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Was vpw a good man?


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14 hours ago, Grace Valerie Claire said:

Waysider, I think you are right.  I think so many of us "peons" had no idea how corrupt it was it really 

was.  I do not think it turned corrupt overnight; I wonder if VPW 

started TWI as an organization to fulfill his own lusts.  When did the 

deceptions begin; or was TWI built 

on decpetion after decpetion? 


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2 hours ago, chockfull said:

"Was vpw a good man?"

for God to decide - I don't own the scales of Justice.

but you only need to insert one little adjective into that statement to make it one that resounds with a universal YES!

the word "con"


maybe vp was like the Little Engine that could...."i think i'll con, i think i'll con"

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