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This is too crazy. I looked on this site once before and thought it was one of those games I had to play and I don't get those very well. So, I checked tonight because I wanted to find the right place to post something else.

Jackie and I were talking just yesterday about old commercials. I said, "Remember the one with the Norelco electric shaver skiing down the snow hill?" Seems great, sweet minds think alike!!! I watched "Yogi's First Christmas" last week and could not tear myself away from it. I had forgotten about someone of the characters. This is an older animated movie and I don't know why (yes, I do...work schedule etc., etc.) I have not seen it before. They had a lot of the old Hanna-Barbera (sp?) characters from their different cartoons in this movie. It was sweet, sweet, sweet and funny. I don't buy movies but I think I will buy this one.

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"Yogi's First Christmas" is a very nice movie. Most of those H-B movies that throw all the characters in, don't work at all for me, but this one does.

I last saw it years ago, and only caught the first 15 minutes when it was aired last week. We had to be somewhere, and my wife was almost going to change the appointment as she didn't want to turn it off.

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TCM, Turner Classic Movies, just finished a month of Oscars. There were so many wonderful movies I had never seen before. Finally, I watched North By Northwest in its entirety. One night, Lassie Come Home and National Velvet came on back to back. I was in movie hog heaven.

My youngest pokes fun at me saying, "The only movies mom likes are in black and white."

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