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Happy-dance for Zixette!

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A few of you know that Zixette lost her job a few days before Steve!&Cindy!'s wedding, which prevented me from attending.

Well, God has blessed us again. She now has a new job, making 30% more than she was before, and she gets to work at home, which she wanted.

Thanks to all who were praying for our situation. We really appreciate your support!

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That's great news. Folks who have never experienced being out of work will never understand. My dad was unemployed for nearly a year back when we were still kids so I know.

Re:"Well, God has blessed us again...Thanks to all who were praying for our situation."

Just curious about this prayer thingee, Zix. Is it possible God wouldn't have gotten Zixette the job had the prayers not been there? Like, No Prayer.. No Job?? If He would have given the job to the Zixette anyways because he just loves the Zixette so much.... then why pray for it??


P.S. Good to see your font on the Nostalgia thread, guy!! icon_smile.gif:)-->

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