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Paw made it official. So here's the brand spanking new genuine plastic {{Official}} Nostalgia thread for Nostalgics of all ages everywhere. I guess it makes sense to post the most nostalgic theme on the very first post. If only there were consensus on what that theme might be.

Since I'm first, I'll post my entry into the movie catagory but be my guest to post your most nostalgic catagories.. TV.. commercials.. whatever. This is the best movie ever made, IMHO, but it'll be interesting to see what everybody else thinks. Click HERE! Even if you guys don't share my opinion that this was the best, you have to agree its very very good, no?


P.S. From the temporary digs thread.. Click HERE!

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While I don't think it's the greatest movie of all time, it is certainly a classic.

That might be the greatest theme tho. I grew up hearing that theme every day, knowing it as the theme of 'Million Dollar Movie", a tv show on channel 9 in New York City. It was on in the late afternoon on wekdays, and would show the SAME movie for a week straight. Most of them were hardly 'million dollar' movies, as I remember watching 'The Crawling Eye" so often that I knew just when to flip the channels to the 'good parts'.

I loved that theme tho, and didn't know what movie it came from until I was in college, and saw it on campus. It was quite a distraction, since it hit me and I almost shouted out 'million dollar movie'.

Sorry to go on and on. I know that frankly, you don't give a damn.

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That theme wasn't much of a head scratcher, hmmm? Folks know the quotes because Gone With The Wind is a part of Americana today. Did you guys know that several of the principals are still alive? Olivia de Havviland (Melanie), Evelyn Keyes (Suellen O'Hara who gets her beau Frank Kennedy stolen from her), Ann Rutherford (younger O'hara sister Careen who was better known from Andy Hardy movies) and even Alicia Rhett who played Ashley's sister India Wilks. All alive and as far as I know doing well.

And here's something to think about. Alicia Rhett just celebrated her 90th birthday. Assuming her character (India Wilks) was 15 years old at the end of the civil war, that would mean that if there had been a REAL India Wilks.. she would have been 90 years old when Gone With The Wind was made in 1939. Odd to think there were people living when Gone With The Wind was made, that were alive during the civil war and remembered it well.

The next one may be more challenging for those under 50 unless you saw it in syndication. I'm posting it because it was my all time favorite TV show as a kid growing up. Click HERE!

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I'm sure the same thing happened to Fred Gwynne-"look it's Herman Munster"

It's very unclear whether George Reeves committed suicide or was murdered. The popular notion is that he was so distraught over being typecast as Superman, that he shot himself. It is possible that he did, but just as plausible that he was killed that night in his bedroom.

One thing is sure. While he was not going to realize the kind of stellar acting career he may have once envisioned, he was very busy and active at the time of his death. he had directed the last few episodes of Superman, and plans were afoot to film another season with George being the primary director.His death put an end to that, but they still talked about continuing with a Jimmy Olsen series, as jack larson was amazingly very popular. They would have used stock footage of Superman and centered the show around Jimmy,Lois, and Perry White. That idea died when John hamilton , who played Perry White passed away also.

It was a blessing in a way. The plan was to shelve the first two seasons which had been shot in black and white, and to only syndicate the rest of the series run which was filmed in color. If that had happened we would have lost out on the best Superman episodes. The first season (with Phyllis Coates as Lois lane) was darker, and more 'mature', almost like a gangster film noir series. The second b &w season, while lighter in tone , still has some remarkably well done episodes. By the third season, the show was firmly conceived as a light hearted show to appeal to children, and while there are some classic episodes, it was nowhere near as well done as the first 2 years.

George reeves was an interesting man. If you've ever seen off camera photos of him, he is almost always smiling ear to ear, and clearly enjoying life. For myself, I choose to believe he would not have killed himself.

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Thanks for the link Wasway. Haven't read any superman comics for more than 30 years, but for some reason I thought there was a "good" kryptonite, one that did good things to him. Guess I was wrong!

The effects of the "green" kryptonite always made me think of radiation poisoning.


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ok here we go

First of all, the entire Superman 'mythos' was revamped in 1986, and Kryptonite today is not the Kryptonite we old farts grew up with. There is still green K, which is about the same and radiation poisoning is a good way of putting it. There is also Red K, which is somewhat vague.

But- I still say the classic Kryptonite variations pre 1986 are the 'real ones . And here they are.

Green K-radiation type poisoning

Red K-changes Superman in any number of ways for 48 hours. Anything from giving him amnesia, growing an insect head, turning him a different color, anything. Each red K chunk can only affect him once.

Gold K-removes Supermans powers permenantly-obviously he doesn't run across it very often

Blue K-only affects Bizarro Superman-don't ask

White K-affects Kryptonian plant life

Jewel Kryptonite-from the Jewel mountains of Krypton-don't remember what affect it has-if any

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