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In that case, my clue is two words:

...Green Lantern...

This is the only song I know that has my favorite hero in it (well, except for the theme song to the "Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure" cartoon show). I'll post more if no one gets it, but I bet it goes pretty fast.


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It was played on album oriented stations so that counts. I remember it I just can't think of the song right now

Don't know the title but then I never did like the stones to much. unless it was covered by Flying Burrito brothers also which would make it dead flowers but I think that's another song.

Once beneath the stars, the universe was ours. Love was all we knew, and all I knew was you. I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me Once upon a time, IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. It mig

No. It's possible der Bingle might have done a version of this song, but it's not the one I'm thinking of.

Let's add the bass line:

Din din din da din din da didididin,

dididin dididin dininininininina





love you like I do (didin din da)





do (dadin)

Don't know why I love you; don't know why I care.


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Originally posted by sharon:

The house of love

I don't know why i love you..

Ahh, GStG, but The House of Love *did* do this song -


I believe Sharon should get credit for it, because at the time you posted the lyrics, you didn't specify that it had to be the original artist.

But that's a judgment call.

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Interesting, because this song does share some of the lyrics with my song, but the one I'm quoting is not "I Don't Know Why I Love You" (by anyone).

Here are some lyrics from another verse of the song:

"I told my friends

That we would never part

They often said

That you would break my heart"


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No doo-wop fans out there? icon_confused.gif:confused:-->

Here's (almost) the rest of the song:

When you're with me

I'm sure you're always true

When I'm away

I wonder what you do

If no one gets it by this evening, I'll try another song.


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