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Happy Birthday sami


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On behalf of Samantha, my first born, thank you for the birthday greetings.

Kelly and I have been at her house since yesterday am and we've had a great visit with her, Charlie and Kailin.

We went to dinner last night to celebrate and Charlie got down on one knee in the restaurant, produce a beautiful engagement ring and asked her to marry him.

She said yes. :love3:

Again, thank you for her birthday thread.

Her mama

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LOL strangetom

Samantha isn't going to see this since she doesn't hang out here anymore, which is why I replied in her stead.

The question is what color is MY hair since I just spent the weekend with her.


Picture is her last summer on her roof cleaning gutters wearing her GSC tshirt before school and all the hair changes started.

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LOL Hap, that's almost exactly what I said to Charlie, although he asked me for Samantha's hand back at christmas time.

I thought 'you've got a child together, you have lived together for five years, you're a little late, yes?'

But I love his desire of tradition and respect for me in that regard and I said of course, yes.

He's a really good man, he's a hard worker, he's tender and kind to my child and their children and my personal favorite: he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. He fits right in around here.

I'm proud of them and happy about them deciding to get married.

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:eusa_clap: Man, that kid is cute! Congratulations!
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