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Time to come home? Postcard


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3 hours ago, waysider said:

I'm not a lawyer, but I think there maybe legal complexities and restrictions involved with a non-profit organization selling property.

That was my thought too. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm confident they'd run afoul of laws of Ohio, Colorado and/or the US if they were to hastily try to do any of that.

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On 5/24/2023 at 2:56 PM, Twinky said:

From the article:

"a strategic plan to reach out to individuals who once fellowshipped with The Way Ministry, but, for whatever reason, currently do not."

So would those individuals include those who -- for whatever reason - mostly baseless -- were M&A'd, slandered, vilified, abused - and if so, would those people firstly receive an apology from The Way Ministry; and secondly, be welcomed with open arms?

My guess is that (1) no apology would be forthcoming; and also (2) that any such individuals would be put on "spiritual probation" until such time as they proved themselves sufficiently sycophantic to re-embrace TWI restrictions.

Could take issue with practically every sentence in this promo.  But why waste the head space?  I have better things to do.  For example, my toenails need cutting.


 It's all fake!!!!!!  


“for whatever reason” - wow that totally sums up the extent of their claiming accountability for their direct actions which cause people to leave.

No apologies will be forthcoming as the BOD only answer to God not the people they serve.

Until that changes they should not be listened to as even a genuine source despite the fair words coming out of their mouth.

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13 hours ago, Twinky said:

Oh, and I want to add something else.  I attend one church StACC regularly; and another church, known as the abbey although it hasn't been an abbey in centuries, occasionally - both Anglican.

These churches use the money received to fund work that genuinely helps our communities - StACC is in an overlooked, impoverished area, so we provide free meals on a weekly basis to all-comers, and there's lots of other help etc available to anyone in need.  The income is used to pay for outreach workers of various types.

At the abbey, the Big Church for the city, there's also a lot going on, including some free meals and a vast amount of other support.  A lot of clergy, only some of whom are paid for by the diocese - the rest from church funds.

And BOTH churches (as churches) give away AT LEAST one tenth of all their income to support other churches and church building projects and missions, some within this country, and some to help overseas work. 
StACC (just a little church) is helping support a church in Albania, another in Romania, both on a regular basis; and there are occasional donations to several other African countries.  Our slightly larger parent or maybe sister church has a whole missions team and supports four or five overseas missions and projects.
The Abbey donates to four or five overseas missions, including the project Reaching The Unreached, which helps the most destitute children in south India with provision of housing, clothing, education (inc through Uni if the kids are bright enough).

(Additional to this, members of the congregation often choose to donate privately to these causes.)

Both churches have had serious financial problems in recent years and it's been a struggle to keep afloat.  But their donations to support these worthy causes have remained at at least 10% of their income and they see this as vital.


These churches are not doing anything extraordinary - in that this is expected, not just of Anglican churches but Methodists, Salvation Army, and no doubt many other denominations.


Compare and contrast with a cornfield cult, that thinks giving "bursaries" to African students to study in Ohio is generous.  
And certainly wouldn't think of donating either time or money to helping homeless people in the nearest large town.

If the BOD had ears to hear this is direct example and correction on how to function in the genuine body of Christ with Christians working together and giving to each others ministries.

Instead, Vern teaches on money.

And they push an “each one reach one” campaign.  Which translates into sales quotas under “Vision and Direction” the manual on all leadership positions up to the BOD which have no description of their responsibilities as they are accountable to nobody except themselves.

Be a good obedient wafer, be compliant and in attendance at the lame phone hookups, give beyond the tithe, and win one other to “the class”.  And no mortgage mind you because debt is wrong.  Therefore lease your vehicles don’t “buy” them on credit.  No student loans either your future isn’t worth investing in long term.  Just ABS more like Vern says.

What a life of bondage these arseholes in charge want for everyone else while they go on worldwide tour as rock stars along with the new class teachers.  Those expenses are tax free!!!

Never accountable never apologize for anything as taught to you by your legal team.

What a lame bunch of pocket size dictators.  With pocket size VP statues to worship.


In direct contrast we have Twinky showing normal Christianity with working together as one body of Christ all sufficient in the Lord with no sales quotas or money mandates.  

No Jerusalems there either for people to keep the Passover at.

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The only thing coming home to these jackwads is the harvest of the crop they have sown.  

Inherit the wind.

How about instead of teaching others to tithe Vern as you don’t tithe off of your salary you instead publish an accurate accounting of how you are utilizing the tithes.

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On 5/24/2023 at 1:33 PM, Nathan_Jr said:

May/June Way mag article on what time it is, page 34.


What's left unwritten in welcoming us back is the obvious:  one must understand that coming home means one must return to all the beliefs, all the customs, and all rules and regulations.    Sort of like this wonderful sequence from "Inherit the Wind":

"But all you have to do is to knock on any door and say "if you let me in I'll live the way you want me to live and I'll think the way you want me to think", and all the blinds will go up and all the doors will open and you'll never be lonely ever again."


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1 hour ago, chockfull said:

In direct contrast we have Twinky showing normal Christianity with working together as one body of Christ all sufficient in the Lord with no sales quotas or money mandates.  


Thanks, Chockfull.


I thought for interest you might like to see what these churches support:

Bath Abbey:  https://www.bathabbey.org/donate/mission-partners/  The first four are working locally for international benefit; the fifth (Genesis) is a local charity.

Holy Trinity/StACC: https://www.htcd.church/international-mission  These are the international missions.  There are other local (UK) missions that are supported, Genesis again being one.  

Genesis Trust (hyperlink) is local and small, and deals with the "dreggiest" homeless, addicted, abandoned people and tries to raise them in confidence and skill level and to reintegrate them into "normal" society.  It works in partnership with other local charities to address their wider problems - housing, addiction, ill health, etc.  Genesis is funded entirely by donations, mostly from the city's churches: its clientele is so chaotic in lifestyle that it can't produce the "measurable" outcomes that local authorities and other grant-giving organisations demand.


The congregations get reports from time to time about the work carried on in these missions.  So you see, both the churches as donors and the missions hold themselves accountable to the congregations that have given money.  Oh, and by the way: neither the abbey nor StACC/HTCD ever require the congregation to give under pain of excommunication or any other sanction.  Finances are talked about occasionally, especially when needed for a project; and we see the annual accounts of the churches, and the treasurers are always willing to answer questions. 
They're also accountable upwards to the diocese and higher church authorities.

I think that's all exactly as it should be in properly run churches.  


I cannot see TWI ever getting involved in anything like this. What a culture shock that would be!
Nor, for that matter, some of the US mega-churches where the "ministers" have huge churches and cult followings.  

It's time for TWI people and for those in mega-churches to "come on home" to the wider Christian community, and to properly play their humble part in building up the Body of Christ.  Not build the body of any cult.



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Thank you Chockfull for bringing up "inherit the wind" (which I just found out is from Prov 11:29) and Oldiesman for the clip from the movie.  I looked it up as well and learned the main theme of Inherit the Wind is freedom of speech. In the play, freedom of speech is closely related to freedom of thought.  More interesting themes were listed in this website.  https://www.litcharts.com/lit/inherit-the-wind/themes


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7 hours ago, oldiesman said:

What's left unwritten in welcoming us back is the obvious:  one must understand that coming home means one must return to all the beliefs, all the customs, and all rules and regulations. 

Indeed, this is the apparent salient point of the so-called strategic plan.

Perhaps regardless of all the first-hand posts challenging the wrong doctrine/dogma and practice of The Wierwille Interpretation of the way life is supposed to be, (TWI) what's really confronting the cult is its effort to work around the ramifications of its own choices.

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