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It was played on album oriented stations so that counts. I remember it I just can't think of the song right now

Don't know the title but then I never did like the stones to much. unless it was covered by Flying Burrito brothers also which would make it dead flowers but I think that's another song.

Once beneath the stars, the universe was ours. Love was all we knew, and all I knew was you. I wonder where you are, I wonder if you think about me Once upon a time, IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. It mig

That's like saying Jimmy Carter is from the disco era. Yeah, but totally unrelated.

I just checked. 1985. Disco was mostly dead, except at Polyester's clubs.

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Oooh, Ooohh, Ooohhh, Mister Kotter!! I KNOW! I KNOW!!

Ole Blue Eyes - "The Second Time Around"

Who can say what brought us to this miracle we've found?

There are those who'll bet love comes but once, and yet

I'm oh, so glad we met the second time around

Love it, Sharon!

unsolicited trivia: Barry Manilow also sang this. wink2.gif;)--> And, although I normally choose Barry over anyone else, this IS Sinatra's song.

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LOL - That's not a bad idea for a signature, but no, the line "See, little sister..." isn't my signature. I have trouble getting the window for the Full Posting Forum to load sometimes (there's a heck of a delay), so I opt for the Quick Reply window which does not give you the option of having boldface type.

GeorgeStGeorge - Yes, you are correct.

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