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Well Tommy boy, that would be a fine idea... spring training isn't very far off in the future now.

Dbacks have made more moves... apparently signed a veteran catcher to a one year deal...he might be the guy that beat them with a HR in the playoffs the first time.

And RE-SIGNED Colbrunn who is an outstanding pinch hitter and can play first and third bases.

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Originally posted by Hills Bro:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDIGStreamESPNMotion20031215212336967.wm9_548k.espn_motion.wmv

Hils Bro you'll need to upload the wave file to site and link from there. Maybe you can build a website through your ISP. Most of them provide personal web space. icon_smile.gif:)-->

Go Dodger's icon_biggrin.gif:D-->



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I may be interested in a spring training get together, the Sox are in Florida so that is of course where I'd prefer to go.

We can do the followup in October at Fenway icon_wink.gif;)-->,

btw - this is a good baseball site I go to--if you like endless bball conversations -- there are some interesting people here. Curt Schilling dropped into the chatroom the other day, and Sox owner John Henry occasionally posts.

The Sons of Sam Horn

Its a bit biased toward a certain team icon_wink.gif;)-->, but a great site......you got any faves?

Who is still available as a second baseman?

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cool starman... I'll try it out... so the latest is the "BoSox" are saying they'd rather have Arod than Nomar and Manny...

...and the fans here are just incensed... we don't see any logic in the deal from our side... it's just ridiculous!

now... lessee... maybe I'll do a week in the Citrus and a week in the Cactus... yeah... that's the ticket!

... I've been here and I've been there and I've been in between...

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Its getting to sound really complicated--Manny for AROD is one thing, the biggest trade since..well...Amenhotep for RamsesII...thats more than enough for me to chew on for awhile---.but throw Nomar in the mix in a 3 or 4 way trade and on this end it is huge and a vast step into the unknown. For the first time in my life I trust the Sox owners and GM (Theo Epstein is a real wunderkind)so that is a comfort, but to pull the heart out of baseballs strongest lineup is an unprecedented gutsy move that damn well not better backfire

It actually could work out for you guys if we throw in a pitcher that may be coming from LA for Nomar , which may be the case -- and us if we somehow swing Maglio Ordonez from the ChiSox to replace Manny in left..rumors are flying!

We should know in 24 hours

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fyi-- this was just posted by sox owner John Henry on the other site in the Manny-ARod thread.


Owner, Boston Red Sox

Posts: 16

(12/17/03 6:16 pm)

Reply Re: Manny-ARod rumor thread


It's an astonishing ending isn't it? Astonishing.

I wish he wasnt so dam cryptic...What do you think that means Johnny Jumpup?

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I think it may be Nomar to the Dodgers for pitching and prospects, and Manny and one of the prospects to the Rangers for ARod,

or Nomar and ? (Scott Williamson?) to the other Sox for Magglio Ordonez and pitching prospects with somthing for the Rangers in the mix.

I *think* (dont think too much it can get a bit surreal) the hold up may be negotiations with the union over restructuring A's contract.

Is this an exciting offseason or what?

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Ok so that big rumor of a trade didnt work, I only hope it didnt p.o. Nomar too much, but then again maybe that will be agood thing----

The O's are pickin up some serious players --the AL East is gonna be loaded next year..

In case you missed it Mary Baker, the inspiration behind the Geena Davis character in A League Of Their Own died the other day at 84.

Here is her obituary

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