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Three movies or Three actors


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Christopher Walken                  Jeffrey Jones             Christina Ricci

Miranda Richardson         Michael Gambon            Johnny Depp

Richard Griffiths         Ian Mc Diarmid           Michael Gough

Chrisopher Lee         Martin Landau        Casper Van Dien

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7 hours ago, modcat5 said:

Pretty sure Word Wolf correctly guessed Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues, Torch Song Trilogy and some other movie.

IIRC, Ladyhawke, Biloxi Blues and I forgot Torch Song Trilogy.   Now, on to the next round, let's see...

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No.  I think some of those movies were before Derek was born.

Torn Curtain             Hawaii               Star!

Darling Lili              The Tamarind Seed           10

The Americanization of Emily          The Man Who Loved Women


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