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About the Fraser ending

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When we first moved to suburban New Jersey about 38 years ago - we did things like that...as neighbors...but we always called in the yard or knocked on the door.

And when our children were all little, if we gathered in somebody's yard to yak and play...kids would go in to use the bathroom....or one of us would get iced tea if the lady of the house was busy with another kidlett.

But that was a long time ago....in a land far far away....and in an unsusual neighborhood!

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Question: Does anybody have friends who just walk into their house or apartment without knocking. or is that just a sitcom thing? Apparently nobody in New York ever locks their doors.

In my case, they knock as they are entering. They know they are welcome, but still feel the need to announce themselves. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

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The writers said that the joke with the six keys was that the door was supposedly never locked at any time during the ten-year run. That seems a little far-fetched, but I can't recall a single time it was locked, so it's probably true.

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I know, dot it was a weird ending.

I heard that fraser might start another fraser sitcom in the future. I'm thinking in a year or two he will start again only that it will be in san fransisco.

But did he end up in chicago or san fran?

I know I am confused also. Kind of a bummer ending, don't you think?

Although, having a baby at the vets was pretty funny.

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Okay Paw, so he is now working in San Fran but he took a chance by dropping by to see Charolette?

That does not give me closure. Cause now I wonder if he got Charolette and if he does GET the girl does she move to San Fran or does he go to Chicago.

I need closure. I need it to be perfectly clear so I can file them away under some happily-ever-after status.

You guys I am glad it was a lttle confusing to you all as well.

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I invested 11 years into watching his life. Of course you want to see a happy ending -- especially on a sit com (a show that should make you smile).

Like Ross and Rachel wound up together and now I can let them go into where charaters live on as they are happy.

Personally, I think Charolette and Fraser did not have a lot of chemistry. I widh they brought back that bruneet station manager he had the hots for, yeras ago, where they got it on IN the elevator.

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Mercedes Ruelh.

Dot, in the last episode of Benson (I loved that show, stupid as it was), Benson was running for Governor against Gene Gatling (who played the Governor throughout the show's run). The episode ended just as they were about to announce the vote tallies.

History will never know who became the next governor of that great state (whatever state it was).

You need closure? Call a radio psychiatrist. icon_smile.gif:)-->

Seriously, though, this is classic pessimist/optimist territory. Or romantic/realist. I prefer to think he did the right thing. He had to see about a girl.

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Daphene and Niles are happy and are new parents

Martin married Ronnie and I liked them as a couple.

Roz got to be station manager

And Frasier was lonely so he moved to San Fran in a similar job. He had a good relationship with Charolette (no on screen chemistry) but he did not END up with her --- but it ended with him going to Chicago to see and and he said "Wish me luck."

That is not good.

Knowing his history, if he forsook the job for the girl it will not work out. I need to have things tied up.

(I hated the Seinfled ending -- all those years and it ends with them in jail-- boo hiss)

Look, it is important that my pretend friends are happy as many of my real ones are not.

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IMO, Fraser and Roz were in a different class of people. Them getting together grossed me out when it happened like Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Dansen. I always thought of Ted as a hunk and Whoppi as a "funny girl" like two different parties. I don't think Whoopi is attractive.

With Fraser and Roz I always saw Fraser as being classy and Roz as a slut.



Wow, I bet that is why they did that! That is cool.

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