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22 hours ago, Raf said:

People just aren't buying music CDs the way they used to.

In 2016, Beyonce was the number 4 music artist in the U.S. in terms of CDs sold.

Number 3 was Adele.

Number 2 was Drake.

Who was Number 1?


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56 minutes ago, WordWolf said:

I have to ask.  Was it Pink Floyd's "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON"? 

Happy Birthday to the album, BTW.

Couldn't be Dark Side as the artists for the most part are still alive.


15 hours ago, GeorgeStGeorge said:

Was the artist living?



13 hours ago, Raf said:


And this was sales of most CDs in 2016.

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54 minutes ago, WordWolf said:

Hm. Meatloaf was still alive. 

I'm not sure if BERT BACHARACH was still alive, though.

I'm not trying to speak for Raf, I'm just following the thread WordWolf, but Burt Bacharach just died a couple of months ago.  So not him.  The artist wasn't alive in 2016 as noted before.

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6 hours ago, Raf said:

While it's plausible that this audience knows him by three names, most people only know him by one.


OK, that narrows it down a lot, once we stopped naming more recent artists.

How about


No, wait, he's fictional.


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Ford was a pitcher, so he didn't bat that often and is not known for getting beaned much.  Also, his career was only 16 years, spanning 2 decades.  His career did overlap the career of the mystery player.

Note:  I just found out that Nick Altrock also played in 5 decades (the only other person to do so), but his career spanned the turn of the 20th century.  The player I'm looking for played most of his career during our lifetimes.


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