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Is it possible that most of us here are deceived? That VPW never really abused anyone?

Is it possible that all of those that have claimed that VPW abused them sexually are liars with an axe to grind?

Is is possible that the drugged rape alegations are lies from the pit of hell?

Is is possible that those who have alleged his alcoholism, meanness, vindictiveness, plaigerism, money mongering, womanizing, etc are also liars with an axe to grind?

Is it possibe that his alleged plaigerisms where just honest mistakes?

Is it possible that the snowstorm really did happen and that God really did speak to VPW and that God really did did teach VPW the word of God like it had not been known since the First Century?

Is it possible that those of us who have revealed or even repeated to others the "sins" of VPW and others "ministers" in TWI - that we are Ministers of Darkness fighting against God?

Is is possible that Word that VPW taught more than covers for any sins that he may have committed and that his "sins" if any were just those sins common to all humans?

Is it possible that even if VPW did commit the things that he as been accused of that God could and would allow him to become or remain a minister ( eg. apostle, teacher, pastor ) even though he never repented of those sins?

Is it possible?

Almost anything is possible but not everything is probable or likely. IMO, the question is: Is there credible evidence that shows these things happened or didn't happen, depending on the item. Personally, I can speak on issues regarding research, and other topics involved in my own personal story, but I can't comment on some of the rest.

Some of you know TWI was a fundamentalist cult, and so we need to understand fundamentalism before we can see what went wrong with the research based on it. (I will shamelessly plug my memoir and article posted on GSC's front page (use the link below in my signature line). Here, I'll point out the famous research escapade - That VP stole the holy spirit book from J.E. Stiles and sold it as his own work.

On the topic of VP's sexual predatory nature, I suggest reading Kristen Skedgell's latest blog entry Predators Prey.

She makes a great point about people who find it hard to believe he preyed on women, etc. Denial is at the root of that unbelief if you ask me. MAJOR denial.

Make it a good day,


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