star Trek Episode

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Well, before people post ALL my favourite episodes, I'll go.

It IS my turn, after all.

(I wonder if they told Brooks to pronounce that name "Peee-CARD" or if it was his idea.)

Ok, next quote.

"I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to say the Enterprise should be hauling garbage.

I meant to say the Enterprise should be hauled off as garbage."

Let's see who can chime in first. :)

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The Doctor / on Star Trek Voyager

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Basics, part ll

Some one else continue,,, this is exhausting!

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Dreamer is correct. To be honest, I didn't remember the title of the episode; but I knew it was the two-parter where the Kazons had taken over the ship and only the holographic doctor and mentally-unstable Ensign Suder are left to re-take the ship. I checked, and the title was, indeed, "Basics."

Since Dreamer has passed, I'll leave it open for someone else to post a clue.


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George is right about the details, but is wrong about the episode. I'm giving it to him because it might as well have been that episode. After awhile, the corridors, and cells that Kirk and Spock found themselves in became redundant. Why the federation allowed both the Captain AND first officer to get in these jams is a mystery. Makes you wonder what those 400 other people on the ship were there for.

Spock distracted an alien guard in "A Taste of Armeggedon"- an episode with good ideas, and intentions, almost ruined by ridiculous costumes and sets.

your turn, George

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Hmph! My next guess would have been "City on the Edge of Forever"! The two things I remember most about "A Taste of Armageddon" (except for Barbara ., of course) were Scotty in command (I always loved the episodes where the "second-stringers" got to lead, however briefly) and people, who were lined up voluntarily to be disintegrated, diving out of the way of Kirk's and Spock's phasers. :blink:

This one won't be word-perfect, but it should be close enough:

Worf. Discommodated. Disgraced, a pariah. Pleased to meet you!


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My first thought concerning that clue was that it meant one of the Enterprise crew

that met NextGen crew.

That would have meant McCoy, Spock or Scotty.


that second quote was vintage Quark, and Quark's strictly DS9,

and NONE of them appeared on DS9.

(In the normal sense.)


there were 3 different Klingons from TOS that appeared later in DS9.

One of them must have made the first statement.

I'm betting it was the Dahar Master, who may have been anti-establishment,

if memory serves.

I think that was Kor. (John Calicos of Battlestar:Galactica fame.)

He appeared in "Blood Oath", but Worf wasn't on the DS9 crew yet.

So, I'm going to say this was when they searched for

"the Sword of Kahless"

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Devil in the Dark

McCoy-after slapping silicon on the Horta


(In essence, he made a 'bandage' for a rock-based lifeform by using quick-drying cement.

He was quite proud of that example of lateral thinking.)

I can see we have some L337 hardcore Trekkies on this thread.

This is going to get brutal.....

Go, H29!

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