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A friend of mine (no TWI affiliation) posted this on another friend of mine's (also no TWI affiliation) facebook page tonight and I just laughed and laughed... Then showed my husband, who also laughed and laughed.

So funny.

I wonder what TWI's stand is on Lady Gaga?

And if this was already here, enjoy it anyway. Edited by JavaJane
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sorry, Present Truth Band is no Casring Crowns or Hillsong United, and Singing Ladies of The Way is a pale and poor imitation of the Women of Faith Integrity's/Maranatha Singers.

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Sill laughing here, and wondering about all the off coincidences in the world that led that to be posted on that non-TWIer's facebook page. Turns out she got the original in an email from a friend who is living in Africa.

I guess the Word really is over the world.

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That was darn funny! Surely Frank S is horrified he's been the butt of so many things because of that video. Poor guy. I thought he is actually a good guy. He's just misdirected.

Well, really the boy is quite the narcissist.

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I'll trust your judgment Old Skool. I actually haven't been around him since before he went in to the Corps. He was still a youngin' back then, and that was at least 10 years ago. I'm sure his dedication to the old lesbian has changed him. :anim-smile:

I was in-rez with him and know him well. I was also involved with several "productions" in the PWA where I got to see him in all of his "glory." When I was around Deb Berg3r was training him as her replacement as the in-house choreographer. The only thing that rivals the size of his smile is his ego.

Case in point. He was so egotistical when he first went into way productions that Rozilla sent him to Grounds for a short punishment assignment. Again, the confidential directive was "work him hard and put him away wet." He spent his time in the woods processing felled trees into log rounds and dragging unusable branches to be loaded for the burn pile at the ambassador farm. He did well in the dept. and apparently he learned to keep his mouth shut because he never came back (at least while I was around.)

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