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Hoover is the only one other than Carter to live more than 30 years after leaving the Presidency (31.6 yr).  Gerald Ford made it just under 30 years.  After that, GHW Bush just under 26 yr, and John Adams about 25.4 yr.

Hoover was a Quaker and is mentioned in the opening song to "All in the Family":  "We could use a man like Herbert Hoover again."

Raf is up.


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So, an event that matters to a lot of countries. And is spread all over the calendar.  That's either a day nobody can agree on, or a day that varies all over the world. 

Given how many countries have a history of a country in Europe conquering "colonizing" them, I'm going with "INDEPENDENCE DAY."  

BTW, the US and Argentina celebrate those 5 days apart, on July 4th and July 9th, respectively.  Curiously enough, Argentina declared independence in 2 stages.  When France took over Spain, Argentina announced it wouldn't accept France as in charge, and allegedly remained loyal to the Spanish monarch- then set about being independent.   Later, after nobody sent an armed fleet in response, they declared formal independence. 

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3 hours ago, Raf said:

That's it!

65 countries have a specific day in which they celebrate their independence FROM GREAT BRITAIN.

You're up.

So many colonies of Great Britain existed that they said "the sun never sets on the British Empire", meaning that, no matter where the Sun is, it's daytime for one or more colonies. 

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7 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

Blues musicians (Otis Redding, Muddy Waters)?


For the purposes of this specific list, the last names "Redding" and "Waters" do not appear.  (There's no "Redding" on this list, there's no "Waters" on this list, so no "Otis Redding" and no "Muddy Waters.") 

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He didn't deny the musicians part, though.

So it is either a bunch of unknown musicians assuming classic names, or a bunch of known musicians hiding their classic names behind other classic names.

Who hid their names? 

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