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About the Fraser ending

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About Fraser and Friends:

I cannot tell you how sad I am to see these shows end! I have been watching "Friends" for 10 years and Fraser for 11 years.

Is this the end of the great NBC sitcoms?

They seem to be entering a more "real tv" era. I do not see any good sit coms developing to replace Fraser and Friends.

What do you think?

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oh DotDotDot... they'll think of something else... they said "the end" when Seinfeld left, when Cheers left and when Mash left...

...try out "Arrested Development" before it gets cancelled... then there's always 'Extreme Makeover: Home Addition'... it'll get ya misty... (not me, you)

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Not to worry, precious Dotster. Uncle Zix will show you how to roll your OWN sitcoms for whole MINUTES of current-tv-quality entertainment:

Zixar's Generic Modern Sitcom Generator (roll a single six-sided die on each table)

Show's Predominant Ethnicity


1-3 Caucasian

4-5 African-American

6 Other

Main Character is:


1-2 Adult Female

3-4 Adult Male

5 Child(ren)

6 Other

If Adult Female, Main Character's Personality:


1-2 Neurotic twentysomething professional

3 Neurotic thirtysomething professional

4-6 Shrewish emasculating housewife

If Adult Male, Main Character's Personality:


If Ethnicity is Black:

1-2 Upper middle class professional

3-4 Blue-collar family man

5-6 Offensive stereotype

If Ethnicity is White:

1-6 Clueless doofus with the IQ of a slow squirrel

Overall Premise and Setting (the "situation")


1-2 Work sucks.

3-4 Love stinks.

5-6 Work stinks and love sucks.

What Makes It Different From All Previous Sitcoms (the "hook")


1 Odd family size (single parent...Brady Bunch)

2 Distinct job of main character (radio psychiatrist...bum)

3 Period piece (Korean War...goofy starship)

4 Fish Out Of Water (My Favorite Martian...Gilligan)

5 Fad Flavor Of The Week (Stunk'd...My Big Fat Pointless Greek TV Show)

6 Roll twice and combine results, rerolling any subsequent 6s.

Sell to network and cut Zix a check! Enjoy!

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Did you see coupling? That was a nightmare and suppose to be the new "friends"

All I see anymore are people eating bugs and having make overs.

I like a good sitcom - good writing- good acting like Everybody Loved Raymond.

I thinkj NBC has not been developing good sitcoms - just new ways to eat bugs, be burried in rats and have lypo suction.

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Dot: icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

I have an experimental Sitcom Plot Rehasher, er, Generator, too, but the results are a bit erratic. Here's the output of the latest test run:

Character A will hilariously juggle two dates on the same night, one of whom will turn out to be the interviewer for a desperately-wanted job the next day and the other will turn out to be a long-lost relative, but only revealed after the two have had sex. Subplot for character B will involve B's ineptitude interfering with the rest of the cast getting off an island. Again.

Naaah. Back to the drawing board. No one would ever watch THAT... icon_wink.gif;)--> Better throw in a gratuitous chimpanzee in a diaper. Much better.

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Originally posted by Dot Matrix:

Did you see coupling? That was a nightmare and suppose to be the new "friends"

Like quite a few network TV shows, that was just a ripoff of a British show that was toned down for American audiences.

I hear they are ripping off "The Office" to make an American version, and if they mess that one up, I think it's time to declare jihad on the TV networks.

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well - - I guess this will bring a lot of complaints....but I do like Whoopi's new show...funny lines in it.

Of course, they could always move Ellen to evening and put some other really lame something in her slot.

I watch a lot of TV just to keep my brain tracking...history channel, science channel...lots of "educational" stuff....and some cool movies...but that's because I can't get out as much as I used to.

I do more reading now...and stitching....

But this could be a good thing in the end. We all tend to spend too much time in front of the tube and not being too careful about what's on!

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I never saw Friends, and the last time I saw Fraser was when he was on Cheers. icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

From Garth --

This is why I don't watch TV, but spend my video viewing time on the 'net and watching DVDs.

..... that, and *actually going outside* once every 3-4 weeks. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

HA! icon_biggrin.gif:D--> I don't do the DVD thing, but I hear you about "getting outside"!

Those shows been around that long??

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One episode of "Friends" costs NBC $10 million. One episode of "Fear Factor" costs about $1 million. You do the math.

I think the reality show craze will run its course pretty quickly. Its too repetitive. Same stuff, different day. Already they're having to resort to weirder and weirder to keep up interest.

The key to a good sitcom is the writing. No actor, no matter how good they are, can overcome poor material. That's why good sitcoms like "Cheers" and "MASH" could lose major characters and not miss a beat. Unfortunately, too many of them are just a series of one-liners or a contest to see how many sexual references you can fit in a half hour show.

I've never cared much for "Friends." I'm in the wrong demographic, I guess. "Frasier" I've always liked because I think David Hyde Pierce is one of the funniest guys ever on tv.


They're supposed to making new episodes of "Family Guy" but it'll probably be the first of next year before you see them. The old ones are still on Cartoon Network. It is kind of sick, but can be really funny. Don't let the kids see it.

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Yes Excathie - I enjoy it very much. It is "pure" entertainment and it's very up beat and fresh. Even if you watch it most of the time, there is always a surprise...you can never really predict what is coming next.

When she has a guest, she visits with them, rather than interview them..she gets them to do stuff with her and sometimes it's so funny that I have trouble not pimp!

Tape it and give it a look-see. In my view, if you're not home to watch it...it's worth the videotape!

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Krys, I love the Ellen show, too. I've always liked her noncaustic and snappy sense of humor, and she's so nice!

There are a couple newer sitcoms I like: Two Men and a Boy with John Cryer and Charlie Sheehan, and Scrubs. Scrubs is unique and offbeat. Others that make me chuckle are Absolutely Fabulous (outrageous British sitcom) and That 70s Show. I LOVE the mother on that one!

As for Frasier and Friends, I can't wait till they're over. I liked them both (Frasier more than Friends), but all the hype surrounding their final shows has gotten to be a bit much.

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I've watched Friends off and on over the years. I caught the finale - loved it!

Ross and Rachel together is perfect and the twins were a brilliant idea! Of course Monica should have twins!!!

I enjoy the occasional rerun I catch too.

Haven't seen as much of Frasier, tho I like it when I happen to see it.

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I was disappointed in the Friends ending.

I was hoping Rachel would finally wise up and leave that whiny Ross. What a dweeb.

Question: Does anybody have friends who just walk into their house or apartment without knocking. or is that just a sitcom thing? Apparently nobody in New York ever locks their doors.

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